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Friday, December 27, 2013

I love to throw a PARTY!
No seriously, I would probably have a party every night, for any reason...if I could! After many years of planing parties and wedding for other people, I delight in entertaining my friends. I love to create intimate environments full of unique touches. I like my every day occasions to be special but not overdone, and this idea for centerpieces is a perfect example of something that is so easy to put together but has great impact. I used if for Christmas (even thought we might have eaten dinner in our jammies!) and will be using it for New Years and through the winter...and well, knowing me even into the Spring!

Pretty Paper Rosette Centerpiece Accessory by 504 Main

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome to the Tickled Pink Times Two Linky Party - 
a creative party to share your very best posts of the week!

  I hope you had an amazing holiday.
We were very low key. And it was great!
I hope you enjoyed the time with your friends and family.

Come on and linkup what made you Fabulous this week!
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh yeah...I know it is almost 'THE BIG DAY" but after a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, I am squeezing in one more craft - I just had to! This season, I have been a little slow in the holiday decorating department...in fact I planned on having a gingerbread man theme this year (and I usually don't do a theme)...but guess what...no gingerbread men.  So this WISH/NEW YEARS banner is perfectly festive for our minimal decor...

#fabulouslyfestive Reversible holiday banner by 504 main
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Welcome to the Tickled Pink Times Two Linky Party - 
a creative party to share your very best posts of the week!

Come on and linkup what made you Fabulous this week!
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I am not the best gift wrapper - by a long shot!
But every year I try to come up with a fun way to embellish the Christmas gifts.
The last time I made paper flowers and I saved all of them.
(because I save everything)
I have used them over and over..but this year I wanted something different.
So for 2013 it is miniature wreaths adorned with satin ribbon or bakers twine.

Wreath Gift Toppers by 504 Main

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

Every little girl I know had one request over Thanksgiving weekend...
"To go see FROZEN."
My daughter and her friends were making plans to see FROZEN the Movie for weeks.
The FROZEN fascination in our house began the first time we saw the movie trailer...
a FROZEN book followed, and by the time the movie was released,
my daughter was already in L-O-V-E with Anna and Elsa and Olaf!

#FrozenFun and Snowman Hot Cocoa by 504 Main #shop #cbias
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Welcome to the Tickled Pink Times Two Linky Party - 
a creative party to share your very best posts of the week!

Come on and linkup what made you Fabulous this week!
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I did not grow up with religion in my life. I attended church on and off with some friends. I have celebrated Christmas with presents, Santa, and family, but here was never much religion involved, but my kids are very interested in all aspects of Christmas. Recently my daughter went to a church event with a friend called The Streets of Bethlehem. She was fascinated and has been talking about how she "Saw Baby Jesus in God's Old World." (I love how a six year old describes things) Clearly, she wanted to know more.

Thankfully, I had just received the book An Unexpected Christmas by Simone Graham. I have "known" Simone for awhile and was thrilled to read this story she created. It was exactly what my daughter wanted to hear. She could understand more about Baby Jesus, and the book did a better job explaining it all to a child that I ever could.

Whether you are religious or not, this book is a wonderful read. I do believe it will become one of our Christmas traditions.

You can also head over to You Tube to watch a short video of An Unexpected Christmas.

An Unexpected Christmas is available on Amazon, in print or Kindle edition.
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
a single copy of the book was provided to me for review. affiliate links are contained in the post.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Until recently I had never tried a persimmon.
I really had never given this fruit much thought...
but I purchased quite a few to use in for table decor over Thanksgiving.
Then one morning "at coffee" someone mentioned Persimmon Pudding.
Now I was really intrigued and had to try it..
but my own version, of course!

persimmon pudding cake by 504 Main

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Monday, December 9, 2013

I have had my eye on this fabulous Mason Jar Graphic
from The Graphics Fairy for quite awhile.
I made myself a flour sack towel with this graphic and
was thinking that as we enter the holiday season,
these towels would make a great gift -
who doesn't love mason jar (no one I know!)!
I decided to make them for our annual Favorite Things party
and I made a few more for simple gifts and hostess gifts.

Mason Jar Flour Sack Towel by 504 Main

These towels are really easy to make...and do not cost too much...
but look like they do (the best kind of present!)!
You can package them in a mason jar
(I used the Ball Heritage Collection (new blue jars))
or tie them with some bakers twine...
or come up with your own presentation.
However you package them...
they are sure to bring a smile to the recipients face!

Mason Jar Flour Sack Towel by 504 Main

  • You will need: computer, color printer, and an iron/ironing board
  • Mason Jar Graphic from the Graphics Fairy
  • Flour Sack Towels. I usually purchase mine at Smart and Final but you can pick them up at stores like Target too. (on average they are about 1.50-2.00 each)
  • Printworks White T-Shirt Transfer Paper (this is my favorite brand), I have purchased mine at Target in the past or you can get T-shirt transfer paper at office supply store and Amazon. (about 60-70 cents per graphic is you use 5 x7 printouts you can fit 2 images on each sheet)
Make It!
  • I always wash and dry my towels first. They usually need to be pressed as well.
  • Download the mason jar graphic.
  • Using your preferred computer program, open the image and position it for printing. (I open with Windows Picture Gallery)
  • I am able to get 2 - 5 x 7 images on one sheet of transfer paper.
  • Print the image when you are satisfied. (refer to the directions on the package and your printer for specifics)
Mason Jar Flour Sack Towel by 504 Main
  • Heat up your iron. 
  • Press the towel.
  • Fold the towel in half, and if desired press a crease in the center.
  • Cut around the jar, as close to the image as possible. I do not like to leave a lot of "blank" transfer paper around the edges...trimming makes for a cleaner look.
  • Place the trimmed image face down in the center of the towel (use the crease you ironed in to help) and about 4-5" up from the hem. (see photo collage below)
  • You should refer to the package directions...but here is how I do it.
  • Some of these papers recommend you place a thin fabric or towel over the back of the image (essentially sandwiching the image between 2 towels). But I find the results are just fine pressing it directly on the towel (You should test it with your own iron and paper). Iron the image, pressing down firmly and keeping a constant motion cover all areas of the image (be sure to get those edges!). You may need to go over the areas multiple times (but really it only takes about 30+ seconds to transfer the image.)
  • While the image/paper is still warm, being in the bottom corner and peel the paper backing off the image.
  • I make these towels all the time, and while, over time, the image may fade a bit (it takes a long time), I have not ever had an issue with the image withstanding washings and regular use.
Mason Jar Flour Sack Towel by 504 Main
Simple as that all done.

Mason Jar Flour Sack Towel by 504 Main
Now to package them in a cute mason jar:
fold the towel so that the image is visible,
but there is little white left on the sides (about 3-4" wide),
and beginning at the opposite end from the image
(with the image face down) roll the towel, kind of tightly.
Simply place it in the jar, and put on the lid!
(I used a cupcake liner to decorate the lid)
Mason Jar Flour Sack Towel by 504 Main

These cute little towels make a great gift and are so easy to make, and cost about $6 when packaged in the mason jar!

Do you have any go-to gifting ideas?
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome to the Tickled Pink Times Two Linky Party - 
a creative party to share your very best posts of the week!

 I truly hope you had amazing holiday last week! Are you ready for Christmas? Or...how was your Hannukah? 

If anyone has the secret to managing it "all" please let me know...
I am happy to pay you in cookies!
Come on and linkup what made you Fabulous this week!
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Happy Holidays!
There is a chill in the air, you hear jingle bells everywhere you go,
peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes are on your mind...
and then there is the shopping! Oh the shopping!

How about a little something to get you through the holidays, the shopping, and the everything!
Here is a chance to enter to win a
$300 Visa Giftcard
from me and 9 of my fave blogging ladies!
(I have another giveaway happening through 12/8 too)

Just imagine how nice an extra $300 can be!
Here are the details!
Giftcard value is in U.S. dollars
Giveaway is open December 4 2013 CST through December 12, 2013 CST

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This holiday season, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®
I purchased a new #IntelTablet to experience the power of Intel Inside. 

When I leave my house in the morning, I NEVER can predict what the day may hold. I usually have a tote bag full of "things." to get me through the day...but that is getting "old." I want to streamline  and organize my schedule and daily activities, as well as have the possibility of on-the-go blogging or writing...or playing! For that reason, I have had my eye on a tablet...and Android Tablet to be specific.

Streamline Your Routine with #IntelTablet #shop by 504 Main

I never thought of myself as a gadget girl. The words "why would anyone need that?" may have even come out of my mouth a time or two. But I will happily admit when I am wrong. Over the last few years I have embraced technology and ALL it has to offer (OK, I have a thing or two to learn still).

My love of computers, devices, and "smart" things has grown and grown. But until recently I had not found my tech BFF. I wanted - needed - something that could integrate all the complex and layered aspects of my crazy daily routine in one place.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

When it comes to holiday entertaining...think festive...think fun...think bubbles!
And what is more festive than THE Black Bottle Bubbly, Freixenet.
Holiday Entertaining with #Freixenet by 504 Main

I like my gatherings to sparkle as well as my wine! I was very excited when I received two gorgeous black bottles from Freixenet - one of Cordon Negro Brut, the original Black Bottle Bubbly, and one of Sweet Cuvée, the first line extension to the black bottle bubbles in 20 years! I decided to gather my friends for a pairing party! I came up with some of my own pairing combinations...but Freixenet has a Pairing App to get you on your way!

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 Happy Holidays!
Now I know the holidays are about family and so much more than gifts...
but admit it we all like a few goodies too!
wish list gift basket by 504 main

Well, here is you opportunity for more than a few goodies!
This is a ginormously amazing
(you have to visit each blog individually to enter their giveaway.)

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

It is time to start thinking about what might make you giddy
on Christmas morning (or a Hanukkah evening)!
I have along list...and of course crafty tools are on that list.
But Christmas came a little early for me when I received a Silhouette Cameo!


I will tell you I have used other cutting machines...
I wondered how different could this be?
I found this super easy to set up and to use...super easy - for real!
I will share a bit more about my experience in a second...
but it is Holiday Shopping Time!
So I bet you wan to know about some really AMAZING deals!
Hurry these discounts from Silhouette are available
November 28, 2013 through December 8, 2013
 YOU MUST use the code 504MAIN at checkout to access these discounts!
 (below the graphic is some detailed info!)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Unbelievably...Christmas is here again - almost!
(yeah, I know...every December 25!)
But first Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I will be getting ready for some Christmas decorating after tomorrow...
it always starts with the tree in my house...
so I thought I'd share 2 of my

Over the last couple of years I have made many projects I like...
but here are just a couple you might want to tackle
over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
 Both are (pretty) simple.

First, one for the kiddos!
My little girlie likes to decorate the tree...all month long, so I created

And, next, one is for those of us who hate ugly tree stands!
(like me!)
A Christmas Tree Crate to hide that stand!

Christmas Tree Stand Crate by 504 Main

I hope you have an amazing week with your friends or family!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
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