504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We are having a very simple Thanksgiving this year...just the four of us,
but I still like to create a special table...
and then let my kids add their own special touch.
Well, I had this idea for Halloween and never quite finished posting it...
but I did manage to tweak that idea for this holiday!
This centerpiece is my contribution to this years #Thanksgiving Table!
Create a Simple #Thanksgiving Centepriece using beans as inspiration by 504 Main


Create Your Own Designer Pillows (Paint-a-Pillow GIVEAWAY)

Pillows are the best way to dress up or change up a space!
If you are like me, I can never find exactly what I want...
but now I can make my own DIY Designer Pillows (and you can too)!
I recently had the opportunity to try the NEW Paint-a-Pillow kit,
and had so much fun making some new pillows for my home!
Create Your Own Designer Pillows (Paint-a-Pillow GVEAWAY)


Easy (and Quick) Halloween Decorating with Paper: IKEA Paper Shop Giveaway

 A few weeks ago, I picked up these paper honeycomb Visionar decorations at the IKEA Paper Shop blogger event. I am the BIGGEST procrastinator when it comes to decorating, and I knew these beauties would be a subtle but fun way to decorate my front porch. And guess what???? It was so quick and easy all you other procrastinators or those who are looking to add a little fun to their Halloween decor have time to do this before Friday!
Easy (and Quick) Halloween Decorating with Paper: IKEA Paper Shop Giveaway


My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!

It has been a few months since we moved from California to Austin...
and I finally have unpacked all but 3 boxes in the garage - whew!
(that is no small feat!)
We were lucky that we were able to hire professional movers...
but we have used professional movers before, so I knew that this did not necessarily
ensure everything would end where it was supposed to or stay organized.
I did some packing myself and got a few boxes from a friend - this where I learned this MOVING TIP for keeping all those (and there were A LOT) of boxes organized.
It has proven to be my sanity saver!
My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!


How To Stain or Dye Concrete Floors: The Results!

The other day I walked you through how to prep your concrete floors for staining or dyeing. Today (ta-da!) I am going to show you how I applied the dye and the wet look sealer.
I will admit...quite a few times during this process I thought I was crazy!
But, now that I am done...I LOVE these floors.
They have depth, texture, warmth...and are durable!
How to Dye or Stain Concrete Floors by 504 Main

At first, I debated between painting the floors or staining and I am so glad I chose this path. For me, it works with my house. My craft room is right off the kitchen area, and I did not want the room to look like it was from another planet, but a well-thought out part of the house...and for this house, this is what worked.