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My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!

It has been a few months since we moved from California to Austin...
and I finally have unpacked all but 3 boxes in the garage - whew!
(that is no small feat!)
We were lucky that we were able to hire professional movers...
but we have used professional movers before, so I knew that this did not necessarily
ensure everything would end where it was supposed to or stay organized.
I did some packing myself and got a few boxes from a friend - this where I learned this MOVING TIP for keeping all those (and there were A LOT) of boxes organized.
It has proven to be my sanity saver!
My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!

  • Boxes and packing tape
  • Duct Tape in a variety of colors!
  • Poster Board and a Sharpie
Let's Get Moving!
  • As the boxes were packed, I marked each one with strips of colored or patterned duct tape. (you can use washi tape, masking tape, or a combination of tapes). Our movers left the boxes in each room over night, so I had time to do this.
My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!
  • We designated one color/pattern for each room. Try to not use tapes that are too close in color/pattern. For example I had two tapes with black backgrounds and bright designs, but they looked too similar, so I just used one of them.
  • On each box, a 6-8 inch strip of duct tape was placed on the top corner or side. 
  • I tried to put the tape diagonally across the top, with it overlapping onto 2 sides so that the tape was visible from at least 3 directions. I always made sure the color showed on the side where the movers markings were (which room or contents).

My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!

  • Our movers liked to use their own markings for packing and placing the boxes...and they always asked us, but I did make a legend.
  • On a giant poster board label each room and place a piece of duct tape next to it. Doesn't get much simpler!
My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!

It was also super easy for everyone to know which box went where.
If you have ever moved, you know it can get CRAZY as boxes are unloaded, especially toward the end of the day...and this helped on stay organized.

Did the movers get every box in the "right" room...no...
but it was close and really easy for us to stay on task with this simple TIP!

My Favorite Moving Tip: Just Add Tape!

Do you have a good moving tip?

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How To Stain or Dye Concrete Floors: The Results!

The other day I walked you through how to prep your concrete floors for staining or dyeing. Today (ta-da!) I am going to show you how I applied the dye and the wet look sealer.
I will admit...quite a few times during this process I thought I was crazy!
But, now that I am done...I LOVE these floors.
They have depth, texture, warmth...and are durable!
How to Dye or Stain Concrete Floors by 504 Main

At first, I debated between painting the floors or staining and I am so glad I chose this path. For me, it works with my house. My craft room is right off the kitchen area, and I did not want the room to look like it was from another planet, but a well-thought out part of the house...and for this house, this is what worked.


How to Stain or Dye Concrete Floors: Part One, The Preparation

In my old house, I pretty much touched every single surface -
sometimes for fun, sometimes out of necessity.
Well now we have moved to Texas and our house is brand new...
but, of course I cannot leave anything alone!
I am lucky enough to have a craft studio in my new home -
one "problem"...it had carpet. I am so MESSY.
I figured I was either never going to craft for fear of spilling
or I was going to make such a mess that my husband might flip his lid.
How to Dye Concrete: Part One, The Preparation by 504 Main


Paper Crafting: Follow Your Heart Card

Paper crafting - making cards, marbling paper...and making paper - is one of the first types of crafts I remember doing as an "adult."  When I start "playing" with my Evolution Die Cutter I get so excited...the possibilities are endless...and sometimes that sends me off on a tangent...and sometimes I never know where i will end up.

Bear with me on the tutorial. I had one (or ten) things in mind and then my hands took me some place else and this sweet little card was created. Can't you imagine this on a small block of wood or a canvas too? I kind of am in love with the colors and the arrows...and the hearts...and the polka dots!
Paper Crafting: Follow Your Heart Card by 504 Main


The BIG Move: California to Texas!

Every morning I wake up and still can hardly believe that I live in Austin,Texas!
I was a born California girl, and I suppose I always will be...
but for the last few months I have been attempting to settle in to my new home in Texas.

I do admit that I may have cried the first morning (and on many other occasions) when I actually had to tell the barista my order at the local coffee shop. "At home," my coffee was practically waiting for me every day at my favorite coffee shop. Yes, I know it is ridiculous, but I think that is what made it all sink in...all the way to the ground.