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DermaWand: My Beautiful New Best Friend (product review)

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For the last few years there has been so much going on in my life that taking care of me, including my skin was put on the back-burner. I was just too tapped out, too exhausted. Well, that has caught up to me BIG time. I am in my early 40's and if I don't do something now, I do not know what else is going to happen to my face. I am always on the lookout for a new skin care regimen or product or device...and after hearing about the DermaWand...I finally had a chance to try it!

DermaWand: My Beautiful New Best Friend (product review) #sponsored #MyDermaWand #MC

I see how my skin has lost that glow, how my eyes are a little puffy, how my skin tone is uneven and my pores look like craters, how the wrinkles around my mouth are starting to become more and more visible...and {GASP!} - my neck is getting saggy! I will also absolutely admit I am totally vain...so while - later in this post you will see me without makeup and may think "that's not too bad," I see every imperfection (that magnifying mirror I purchased did not help the situation!).


How to Make Home Decor Using Christmas Ornaments

In 1,000,000 years I would have never believed that I would have any deer, or rather stag heads in my home. Now of course this are glittery and fake, but nonetheless, this was not a home decor path I thought I would go down...but heck I live in Texas Hill Country now and there are deer everywhere and it is practically a decorating essential (like the Texas Star). Now if you are like me, you realize Christmas is just around the corner but you are not done decorating and just need a few more things...well, this projects could not be SIMPLER!!!! I promise.

How to Make Home Decor Using Christmas Ornaments

Now...if deer are still not your thing...you can do this with so many other types of ornaments! Just peek around the stores for an ornament you like and glue it to a board too!

How to Make Home Decor Using Christmas Ornaments

Let's get to it.....so we can go shop, bake, and make!

  • 3 Stag Head Ornaments, Sandra by Sandra Lee, available at Kmart (if you don't have a Kmart near you...they will ship to a local Sears - I know because I did this...I had to have these ornaments...and it was EASY!)
  • Scrap wood. Mine is 1" x 6" x 14"
  • Wood stain. I normally use apple cider vinegar stain (but I was out!). I just grabbed a small can of stain in a color that I liked from the store.
  • Rag or paint brush (Rubber gloves to protect your hands)
  • Hot Glue
  • Sandpaper (I use my Dremel)
How to Make Home Decor Using Christmas Ornaments

Make It! (this is so easy...I don't even have photos - you can do it!)
  • Cut or have someone cut your wood...or just find a piece laying around.
  • Wipe board clean of debris.
  • Stain the board - wipe or paint on the stain; wipe off with a rag; let dry.
  • Sand the edges of the board (optional).
  • Place one stag in the center of the board, with the bottom about 2" from the bottom of the wood. (Mark the place if necessary)

How to Make Home Decor Using Christmas Ornaments
  • Use hot glue to secure the ornament to the wood; hold in place for a bit until glue begins to harden. (I tried other glues, but found hot glue to have the most instantaneous adhesion. The heads drooped and fell with the drying time of other glues)
  • Place one head on each side of the center deer; 2" from the bottom and centered between the center deer and edge of the board.
  • Let dry and display!

How to Make Home Decor Using Christmas Ornaments

A few days ago I posted about Kmart's #BestDressedHome Sweepstakes...head over to peek at that to post to see how you can win BIG!

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Holiday Decorating and Creating A Best Dressed Home

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After a few years of minimal Christmas decorating, my daughter asked me, "Can we please have Christmas this year?" At first I was a little speechless, but then I realized she had a point. She loves the decorations and over the last couple of years we have been traveling and trying to sell our home, and other than the tree and stockings, I had not really decorated. Well, this year we are settled into our new home, and I am looking to add some sparkle and style to this years decor. With the help of the Kmart Holiday Collection, I have found quite a few things that will make me happy and hopefully fulfill my daughters wishes too!


Graham Cracker Houses and Snowy Peanut Butter (No-Bake) Cookies

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When my son was 4, I began a holiday tradition - making graham cracker houses! Every year we enjoy making these creations because we always find new ways to work magic with our graham crackers! The one struggle we had was finding the right "glue"...but this year, I heard a GENIUS idea...and knew we had to try it. Are you ready...this is good..."Use Peanut Butter to construct your graham cracker house!" After all these years of struggling with regular icing...my problems have been solved - and I am never looking back! Now it is time to share our of our favorite traditions and Family Holiday ideas with our new friends in Texas.
Graham Cracker Houses and Snowy Peanut Butter (No-Bake) Cookies #shop #PBandG #CollectiveBias

In all these years, the only other "problem" we ever had was what to do with our leftover graham crackers (other than devour them)...so this year, inspired by my son's idea, I also came up with a tasty recipe that uses some of those extra graham crackers and peanut butter. Oh yes...it is also a No-Bake cookie!

Graham Cracker Houses and Snowy Peanut Butter (No-Bake) Cookies #shop #PBandG #CollectiveBias


DIY! Simple Fabric Angels

In spite of my ability to complicate everything,
I LOVE simple crafts.
The kids can make these too!
So, let me introduce you to my little angels.
(So...this is an older post  - from 2010 but continues to be one of my most popular...so I thought I'd share it...because I am busy making some of these cuties for my Christmas Tree!)
 {Torn canvas and a few doilies from the thrift store make this angle oh-so-sweet!}