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How to Make an (Easy) Painted Bunny T-Shirt

Today we had a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and my daughter wanted a special "something" to wear. It was a pretty casual party so I decided to make a Bunny T-Shirt inspired by my Bunny Banner. Now of course, I had my own ideas...but my daughter had HER OWN ideas too. She won (mostly) and I admit her idea to put stripes on the bunny was a good one!.
DIY Painted Bunny Shirt by 504 Main


Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks: A Hometalk Board

I can hardly believe it has almost been one year since I moved from California to Texas. During that move, I called on past moving experience, advice from friends, and did a lot of research. I shared one of my favorite moving tips (which by the way kept me pretty darn organized once we got to Texas and started unpacking!) awhile back, but today I am sharing my Hometalk Moving Tips and Tricks Board with you.

A Hometalk Board fill of moving tips and tricks


How to Preserve Lemons

Awhile back a VERY sweet friend gave me a ton of big gorgeous organic Meyer lemons What to do - what to make! These were some of the most gorgeous lemons I had ever seen (for real!). I quickly decided I needed to get cracking...and so I did. I made (Meyer) limoncello, (Meyer) lemon Curd and Preserved (Meyer) Lemons. (no Meyer lemons? ...you can use good ole lemons for this too!)

Salt, lemons, juice and a jar are all you need to make preserved lemons for use in your favorite recipes.


Introducing Eleventh Avenue: A Handpicked Boutique Marketplace

Today I'm helping celebrate something really exciting! If you haven't heard already, Groopdealz is now Eleventh Avenue - and there's SO much to love!
Introducing Eleventh Avenue - Handpicked Boutique Marketplace
Not only are you going to find even better, more fabulous deals at amazingly low prices, but also Eleventh Avenue was created with the social shopper in mind! A handpicked boutique marketplace, dedicated to providing you with a unique and personalized shopping experience.


Just Ducky Valentines

I almost ignored Valentines...but we have received such a fun reaction to my daughters idea for "Just Ducky Valentine's" that I thought I'd share. And, yes, I realize Valentines Day is right around the corner...but seriously these are SO EASY and take hardly any time to put together.
Simple novelty rubber ducks, paper tags and a pen are just about all you need for some seriously cute valentines.