504 Main by Holly Lefevre: April 2010
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Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Ticked Pink, No. 5!
I’m Tickled Pink at <br>504 Main
Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to  see who won the soaps and for the NEW giveaway!
This week I'm Tickled Pink about
1 crafty bird
1 talented designer
{and a giveaway!}  
1 tasty idea
1 green solution
These are a few of the things that are TICKLING ME PINK!
{don't forget to grab a button - at the bottom of the post- if you have been tickled pink}
1 crafty bird
is Bird from Bird Crafts.

Bird Crafts

If Bird's place doesn't make you smile, then you are more cynical than me!
Over at Bird's place there is pure happiness and joy all around.
She has it all going on...
cute, clever, chic and inspired crafts, recipes, and printables.
{and a new linky party}
{and she lives in France..you must read all about it}
These goodies {to name a few} have tickled me pink.
A White Chocolate and Strawberry Ganche tart...YUYMMY!
I just L-O-V-E printables and Bird has some super cute ones...
Tres cute!
 Speaking of printables...
be sure to visit bird and enter to win a
Mother's Day Giveaway for these totally adorable printables
Go visit Bird Crafts blog for a little fun and sunshine!
And check out Bird's SHOP for more fabulousness!
 1 talented designer
{oooohhhh...I sense a giveaway!}
I stumbled across Iris last year around Christmas,
fell in L-O-V-E with her jewelry and then ordered a piece as a gift.
{My mother-in-law loves it by the way!}
And, although some of you may have heard this story...
I am sharing it again anyway...
Iris knows the people who used to live in my house...
and she has even been here...is that a crazy small world or what?

So, back to the point, Iris is extremely talented
and creates amazing pieces of jewelry.
You just must go check out her SHOP to see it all. 
Mother's Day is just around the corner {hint, hint}!
Iris not only designs her own amazing jewelry, but has a FAB blog.
Iris hosts a Featured Artist series that introduces us to
There is some fantastic talent showcased here.
Then there is Friday Fashion Finds...to-die-for.
Everything from T's and jeans to dressing for special occasions 
to fashionable simplicity is featured!
Oh, did you notice those earrings? Want to win your own pair?
In any of these beautiful colors!
Iris is generous enough to be giving away a pair!
See the end of the post for details!
1 tasty idea

Think Tank Momma

I am always up for a super-tasty new recipe, so when I saw this
new meme happening on Thursday's over at Think Tank Momma...
I squealed with delight!
This week's post is a fabulous recipe for homemade -
preservative, junk-free, wholesome red sauce to go with rigatoni...
Go check it out HERE.
"I have been cooking for a very long time. It's a creative outlet for me, much like my blog.  So what would be better than meshing the two together. I will share where I hide vegetables so my kids will eat them. You tell me how you get those whole grains in. We will have themed weeks, holiday shares, it's wide open."-Adrienz Girl

Go taste what's happening over at Think Tank Momma
and then join in next week to see what's cooking.
a green solution
from Amy at Positively Splendid

Positively Splendid

I actually adore Amy's blog for so many reasons {I could go on and on}...
but today I am tickled pink over her Oh-So-Chic Napkin Tutorial.
I, like most people, am trying everything I can to go green,
help out the Earth a little, and conserve resources.
I shop with my own bags, won some reusable produce bags from Erin,
and am working on getting rid of the unnecessary.
Cloth napkins are my next project to tackle and
Amy's tutorial for some oh-so-chic ones are positively inspiring.
It is a positively delightful experience!
I'm  Tickled Pink to  announce the WINNER of the 
soaps from Bean Street Market is...
Michelle at New Horizons Reviews!
Email me with your mailing address! Yipppeee!
Oh, you wanted another giveaway!? Of course!
Well, Iris is offering a pair of her absolutely gorgeous earrings...
in the color of your choice...but aren't those pink ones divine?!

There are 6 ways to enter! Leave a SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH.
--Entry One {required}: 
*You need to be a follower of 504 Main
*You need to leave a relevant comment about at least one feature!!!! "Nice journal", "Nice post," "Learn how to work from  home," and the like - doesn't count!
--Entry Two:
Go  give some comment love at Till Death Do Us Art!
--Entry Three:
Go give some comment love at Bird Crafts!
--Entry Four:
Go give some comment love at Think Tank Momma
--Entry Five:
Go give some comment love at Positively Splendid and check out her tutorial
--Entry Six:
Join my Blog  Frog Community....go right over there and click on it.

Contest  closes Thursday, 5/6/10 at 11:59 p.m. EST 
The  winner will be announced on Friday 5/7/10. 
{OK, that may be dramatic!}
!!There may or may not be a Tickled Pink on5/7...
the DIY Awesomeness begins on 5/7!!
What more info on I'm Tickled Pink or how to nominate
a product/person/idea/recipe to be featured,
click HERE or simply email me!
And...it is cool to nominate yourself!
Loving all of your ideas!!!!!! Bring them on! 
if you have been featured! 
504 <br>Main
{what the heck is "I'm Tickled Pink" you ask, click HERE}
Don't forget the DIY CLUB blog hop is coming May 7th.
{click on DIY Club for details}
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have participated in Writer's Workshop in an eternity!
I jumped on over there yesterday and saw the prompt
and figured I HAD to do it!
1.) Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.
{This list will be longer when I finally
spill the beans about my hockey groupie days!}

2 Weddings, A Hockey Game and Random Sightings
I am from Los Angeles - born and bred.
A brush with celebrity when living in L.A. is not uncommon,
especially since probably 50% of the residents consider themselves
to be some kind of celebrity...and with reality shows...
I would guess that number is even higher.
 I am also jaded...
celebrities for the most part don't really do a lot for me.
I am not swooning over Brad or Robert or
whoever I am supposed to be swooning over.
I keep my swooning for Howie Long - 
and yes, I have seen and met him in person.
{double swoon!}

OK, so, let's just be clear here...some names will be omitted to protect the innocent, none of these people are my friends - don't ask for a phone # or if I can get an autograph. I never worked in a bar or as a waitress, but my wedding planning and fashion days led to some interesting experiences. So, with no further adieu, here some celebrity encounters...
edited for the purpose of not boring you to death {I hope}.

*I planned a wedding for a very famous actor's son {who is also an actor}. Dad is involved in many current {popular} projects {stage, film, movies, books}, but let's just say his part in The Twilight Zone movie kept me off planes for years. By the way...super-nice family!

*A certain boy who couldn't buy love sat by me at the Kings {ice hockey} game before he went on to become a Dreamy doctor.

*Another certain boy who once stood by all his friends, also sat by me at the Kings Games before he started trekking around the universe.

*I was "this close" to going to prom with a professional ice hockey player...I {heart} goalies!

*I used to drive one professional baseball player who was A+ to baseball practice every now and then.

*I ate lunch next to a certain New Yorker who made a lot of money going on about nothing on TV. I shall say no more {not anything nice anyway}.

*Some dimwit {I actually do not even know which entertainment show she is one now} left her fancy shoes at my house while we were filming a Lifetime segment.

Can anyone guess who these peeps are {forget about the dimwit}?

Now for a few with names...
*I was on The Other Half {defunct NBC talk show} twice...and met Dick Clark, Mario Lopez, and Danny Bonaduce {and lived to tell about it}. Actually they were all cool...I must have caught Danny in a good moment.

*I planned a wedding that was like a throw back in time...Sid Caesar, Red Buttons, Buddy Hackett, Jayne Meadows {Steve Allen was invited but ill and died not long after} all sitting around a table. Very cool!

*A friend of ours was married in Brentwood at a home next door to Ally McBeal's house...there were caterers, florists, etc. in and out of the neighborhood..at one point the press thought Ally and Indiana might be tying the knot. 

*Did I mention I met Howie Long? Oh, I did...well, he deserves to be mentioned again...He's my fave!

Before I go, Hubby wanted to contribute {surprise! surprise!}...He has literally ran into Jennifer Garner {that is his Howie Long} and Kelly LeBrock {these two are for the guys!}. He also attended the AT&T golf tournament in Pebble Beach and saw some football player, Bill Murray, and the dude from Criminal Minds. The U.S. Open will be here very soon...let's see who we see then...

What about you...anyone have any celebrity sightings?
So, yes...another post and I have not caught up...I feel like I may never catch up on commenting and responding...I think I am officially one week behind...No, no...I am determined...I will catch up...I will visit you all. You cannot get rid of me that easy.

Don't forget...I'm Tickled Pink is Friday!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I remember heading out to garage-sale-it with mom and dad, and even with my grandpa. I don't remember specifics, but I remember the act of it...getting up early, rifling thought other people's junk...usually buying tools. When I was younger this was surely not my idea of fun. The one plus...donuts...there were always donuts on garage sale days!
Now, don't get me wrong. I love to shop...but in my younger years that meant mom dropping me and a group of girls off at the mall. Where, for hours we would walk around buying lip gloss, socks, pizza and cookies. Man, that was the life!

Maybe it was protest...maybe my memory played tricks on me, but for a very, very long time I refused to go to garage sales, thrift stores, or the Goodwill. I did not even like buying things on sale. {gasp!}

Yeah, well, things change. First I discovered the beauty of sales...I mean really discovered the beauty of sales. This was typical conversation at our house...
Hubby asks, "Where did you get that?"
"It was on sale." I say proudly {I thought this made me domestic}
Hubby cringes..."Did you need it?"
"It was such a deal."
More cringing.
Finally I came up with a motto to pacify him...
"Just because it's a bargain, doesn't mean you need it."
{Please don't think I really believe that}

Well, my love of shopping has come full circle.
I {heart} garage sales! I {heart} thrift stores!
I {heart} the Goodwill!
Heck, I even {heart} the dump!
Don't get freaky on me...
our dump has a store called Last Chance Mercantile.
I mean, "hello"... this is how much I {heart} treasure hunting...
that is how I spent my birthday!

Here is a little garage sale storytelling...
courtesy of Uncle Glenn.
My {Great} Uncle Glenn was the ultimate garage-saler.
I never went with him...He was serious.
His collection included a couple of Victrola's,
some Dictaphones, an antique post office box, some cameras,
and many, many gumball machines.
He has since passed away and I was lucky enough
to get one of his Victrola's and a few gumball machines.
{each grand kid got at least one gumball machine}
My parents have the Dictaphones, post office box, and
a few other treasures. I LOVE having these items in my house.
They remind me of my family.
Uncle Glenn had a room where he stored these treasures.
We {the kids} were allowed to go into the room,
but we were NOT allowed, under any circumstances to touch.
By the time grand kids rolled around, the rules had loosened up.
He actually let them play in "the room."

I chose to share some garage sale finds that hold sweet memories for me even though I was not the garage-saler...but make no mistake, I have my own treasures! I actually had a very hard time deciding what fun little bargains and treasures to show you...many...most of them are in some sort of transformation -
soon to be revealed with a spectacular to-do!
For now here's an oldie and a FAB newbie find from my growing collection!
I saw this old vintage door and had to have it.
It is tattered turquoise loveliness, and it has bottle glass. 
It had to go home with me! I bought it at the dump!
This is my fab newbie...
my Harvey's Seatbelt Bag.
I saw it, loved it...had to have it.
My first thought was it is a seat belt...this can hold up to my life.
I paid $8.00 - brand new tags on it. Retail price, $100+. SCORE! 
I really could go on and on...
remember I have warned you before that I like my stuff -
not the Hoarders-is-coming-for-me sort of like,
but like nonetheless.

What's you favorite garage sale, thrift store, roadside find?
Happy treasure hunting!
This post is linked to

Home is...
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello all! 
Did ya miss me?
I have been a little MIA.
Soon to return...I see light at the end of the tunnel...
I am actually making a dent in those SITS visits.
In fact, I was not going to post again until 
I caught up with SITS Day commenting...
not to mention the other posts...
but then today, I received a
wonderful, fabulous super-dee-duper package
in the mail from Nancy at Tender & Crazeye Me
This was the first swap I joined in and it was so fun...
I cannot wait for the next one...
oh yeah, I had an awesome swap partner too!
I had to share with goodies!
If you want to see what I sent Nancy...
you have to go visit Tender & Crazeye Me.
A box full of goodies..what oh what can they be?
The pulled them out and set up this display for me.
And then they {carefully} had at it.
There were as excited as me.
**A stationery set based on Thomas Kincade's Heather's Hutch
{did you know I have a friend with almost that same name!}
{And that the Thomas Kincade National Archive is near me in Monterey}
**Beautiful butterfly album with some matching papers.
**Sweet butterfly stickers
**Peace, Joy, Hope, Love stickers.
{does someone know I cannot resist stickers, scrapbook, or craft goodies?}
**Scrabble Apple game
{we are going to love this...my son has his eye on it!}
**Spa goodies - foot soak, body scrub, spa bath, and face mud.
{I swear Nancy knows me in real life!}
**Ice cream cone shaped pen/lip gloss
{My daughter is trying to steal it}
**Sassy girly tweezers - 
{One can never have enough tweezers! Seriously!}

Oh and then there are the treats!
*Eclipse Gum...Yeah! We all love gum!
*Clove gum...I have never tried it...
so excited to give it a whirl!
*Riesen - they are gone!
{you killed my will power for the day...I did share though!}
*A Twilight chocolate goodie
{my son hates vampires, but enjoyed helping me eat it...
until I told him it was filled with blood and
that sent him screaming to his room...
Mother of the Year here!}
*Charelston Chews -
I was just telling someone I have never tried them - 
notice in the photo the box is already open -
YUM! Addictive!

Finally, Nancy wrote the most fabulous poem to accompany this package.
I am so lucky...I had an awesome swap partner.
I leave you with one verse from Nancy's poem:
"When I am bored,
When I need a laugh,
When I need a break from the stink
I turn to your blog and read interesting and entertaining things.
And then I don't feel like I need a drink!"

Just a reminder...
There is still time to enter the
Perricone Cold Plasma Giveaway!
You must enter over at Hip Weddings,
BUT you need only be a follower of 504 Main OR Hip Weddings.
Click HERE to enter.
End 4/28!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Ticked Pink, No. 4!
I’m Tickled Pink at 
504 Main
Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see who won the book and for the NEW giveaway!
{what the heck is "I'm Tickled Pink" you ask, click HERE}
This week I'm Tickled Pink about
1 scentsational inspiration
{and a giveaway!}
1 clever blogger
...and since it was Earth Day,
these GREEN projects tickled me pink!
1 GREEN and gorgeous upcycle
1 GREEN dinner party
There are a few other little things
that are TICKLING ME PINK too!
{don't forget to grab a button - at the bottom of the post- if you have been tickled pink}

The scentsational inspiration is
{There's a giveaway compliments of Amy too! See bottom of post!}

I have many serious loves {bordering on addictions}. 
Soaps and bath products are way, way up there on my list.
While perusing blogland I hopped on over to Bean Street Market
and there is was...gardeners soap!
I am one of those people who owns 20 pair of
gardening gloves, but never wears them...
I seriously need some cleaning
and moisturizing after I "play" in the yard!
So, seriously...I took this as a sign that I MUST
share her other creations with you!

Every single one of Amy's soaps are beautiful...
like the kind of beautiful
where you do not want to use them because
they are so beautiful, beautiful...
but you MUST use them to really get
the full effect of their beauty.
I am tickled yellow over the Lemon Ginger Marmalade soap.
How cute is the Apricot Freesia Goatmilk Soap?
Seriously...Is this not gorgeous! 
I have to mention the soap inspired by The Grand Canyon.
I {heart} the Grand Canyon - long story!
Amy is also busy clicking away some fabulous photos
of poppies and blue bonnets {soap to match}.
Her photos are as pretty as her soap!

You HAVE to check out all of Amy's soapy Inspirations.
Looking for a great Mother's Day gift?....
Amy has a little discount happening! 
Go HERE to get the code.
Bean Street Market also offers Lotions and Body Butters!
Poor hubby...literally!
 Go say "Hi" to Amy over at Bean Street Market.
You will L-O-V-E her...of course -
I think being NICE needs to be an I'm Tickled Pink requirement!
Then, go visit the SHOP or the Etsy shop!
And enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

one clever blogger
I have been reading Emmy's blog for awhile now
and have always been a big fan.
You have to see for yourself what
Emmy does on her "Time for Tots" posts.
The way she puts together these lessons for
her kids and then shares them with us
is super fantabulous  - and I am not just saying that
because she made my chicks on a stick!
**Check out Solids, Liquids, and Gases and prepare to be blown away!
**Or then there was Color day - They learned and got to make cupcakes...
my kind of time, for sure!

Emmy also hosts a Cooking Club...brilliant idea!
Check out what it is all about and put a little jump start in your meals.

Well, dessert is my favorite meal...yes I called dessert a meal!
Emmy has rules for her dessert! How great is that!

Go Visit Emmy! You will not be disappointed.
1 GREEN and gorgeous upcycle
from Eco-Friendly Freckles 
Before I dive into telling you all about how talented Jessica is,
I just have to say that I read her post
about the Sun and was blown away.
All we ever hear is bad things about this beautiful Sun of ours.
Check out some Sunshine Love! It Shines!

Now for the upcycle...
We all have jars and cans around the house...
and well, at 504 Main, oatmeal canisters and coffee tins
{from my favorite coffee place} are in abundance.
post to show us how to upcycle these containers and canisters beautifully!
All-around, Jessica simply has some awesome projects!
I have been wanting to reuse and repurpose my
little {er, slightly big} collection into beautiful, useful works of art.
I will be using her tutorial ASAP!
Oh...you don't feel like crafting your own...
and snag one of Jessica's creations!
{images from Eco-Friendly Freckles}

You must check out Eco-Friendly Freckles 
and all of Jessica's recipes, info, and eco-friendly ideas!  
a green dinner party
Evette Rios, a Rachael Ray content buddy, worked with DecoArt 
and Goodwill of NY/NJ to create a series of videos using DecoArt
{I heart DecoArt} products to upcycle Goodwill finds
to create an "Earth Day Dinner Party".  When I saw this,
I just had to share. I {heart} Goodwill and all thrift stores.
{um yeah, that's what I did on my b'day last week...went treasure hunting}
And ya know I love DIYing!
Check out these videos.
There are some great ideas anyone can use!

There's a series of 5 videos located here: www.decoart.com/diy
Inspired and GREAT GREEN ideas tickle me pink

I just have to say that I'm Tickled Pink over
my recent SITS Day and I am still working my way
through the comments...but just know, I am coming! 
I had just caught up on my commenting, and then SITS Day hit...
and since I believe in paying it forward,
I will be visiting each person who visited me
{provided I can get to their blog...some have no links}.
So, I will catch up and you will see me again {cue evil maniacal laughter}!

Also...I will be mentioning this often...
check out the details for the
DIY CLUB blog hop coming May 7th.

Go ENTER to win
 Perricone Cold Plasma
at Hip Weddings!
{you only need to be a follower of Hip Weddings OR 504 Main}

Thanks for continuing to come by and visit,
and remember I am always on the look out
for things that will tickle us pink!
****I'm Tickled Pink to announce the WINNER of the Re-Creative Book****
Erin at Creek Bed Threads!
Email me with your mailing address! Yipppeee! 

Oh, you wanted another giveaway!?
Well, Amy is offering three of her Fantabulous soaps!
 1 each of the gardeners soap, lemon kitchen, and oatmeal.  

There are 6 ways to enter!
--Entry One {required}:
*You need to be a follower of 504 Main
*You need to leave a relevant comment about one feature!!!!
"Nice journal", "Nice post," "Learn how to work from home,"
and the like - doesn't count!
--Entry Two:
Go give some comment love at Bean Street Market
--Entry Three:
Go give some comment love at Emmy Mom-One Day at a Time
--Entry Four:
Go give some comment love at Eco-Friendly Freckles
--Entry Five:
Go watch the Earth Dinner Party video and tell me your favorite thing.
--Entry Six:

Join my Blog Frog Community....go right over there and click on it.

Contest closes Thursday, 4/29/10 at 11:59 p.m. EST 
The winner will be announced on Friday 4/30/10.

What more info on I'm Tickled Pink or how to nominate
a product/person/idea/recipe to be featured, click HERE.
Loving all of your ideas!!!!!!
Bring them on!

if you have been featured!

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