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Be Yourself, Together: Unique Gift Giving from #TargetWedding

disclosure: Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.
My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate a wedding anniversary.
I brought up the subject of our wedding gifts and
we started talking about the truly unique gifts we received.
Of course we were, and are thankful to have received
beautiful china and linens and crystal...
but there were a few friends who really hit the mark with
amazing, unique and unforgettable gifts.
Don't you want to be that wedding guest too?

Target Wedding Registry Ideas by 504 Main

For today's brides and grooms, the wedding celebration is all all about their uniqueness and their personal style, and that should not not be compromised when it comes to the wedding gifts and wedding registry. Meaningful gifts show understanding and appreciation of a couple's individuality, as well as their mutual interests!
Target Wedding Registry Ideas by 504 Main

That is where Target Wedding Registry comes is!
Not only can a couple select dinnerware and glassware,
but how about some home electronics, outdoor gear, luggage, or bicycles?
 Couples can create a wedding registry that reflects their interests as well as hones in our the necessities of creating a house and new life together.
Whatever your style, with Target you can "Be Yourself Together."
#TargetWedding by 504 Main

I headed to Target to do some shopping and exploring.
(Lucky me!)
There are so many options, so many ideas!

Now, let's talk about how to create a unique pairing
(or in this case ensemble) for that special couple.
Imagine she loves casually riding her bike around town -
waving "hello" to her friends,
hitting her favorite coffee spot,
and stopping to stock up at the Farmers market.

Now imagine him  - a foodie, an explorer, and adventurer. He is always in search of artisan creations, one-of-a-kind culinary discoveries, and the magic of a unique destination.
How do you marry these two diverse interests? 

Let's start with the Schwinn Legacy Cruiser...
with a pair of these beauties, they can cruise the town side by side,
and enjoy the great outdoors.

Now, create an "on the go gourmet picnic" gift set:
An embark cooler; picnicware, napkins, and glasses; a perfect picnic blanket; special edition travel magazines - packed with local weekend getaways and maps! 
With this handy, this couple is ready for weekend getaways near and far from home!
Target Wedding Registry Ideas by 504 Main

To finish off this very personal gift, get creative!
Mount a map of the area they live (or want to explore) on a corkboard!
Be sure to include some push pins so the couple can
mark the discoveries they make together!

Target Wedding Registry Ideas by 504 Main

A couple that receives a personal gift will know that you
truly understand the importance of them as individuals,
but that they are even "Better Together!"

 With a little thought and the amazing resources at Target,
a very cool, totally memorable gift comes together and celebrates how you can
"Be Yourself, Together."

Go on check out the Target Wedding Catalog and see how you would "Be Yourself, Together"

What was your favorite or most memorable wedding gift?

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.
I was provided with a giftcard to facilitate this post. All ideas and opinions are original.  


Quickie Vase Project with Wallpaper for Windows

Hey there!
Today is the last day of the Wallpaper for Windows giveaway
(did you enter yet???)
but yesterday I had this idea…
and I tried it and I kind of love it…
and I love the possibilities of it…
so I had to share!
rosemary vase
I used the trim to size service for my projects with the Avalon design…
but in my package came a few strips of “extra” Wallpaper for Windows. I just could not leave it alone! I knew somehow I could incorporate Wallpaper for Windows into entertaining or event d├ęcor.
trio up close

Ultimately I ended up making two tall pedestal vases for my buffet…but I am imagining tall cylindrical vases covered in the beautiful patterns Wallpaper for Windows carries. Best part is, you can easily change it up if you want…I love it – changeable design!


  • Wallpaper for Windows
  • Vase – cylindrical vases that are not tapered will work best.
  • Soapy water in a spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • paper towels
  • X-ACTO knife, ruler, cutting mat

close up window

1. I purchased 2 vases from Pier 1- I tried Goodwill, but they had nothing to accommodate my needs (oh my!)…well, they had one open-ended cylindrical piece, and I bought it…but I wanted vases too!

2. Determine the width for the Wallpaper for Windows "stripes" and cut.

3. Dry fit the strips around the vase and determine placement. Trim length if necessary. Determine if you want the patterns to match up when you wrap them around vase (See #10).


4. Clean vases well. Then try to avoid touching with fingers as much as possible.

5. Spray vase with soapy water.

squirt water

6. Remove backing from Wallpaper for Windows, and place on vase, wrapping around until the ends meet.

place on wet surface
7. Repeat for the second (and third or fourth strips). I just did 2 per vases.

8. NOTE: I aligned my ends on all strips so there would be one side with all of the cuts – my patterns did not match up at the end cuts, but it did not bother me.

9. NOTE: I DID try to align my strips so that the patterns matched up around the vase. See how they “match up” like if I squished them together it would make a complete pattern.
rosemary vase

10. Spray with soapy water and smooth out. Because of the surface and nature of the project, I did not really use a squeegee to smooth the Wallpaper for Windows out. instead, I sort of wrapped paper towels around the vase and squeezed.

11. Carefully dry! The wallpaper for windows will move while it is wet.

three vases

So, what do you think? It is kind of funky and fun…

vase close up
and I can see this on votive holder, candle holder, covering vases…
so excited to try this for a wedding or event!
vase bottom view

Now…head over and enter the Wallpaper for Windows GIVEAWAY!

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Disclosure: Wallpaper for Windows was provided to me for review and giveaway.


Bridesmaids, Girlfriends, Lots of Laughs, and a Link Up

I planned and prepared for my
"Girls Night In" Parisian Extravaganza
and viewing of

and finally it was here!
A little warning...this post is not as "PG" as I usual am here.
This is 504 Main Unrated. OK, not that bad!
This movie I had heard so much about was finally in my hands...
in my house and I was ready to watch it on our new TV
(before it was available in the stores)!!!
But just so ya know, it can be yours tomorrow!
Bridesmaids is available on DVD, Blu-Ray Combo pack or as a digital download on 9/20/11, so you can all snatch up a copy and have your own Girls Night In!
 (A gorgeous flower arrangement from my friend Jaime)

I shared about my party prep on Thursday...
You can check out the detailed menu and the ideas there!
BUT as any good planner knows sometimes you must roll with the punches...my day did not quite go as planned (I had a mild case of food poisoning - which after seeing the movie is WAY TOO appropriate...but I swear mine was not even close to theirs - and that is an image that will be burned in my mind forever!), so I had to tweak the menu, and not every teeny-tiny detail was attended to..but I wanted to have FUN more than stress out over rosettes on champagne flutes. And these lovely ladies showered me with more hors d'oeuvres, wine, and fanciful gifts! Who knew! I love these ladies
(and not just because of the gifts)!
(A hand painted card from Kelly and pink sugar to rim the cocktail from Rook No. 17)

We ended up having a wonderful selection of food and beverages, and I tested out my lackluster bar tending skills making Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails. I tried channeling Tom Cruise in Cocktail for this portion of the evening...
but was more little tipsy sorority girl and I was not either tipsy or a sorority girl.
Anyway...they tasted amazing...and were delicious and a perfectly bridal beverage!
 The menu included brie, pickled veggies, pastry puffs, edamame dip, grapes,
and drunken melon balls
(which going with the spirit of the evening we just call "drunken balls")
I went with a modified Parisian theme in honor of the bridal shower
(and I did not send anyone to Paris to research)

The swag for each lady was a pink Eiffel Tower bank, my FAVE lip gloss, and a candle.
I decided to skip the puppy.

Here is a glimpse of the decor.
I was so busy that my photos are lackluster.
It was so much easier to plan an event when I had professional photographers and a staff!
I tinted mason jars pink and selected bunches of carnations for them.
I think carnations have a bad rap and in clusters they look pretty!
 The dessert table
(oops no dessert on the table...but you get the picture)
Treat tower: truffles (not the ones I made!), chocolates, and licorice!

After an hour or more of chatting and enjoying a cocktail or three we headed down to the family room to watch the movie...woo-whoo! I was very happy that after 15 years we finally upgraded the ole TV...and so was everyone else...what better way to watch this hilarious movie than on a new TV (except maybe the dress selection/trying on scene).
I served dessert during the movie:
Crack Pie
Lemon tart
I tried to make this seemingly delicious chocolate truffles...
My husband tested them and after spitting them in the trash said
"I never thought chocolate, sugar, and almonds could taste so bad."
I totally burned this recipe.

(I totally need a media room makeover now!)

While this movie is over the top funny...it also has some pretty raunchy humor...so I made sure everyone who was coming knew this was definitely an adult movie and that I had the Unrated version...just did not want any surprises!

But all of us ladies were up for the laughs that came our way,
from the silly to the sexy to the cringe-worthy to the
The laughter was continuous and contagious.
A little something for everyone.

We all LOVED the movie and hanging out with the ladies.
Here's a quick "Ode to Bridesmaids"
Thanks to Bridesmaids...
I have a renewed love for giant cookies...
I should have served a ginormous sandwich at the party...
I just might serve a ginormous sandwich at my next gathering...
(I will never look at a sandwich the same again)
I will NOT eat at a-hole-in-the-wall restaurant, especially if it is Brazilian...
Puppies are not good gifts...
Jason Bateman is hot...
Remember to like the nice guy, not f*** the bad guy in the Porsche.
I am glad I am not dating...
I am glad I am not a bridesmaid...
I did however, remember some of the fond memories of being a bridesmaid...
I want to plan another wedding (to the same guy)...
I want a Parisian Bridal Shower (or birthday party)
I am still singing "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips!
(so breaking out the old CD's)
Did you see the movie?
What was your favorite part?
Are you picking up the movie?

Link up  and share your wedding/bridesmaids related story below.
Links back appreciated but not required...this is just for fun!
Everyone LOVES a good wedding story!
You know you have one!
Sponsored post. See my disclosure HERE.
Bridesmaids and Wedding Delights and Don'ts!
Share your story, any wedding-related story. Links back appreciated but not required...this is just for fun!