504 Main by Holly Lefevre: May 2011
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I rarely find treasures on the corner or by the dumpster (and am so jealous of those who do!), but a few months ago, I headed over to the BIG recycling bin - I may have had some boxes left over from Christmas that just needed a new "home" - and I found this wood frame thingy leaning against a very sad upholstered chair!

I am not exactly sure what to call it - I have seen things like this that are picture frames (although none of the openings were of a normal photo size) or a coat hanger. It looks like there may have been a small shelf at some point as well. Who knows!? I was compelled to bring it home (I left the icky upholstered chair that was there).
I played around with it for awhile. I had one idea but that did not work and then another, but did not love it and now finally this idea, which if I do say so myself I kind of like.
So I normally like to show things others can replicate, and you may or may not be able to replicate this exactly, but consider this as inspiration. I considered this a MacGyver DIY. I just kept pulling stuff out gluing things together and cutting things up until I got what I wanted. Best yet this project cost ZERO DOLLARS (perhaps because I am a craft hoarder)!
Oh, I have thought about this...I do think you could create a similar item with chunky picture frames and a 1" x 4" piece of wood (I am working on one for my sons room). I used all kinds of random pieces I had around the house.

Trash to treasure and some creativity is the key!

Missing from this photo are Gorilla Glue, Krylon Dover White, and DecoArt Asphaltum and Staining/Antiquing Medium. Like I said this project evolved. There are photos below of these items
  • Milk Paint, Lamp Black from Rockler
  • Purdy Paint Brush
  • Krylon Looking Glass
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint, Dover White (or accent color of choice)
  • Krylon Super Quick Spray Adhesive
  • Design Divas Vinyl "Home Sweet Home" #1502
  • Gorilla Wood Glue
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sanding Bug Rockler
  • Dremel Multi-Max
  • DecoArt Staining and Antiquing Medium
  • DecoArt Acrylic Paint, Asphaltum
  • Deft Wood Finishing Spray in Semi-Gloss, Rockler
  • Foam Brush
  • Rags
  • Cork Tiles (from craft store)
  • Glass square (from old picture frame)
  • Knobs, hooks, etc. (I got mine at a craft store on clearance for 99cents each...I did not know what I was going to use them on but 99cents spoke to me!)
  • Wood Putty
  • Protective covering for work surface
Go visit The DIY Club for the full tutorial!

Glue, putty, and reinforce!

Sand it all down.

Paint it. Stain it. Seal it.

Accessorize it!

At this point I was still figuring out what to do...
Take 1: I tried some photos...eeee...not quite right

Take 2: I tried all cork...eeeee...too blah!

Create a fun focal point
with Krylon's Looking Glass

Add some cork

And some Design Divas Vinyl
I like it. I think it turned out pretty good for a trash to treasure. It took some time to get the right look - a look I was pleased with, but finally I just went with it.

Anyone have a good trash to treasure find and makeover?

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer is coming! That means BBQ's, lazy days, and flip flops!
I have a super guest post today about DIYing up your flip flops!
I met Heather in April at Creative Estates and LOVE her. We met the first day and pretty much hung out all weekend...it was so fun! And I know you will love her too! 
I'm Heather visiting from A Couple of Craft Addicts.
I'm so excited to be at 504Main today!  I had the pleasure of meeting Holly while attending the Creative Estates conference this year and I immediately thought she was wonderful.  A couple of months later and I just can't get enough of her!

Let me introduce myself.  I'm a mommy to the sassiest little girl and love her to pieces.  I'm a wife to an extremely supportive and fantastic husband I met on a blind date we both dreaded.  I'm a cat mom to Hercules, my husband's cat.  I'm a cat mom to Delilah, our monster cat.  I'm a BFF to Sophie, our dog that thinks she is human.  I'm also a sleep deprived coffee lover, play group co-manager, blogger, and DIYer!

A Couple of Craft Addicts began early this year as a creative outlet for two self proclaimed craft addicts, myself and my dear friend Jessica.  We do a little of everything - recipes, sewing, painting, organizing, shopping, and whatever else catches our attention each day.
Yesterday we started our Flip Flop Fun series. 
Holly was so nice to let me come over and share one of our flip flop tutorials this week.  Although I only have one daughter, I have a couple of nephews.  It's so much fun to embellish everything with glitter and rhinestones but I thought it was equally important to share some boy ideas this week too.  I had so much fun making a pair of graffiti doodle flip flops! 
I started with a pair of my daughter's very worn Old Navy flip flops.
I had a difficult time selecting words to print on the shoes.  Anything would be cute - a name, nickname, saying, etc.!  I finally decided on "left" and "right" because we are mildly working on spelling at home with my daughter (yeah, I know I said these shoes were for boys but this pair happens to belong to my little tom boy).  I drew my words in a graffiti like text with a marker.  I never claimed to have graffiti skills!
I outlined the words with a pencil and then rubbed them directly onto the shoe. 
My set of Sharpies worked perfectly on this project!
I used a black marker to outline the words.
Next I colored in the words and outlined them in teal.  I also added orange stars.   
I used a blue marker to doodle all over the shoes. 
I doodled around the bottom of the shoes to complete the project.  I love them! 
Who knew used flip flops and a sharpie could be so much fun?
Come visit us during our Flip Flop Fun series for more ideas and tutorials!

Thanks again to Holly for letting us share our tutorial!
Thanks Heather!

Be sure to head over to A Couple of Craft Addicts
to check out the flip flop fun! 
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

When we moved into our current house, a guest bedroom was on my must-have list.
It was the first time I was moving away from the city I grew up in
and I really, really thought it was essential, especially so that the grandparents
could come and stay for extended periods of time.

Well, I got that bedroom and we threw the extra furniture in there,
including the bottom of my sons bunk set (a double bed/single combo set).
He was only four then and the twin was all he needed...
well he is 10 now and quickly outgrowing the twin.
So, it is time to move the double bed downstairs
and give him the space he needs.

That leaves us with the issue of needing a bed for the guests.
And maybe this will inspire me to fix up the room a little too
(it just may have the underwater themed wallpaper border
from the last homeowners up still...just maybe!).

I found these amazing platform beds and I really like the style of them...
simple, classic and chic! My guests would be so happy on a bed like this.

Better yet, I discovered a huge selection of platform beds with storage.
Now you are speaking my language!
Form + function - perfection!

Some of my favorite selections are:

(heck I think I want this for my own room!)

The design is classic, the storage amazing, and a great price!
I do like to leave books and magazines upstairs for the
guest to peek at when they need a break from
the craziness of the rest of the house.

This sleek and clean design of this bed in an Espresso Finish 
is another option that catches my eye

Well, I am feeling a little guilty, maybe my son just needs a new bed.
We are getting ready to makeover his room too
(he's been asking for a big boy room for year now).
Look at this gorgeous storage bed -
room for all of his treasures and books and, well, stuff!
Man, my house is in transition right now...hope I can keep up!

Is there anything special you do for your guests?
 To see my full disclosure policy, visit this link
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Almost-Weekend!
504 Main
Time for Tickled Pink!
The LAST day of school is tomorrow!

I would love to tell you I have completed my book,
and I will be back on schedule and visiting all you lovely peeps...
and crafting and creating...
but NO!
Didn't happen and in fact I ran out of ink...
(brilliant, eh?)
and it has to be special ordered...
not a happy camper right now.

I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend
and that we all take moment to remember those
who have served our country.
My flag will by flying!

I know I am not the only busy lady or man out there..
so THANK YOU all for coming by!

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Well, we are at 2 days and counting until summer vacation (I am still stunned by it all). Guess what, once again, other than Cub Scout Day camp, I have signed my kids up for ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA for the summer...although a half day baseball camp may also be in our future.

I remember growing up without summer camps and a strict schedule, sleeping in and staying in our PJ's on some days...and to me that is what summer is about (and as a MOM that sounds even better!). In fact last summer, I was sad to see it end...I had an amazing time with the kiddos.
One summer treat was to take swim lessons in an oceanside pool!
Sadly this pool is not open anymore.
I do know that the kids like to see their friends and heck, I like to see my friends too. A few years ago, I organized a DIY Summer Camp and it was so much fun...and we are doing it again! It is super simple, affordable (did I mention I hate paying $200 a week for a camp?) and FUN (and that is the most important part!)

Here is one thing you need to keep in mind as you read our list, we live by the ocean but it is cold. No one has pools in the back yards, and all plans are off if it is a sunny day - we go to the beach, heck we go to the beach if the temps breaks 60!

Here's how we planned our
DIY Summer Camp:
  • We had 8 moms/families participating - some have one kid, some two - that does not matter, but ages may. The last couple of years with Jules being little some of the activities were harder for me to participate in. Some moms take 2 weeks.
  • Our summer camp only took place one day a week.
  • We also had standing park dates 1-2 days a week. For example Tuesday and Thursday meet at 2:30 at the Park just to play.
  • Each Mom selected one week and one activity of her choosing. It was great because our moms all had diverse ideas and interests, so we got to experience a range of different activities.
  • For that week/activity, the mom was in charge of everything: sending out an email with activity details and any supplies, money required (if any), snack (sometimes), etc. you would need. She also needed to make arrangements if necessary with the location. (each family paid their own way if there was an entrance, fee, etc. involved)

Our activities included:
NOTE: I did this way before I blogged, so my photos are well, pretty much non-existent. Over the next few weeks I will elaborate on some of the activities and share the books/resources I used to pull this off. Feel free to email me with any questions.
  • An easy hike/nature walk in the forest (you could easily do this in a park). make it a scavenger hunt by using a paper bag with a list of items to find...make it easy - a dried, fallen leaf, a white rock, an acorn. (Make sure the kids know not to not pick anything or disturb plants)
  • A PJ Pancake breakfast: come in your PJ's and make your favorite pancakes!
  • Berry picking: We happen to live near a pick yourself berry farm
  • Picnic with Old Fashioned Games and Patriotic Crafts (three legged race, sack race, egg on a spoon, etc.): A BBQ and fun games.
  • Craft Day: We made goop, hacky-sack type balls, painted, etc.
  • Scavenger Hunt/Detective Day: Send the kids on a hunt for clues around the park or house and lead them to a prize at the end.
  • Make Your Own BBQ Pizza day: Pizza + BBQ = FUN!
  • Movie and popcorn night: Family Friendly Movie, popcorn and glow in the dark bracelets - just because it's fun! If you have the space and equipment (a projector), show the movie outside on a wall for an outdoor movie theater
  • Science Day: Get a science book from the library and pick 2-3 easy-peasy experiments for the kids to test.
  • “Campout” (campfire, BBQ, s'mores, set up tent in the front yard – everyone goes home for bed!)
  • We also end our summer with a beach bonfire - more s'mores of course!

What did you do for summer when you were a kid?
More details on these activities to come!

Visit thecsiproject.com
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As a kid...a teenager...and even as an adult, I never liked getting in trouble. Who does, right?  I took it to the extreme..I was a very good kid - I avoided trouble and avoided situations that would get me into trouble. Honestly I can count on on hand my big trouble moments

I was told that when I was a little kid I used to go tell on myself before anyone found out I had done something wrong...and apparently it did lessen the consequences. As I got older there was the possibility of more trouble, but not for me. My Dad was a police officer and we lived in the city he worked in. Pretty much everywhere we went we ran into someone, a police officer. So I just figured it best to stay on the straight and narrow (I left the trouble for my brother).

Not to say I was perfect by any means...I had my moments of course, and this was one of them...

I think I was about ten and my family was having a BBQ at another families home. While the adults where inside, the four kids were outside playing. We stopped and were sitting on the front porch when I said,
"I learned something at school." (I was the oldest of the group, and so worldly.)
"Want to know what it is?"
The boys all shook there heads yes.
As the lone girl of the group I was going to teach these boys something new.

I thrust up my middle finger, and said,
"Do You know what this means?"
Blank faces.
"It means the F-word." I said loudly, my middle finger still up.
I thought I was beyond cool, and the boys were happy to know this piece of information.
They all tried it too.
We went back to playing baseball.

Later that night when we got home, I was called into my room to have a discussion. I was puzzled as to why and was certainly not expecting to get in trouble.

"What were you kids doing outside today?"
"Is that all?"
"Are you sure you did not do anything wrong?"
"Of course not!" How could they have known I was showing off my middle finger?!
"Well, we saw what you showed the boys." (Oh it could have been much worse!)
"It is not your job to teach anyone those things."
I denied it...
"Who me. I did not do anything. Leonard did it first"

This conversation, which started out fine took a turn...I knew I was probably going to get in trouble, but as soon as I lied, the trouble increased exponentially. Lying was tolerated less that flipping someone off.

Funny enough, I cannot even remember what exactly the trouble was, but I clearly remember the situation. I remember me getting a talking to. I am sure I cried. I am sure I was put on restriction. And I surely learned to never talk loudly in the summer when all the windows are open or "show off" any new tricks in front of big picture windows. hey, at least I learned something!

Did You get in BIG Trouble as a kid? What for?
Mama’s Losin’ It
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