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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

French-Inspired Enamel Tags, Take Deux

Hey all...this is a repost from about one year ago.
I have had a lot of emails and inquiries lately about this post...so I am sharing it again!
Last year I made a Family Chalkboard Command Center and Calendar with chalkboard paint (yeah!) and some simple ideas and supplies.

Truly,the eye-catcher of this project was the French-Inspired enameled tags
I made to use for the dates and to make the calendar customizable.

I so wish I could tell you I was the creator of this project...but I was not.
I first saw the enameled tags on In My Own Style,
where she was using a tutorial from Can't Stop Making Things
(the original tutorial is here)

Tags Supplies
  • Brass Key Tags, 1.5"
    • NOTE: I purchased mine at Ace Hardware in the key section (it is a key tag). Then I purchased some in bulk
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint, Dover White, Gloss
  • Rockler, Norton Sanding Bug
  • Newspaper or covering to protect surface
  • Clear number stamps and mounting block
  • StazOn Solvent Ink Pad, black
  • P.K. Glitz Ultra Thick Emboss Powder, clear ( you can use the embossing powder found at craft stores too...I happen to like PK Glitz products)
  • Electric Griddle( I suppose you could try this on a flat pan on the stove over low hear..BUT I have not tried it)
  • Old spatula or knife
  • Sheet of plain paper
  • Scuff one side of the brass key tag with the Norton Sanding Bug (or sand paper) - Prepare more tags than you will need just in case of messes.
I had a very good helper!

Scuff 'em up!
  • Wipe clean
  • Protect your surface and prepare to spray paint
  • Layout the tags so that they are not touching
  • Using long smooth strokes, use the Krylon Dover White to paint the tags. I did multiple coats of paint.

  • Let dry completely.
  • Using the clear stamps, clear mounting block and StazOn Solvent Ink in black, begin stamping the number on your tags.

  • I centered the single numbers and eyeballed  where the numbers should go for the 2-digit numbers. For the 2-digit numbers, I would stamp the first number, and let it dry before stamping the second.
  • Let the ink dry.
  • Prepare your electric griddle by placing parchment paper on the surface to protect it. 
  • Preheat to 350 F.
  • I did 3 tags at a time - that seemed to be what I could manage without getting behind.
  • Place 3 tags on griddle and let them heat up for about 20 seconds.
  • Remove from griddle and sprinkle embossing powder all over the tag  - do this liberally. Let the powder just start to melt. 
  • Use the knife of spatula to CAREFULLY lift tag up. Shake off excess powder and replace on the griddle (on top of the parchment).
  • The powder begins to melt almost immediately. Once melted removed from the griddle and place on parchment paper to let dry. Continue until finished.

You may notice a nick here and there or smudge on some of the tags -
this happened when tried to go too fast.
This craft is not hard, you just need to be patient.
The imperfections don't actually bother me so much -
makes the tags look older and possibly more authentic.

NOTE: I actually have one of these tags on my key chain that I carry with me every day and it is still perfect!

    So, yeah...I LOVE my chalkboard command center.
    Check out that tutorial!

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    1. I loved this idea the first time you posted it and still love it. It is on my list of things to do. I was able to find a few of the brass key tags, but was curious where you bought yours in bulk?

      1. Suzanne - I bought mine on Amazon. I do not specifically remember who I bought them from but here is the search ink:

    2. Ah..you know we love the chalkboard...and those little tags are incredibly perfect!!! :)

    3. Anonymous7:07 AM

      They turned out beautiful!

    4. this is great! you could do so many things with this tecnique...i'm thinking initial pendants would be great gifts!

      Thanks for sharing! I'm putting this on my "what to do when Q and CeCe go to preschool in a few weeks (!!!!)"

    5. I think this is the post that made me discover your blog! I LOVE it but of course I've yet to make it! LOL!

    6. This project is SO SENSATIONAL!!! WOW!

    7. Thank you for linking your tutorial on enameled tags back to my blog. I so appreciate it.

    8. what a very very cool craft! I love it! I love the end result and your tutorial is perfect. I have never seen a "how to" tutorial on how to make these tags (only where to buy them) I am SO doing this! I am totally pinning so I remember! Thanks for the inspiration! I am so glad we are new blog friends!!
      Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

    9. What a great idea! I really like these....adding to my Things I Want to Make board on pinterest! : )

    10. Incredible!! It looks gorgeous!! LOVE!!!!!!!

    11. This is awesome, I love it!!!

    12. Do you know what stamp set you used? These look amazing! Thank you

    13. Do you know what stamp set you used? These look amazing. Thank you!

    14. Chris - these are a set of Martha Stewart clear stamps I purchased at Michaels (I am answering here because i do not see an email address for you!)


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