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Monday, August 13, 2012

Village Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have been entertaining a lot in the last few weeks...
that mean trying out new recipes!
Most of the recipes had fairly simple ingredients,
which made it even more important have really quality ingredients
because the flavor were going to shine through.
A main component of many of my creations required an amazing olive oil.

I had recently been given some
It's bold and robust flavor was just what I need to push those
hors d'oeuvres and entrees to another level.

I went to town using Village Press Extra Virgin Oil Oil on grilled veggies.

on caprese

mixed with some balsamic vinegar and Italian spices for that
"I am at an amazing Italian restaurant indulging in amazing bread and dip" feeling.

I have also made a few salad dressings and the flavor of the
really made quite a difference in the oil and vinegar dressing I typically use.
The addition of this Olive Oil made the dressing seem completely new!

Here is a little about Village Press Olive Oil which is produced in Hawke's Bay on the East Coast of New Zealand:

"The Village Press extra virgin olive oil is produced from quality olives pressed on one of New Zealand's largest modern centrifugal presses. The process is gentle and pure to ensure smoothness of texture and depth and purity of taste." 

My Village Press was packaged in the 34 ounce Bag n' Box with tap. This is a great way to package and store EVOO. It also has many other benefits including :

1)  No sunlight penetration of the oil: The integrity of the oil is maintained and rancidity is eliminated
2)  No air oxidization of the oil: Since the bag collapses on itself air does not enter and the integrity of the oil is maintained.
3)  No-drip tap: Allows for drip flow to be controlled by the user and is ideal for recipes that require the slow addition of olive oil, i.e. Hollandaise sauce.  
4)  Hands-free: Allows chefs and home-cooks to prepare and cook without having to handle a bottle.
5)  Versatile shape: Square shape lends itself to ease of storage, transportation and stability when in use.
6)  Earth friendly: Box, bag and nozzle are fully recyclable

I gotta tell ya...I thought it was not only a functional but sleek and fun packaging method.
I love the tap. It was so easy to drizzle olive oil using the tap...
just the right amount every time!

As I grow to be a better cook, I truly understand the importance
of quality products to really make quality meals for my family and guests.
Having the opportunity to sample and work with amazing products
like Village Press is really making the difference in my recipes.

This will be a staple in my pantry (yes...they ship!)
and it can be one in yours too!
You can shop for Village Press Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil Oil HERE!

What quality ingredient do you think really makes a difference in your recipes?
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disclosure: I was provided with a sample of Village Press Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sampling and for a review.

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