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Friday, August 3, 2012

Stepping Out Of His Comfort Zone With #MaLoUnderwear

It is back to school time here.
To me that means new socks and underwear for everyone along
with the backpacks, school supplies, and clothing.
My son has a very difficult time understanding
or caring why new socks and underwear are a part of this "package"...
but I am the mom...so I win!
And I decided to surprise him and get him to step out of his comfort zone.

Mario Lopez has a new line of underwear at Target  - MaLo Underwear - and I was given the opportunity to shop this line and let you know what I think....
or more importantly what one of the men in my life thinks.

Before I go on...I just have to tell you I have met Mario Lopez before.
Anyone remember that show he was on back in the early 2000 with Dick Clark and Danny Bonaduce? Yep, I was on that show...and they were all very nice.

So, first I decided to head to Target by myself - he would have only wanted "the usual" if he had come with me. And, my friend offered to take both kids...so of course I took her up  on that...shopping at Target by myself!!!!

  I found the MaLo Underwear display easily.

Checked out the packaging..I liked that on the packaging the prints are shown on the front  and when you flip them over you can see the print.

And on the bottom of the package a little message. As per the MaLo facebook page:
"They are mischievous, gift-wrapped in in a hint of nice. And this is what MALO is, half good, two-thirds bad."

 I checked out the entire sock/underwear area at one of my local Target's and of course got a little sidetracked by their awesome products on my way in and out of the store - I just cannot help myself! You can read more about my path to purchase for the MaLo brand at Target on Google+.

So, I loved the v-neck t's and went back to the a store to pick up some for myself, but for my kiddo, I grabbed a couple packages of the #MaLoUnderwear.

Now normally my son is all about the plain underwear - no stripes, no prints, nothing...
see this is what we are replacing. Very exciting, eh?

but MaLo has some funky prints and this was all about stepping out of the comfort zone...
so I went with the Camo and Vulture Designs - 2 prints in each pack!

When I returned home, I pulled them out of the package and I really thought they were fun and funky. The quality seems quite good, the feel of the fabric soft, and the print quality is as well.

My son, well he needs to get used to them -
remember, I am attempting to have him step out of the comfort zone! But he has warmed up to the idea.

See, aren't the prints fun....

Here are the 2 prints in the "Camo" Pack


the 2 prints in the "Vulture" Design

Of course there are some solid colors in the underwear too!

And MaLo has V-Necks T's and tanks too!

After a bit of discussion,
he has agreed to try something different...
so we have success and a makeover in our house
(even is you cannot see it!)
for the new school year.

Be sure to check out the MaLo Facebook page for news and updates!
And of course you can follow Mario Lopez on twitter!

Now for the trick question...
anyone remember the name of the talk show
Mario was on in early 2000's?
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  1. While they're not sexy, I've always been jealous of guys underwear. They just seem so much more comfortable. Its not fair that we have too be gussied into these bizarre contraptions just to look somewhat normal.

    Ok, I have no idea where that just came from, Time to go to bed,

  2. Holly, ya did those undies proud!


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