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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Story...and Poem...About Love

I have been crafting a lot and not writing as much...and I have so many ideas - things to write about and discuss...just not the time to get it all done. But today I am joining up with Writers Workshop to share "A Love Story."

I have said it before here, I never expected to get married.
All in all the idea of being "in love" was,well, just plain odd and seemingly confining to me - it just did not make sense...at all! I did not date much until I was out of college and in my twenties - and then, let's just say I dated a lot.

I did date one man for an extended period of time, he was much older than I (It was what it was-that's all I am saying...for now). I was introduced to another lifestyle, fine food, new food, new cultures, and all in all I have to say it was a great growing experience. Now, I also see that while I did get something out of it, I stayed in that relationship for 3 years, knowing all the time it would go no where, but stayed because it kept me safe from having to experience love, to look for love, or to be disappointed...or entranced by love.

Recently I was talking with a friend about how I met my hubby, and what I realize most of all it that is just happened. We are two very different people - you would probably never put us together - but probably because of that I had my guard down long enough for me to see what kind of experience love can really be, not what I thought it was. 

My love story is not uber romantic or dreamy. It is real though and it seems to work! I am sharing a poem I wrote last year (some of you may remember it) for my hubby (as part of Writers Workshop).

The Boy With No Socks
{originally published 2/2010)

Now for the disclaimer...
Please be gentle...I tried...I am not a poet...I never write poems...
OK, I will admit I did write a poem or two in high school and college...
mostly about how I didn't have a boyfriend...
but I am not sure those count? Do they?
And, back to the disclaimer...I am not romantic at all!
You could even say I fall into the
unromantic/forget your b'day/forget your anniversary guy category.
Here goes!

The Boy With No Socks
I only wanted to see a "Circle of Friends."
There was supposed to be a group...
The group became four...
Oh how I wanted the night to end!

I knew nothing about you
Just that you were from Florida.
And then I noticed no socks!
And thought Miami Vice is O-V-E-R!

Early the next a.m.,
The phone began to ring.
First you...HUH?
Then my friend...with a warning...
{too late!}

You wooed me
with Pulp Fiction and Crimson Tide.
I am a tough nut to crack.
To make me laugh...you tried...

Many more calls and the response
"I must clean my apartment tonight."
More calls...ugh!
Clearly you were not quite "right!"

Then finally, a realization...
A nice boy!
What to do? 
Better learn quick before she shoos!

As you would tell me later,
I was on my last leg...
One last call, one last chance
To try and crack this egg.

Finally, I gave in!
I married the boy with no socks,
And now, two kids later,
And a new last name that's full of rocks!
(that last line only makes sense if you know my married last name!)
Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. I remember that poem Holly. It's a perfect example of how life surprises us with a curve ball. But in your case, you swung and hit a home run. Thank goodness he was persistent, and that you finally gave in on his last try.

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM

    What a cool poem! Sometimes life is like that...I know what you mean by opposites, I married my husband who wasn't anything like I had on my list! Yes I was crazy & had a list of what I wanted my husband to be like!! I like your title too!!

  3. such a sweet look at the beginning of your courtship :) Thanks for the smile tonight. Stopping by on the mamakat linkup!

  4. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I love the poem. What a great story you have:)

  5. what a sweet story--it's important to tell our stories, I believe.

  6. I love your little poem. Yes, love happens when you aren't expecting it. Probably wouldn't believe this but when my husband walked into the house I was at one evening, we immediately fell in love. Don't know how that happens but it did.

  7. What a sweet poem and an even sweeter story!!

  8. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I love the poem! My son loves life with no socks.

  9. what a sweet, sweet letter of love. your story is wonderful, real and honest. thank you for sharing

  10. great poem...clever and real.

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

  11. I think the best poems are written by poets who claim to not be poets. Case in point above. :)

  12. What a sweet story Holly!! I love that "LOVE" took you by surprise - and has turned out wonderful for you.

  13. Well, deary, you never cease to amaze me. You find the time to do all the things you do and then you write a poetic story to boot, I love it!! Cheerio my friend!

  14. Not sure how I missed this! It's so sweet -- I love to hear "how I met your mother" stories :)

    Does he wear socks now? My husband wore cut-offs and flip-flops (soooo seventies, but this was the eighties) -- I was used to guys in Polos and penny loafers (again, it was the eighties). But, when I gave him a chance, and looked past all the silly material stuff, I learned what real wealth was.

    I hope you weather your windstorm tonight without incident!



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