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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY! Chalkboard Command Center and Family Calendar

OK, so this project has been in the works for a couple of months...I started it, got busy, and then was waiting for the FABULOUS DecoArt Chalkboard Paint to arrive. Certainly there is a fair share of chalkboard calendars out there, but this is my version.

I wanted something pretty with a slightly worn feel but not too worn (for once!). Something I can easily add and erase activities and dates and appointments. Something that would look nice with my decor, because this sucker is big and you cannot miss it.

I did not want room for the kids to draw on it - they get their own chalkboards - and I do not want command central info getting accidentally erased.

Don't you LOVE these tags?
This is the highlight of the project
I first fell in love with them at In My Own Style when she highlighted
the original tutorial from Can't Stop Making Things.
This is a 2 part tutorial - 
Part 1 is today, the chalkboard and frame.
Part 2 the French enamel tags will be on Thursday.
(UPDATE: The tag tutorial is posted click on the link to see it!)

Board and Frame Supplies

Tags Supplies (tutorial on Thursday)
UPDATE 3.3.11: You can find the tutorial for the Enamel Tags now!

Go check out The DIY Club for the full tutorial right now!

DIY Club

DIY Chalkboard: Cut it; Paint it; Layout the grid; Prime it!

DIY Hooks: Paint 'em!

DIY Frame: Cut it; Glue it; Paint it

Assemble It: Glue it; put on finishing touches

So, when you are all done, you can easily hook and unhook
the numbers to correspond to the particular month...easy-peasy, eh?

Now we will be organized!
(I am going to keep telling myself that until I believe it!)

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  1. LOVE IT! I just finished my Kitchen Command Center and will be posting it this week ... there must be something in the spring air that is driving all of us to build "command centers" in our homes! :o)

  2. Very cool! I've been working on getting organized, but in the form of a "household notebook". We'll see how that works out!

  3. I'm so glad that you used my tutorial for your tags. It looks amazing.

  4. That's exactly what I need for this huge blank wall in my kitchen - to double as a menu planner and family organizer. I just got to wait a couple of weeks until it gets warm enough to spray paint outside :)
    Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Holly I love it! So original and a great way to organize your family!

  6. this turned out really great...i especially love the tags...gotta figure out how to make 'em.


    stuff and nonsense

  7. This is GREAT, Holly! I love the size and the white frame. It would look perfect in my kitchen! (If I had wall space big enough for it.) You should be super organized now! ;)

  8. Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing =) Could be straight out of Pottery Barn


  9. LOVE it! I couldn't function without my calendar...but it's not nearly as pretty as yours! Have you seen the chalk pens at Hobby Lobby, etc? They would work great for you on this! What did you use for your grid lines...the gorilla tape?

  10. I love it! I think the tags are a great, unique touch. I need to make one for my house!

  11. This is so great Holly!!! The white frame really sets it off! I love those tags too - that is such a clever way to make it adjustable!

  12. Your chalkboard calendar looks terrific! I need some of that chalkboard paint!

  13. Oh! That is AMAZZZZING! I love it! I want it :)

  14. You're definitely talking my language! I love organization!

  15. where to start? with my passion for chalkboard-- i am in heaven with this one. it looks so professional and i love the numbers. and you crack me up with "the kids have their own chalkboards."

  16. There was a time I would have loved to have had this in my house. Now, my calendar is a bit more clear without kids and I can keep track...but this is just cool!

  17. Holly this is amazing!! I love it! I would love something like this, it is big, which I need, got a lot of stuff going on :), and it is so lovely to look at! Wonderful job my friend!

  18. LOVE this project, Holly! I love the size, the neat, clean look to it, and the enamel tags really add a touch of vintage class! I'm going to save this tutorial for a future project! :) Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Anonymous9:00 PM

    The tags have my heart going a flutter! I've wanted to make a chalkboard frame forever and then I saw this post. I have to make a chalkboard frame with tags, now. Very cool! I really like it! xx Michelle

  20. I love the little tags on your calendar! This looks awesome! Found you on Chalk Talk. I would love for you to link it to my Organizing Mission Link party too! This is a great organizational DIY tool. Thanks also for saying it is ok to leave my link. I am on WP and of course this goes to my blogger profile. Even though you can see my link on there, you can't link to it. Such a pain.. and I hate leaving my link. So thanks

  21. Thanks for stopping by my Organizing Mission link party. I pinned you on my Pinterest board.

  22. Very cute! Love anything that has "command center" as part of it.

  23. Holly, I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this post on my Organizing Mission Monday link party tomorrow. I'd love for you to stop by and pick up the "Proud To be Featured on Organizing Mission Monday" button (on my sidebar)
    www.organizewithsandy.com/blog (since I'm not on blogger)

  24. I'm a big organizer and this is a great project. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I would love for you to link it to my Organizing Mission Link party too! This is a great organizational DIY tool. Thanks also for saying it is ok to leave my link. I am on WP and of course this goes to my blogger profile. computerphile utf-8

  26. Would you share the dimensions of the whole board and day squares?


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