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Thursday, March 24, 2011

News Flash, Guest Posts, and a Possibly Delayed Tickled Pink

Hey people!

Don't forget there is still time to enter the Mocha Mitts and FREE coffee giveaway!

Just a couple of *quickie* notes (if you care!)

The Answer is Chocolate and Rook No. 17
for stepping in with some AWESOME guest posts this week!
I appreciate it!

I am also on the hunt for more guest posts
while I finish up this latest book...just email me!

I have been very busy tending to my pooch and I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments and emails. I really appreciate it. He is doing so much better...I really, truly cannot believe it. I thought he had used up all of his lives - that dog is something else for sure! We are not out of the woods yet though.

It is Open House at school tonight...so I am otherwise occupied this evening.

It is raining like nobody's business here and super windy...and they don't let us cut down trees...they prefer to let them fall in the wind (I am only slightly kidding)...so that means I would probably bet you $20 that we will loose power at some point (the lights are already flickering)....

This all leads to the possibility that Tickled Pink may go up very late or even tomorrow - sorry - life (and mother nature) wins this week! I am just letting you all know because last time I was late, I had a lot of emails.

Oh yeah....
There is a FUN giveaway coming up next week Wednesday!!!!!! It does not involve an electronic cutter...it involves a project.

Oh yeah...
one more thing...
I will be showing you my new toy soon too...
it is awesome and you are going to to love it!

See ya later alligator!
(yes, I have lost my mind)



  1. Wow! Love your blog....I'm so glad I stopped by from Ashleys (Eisy Morgan). I like your style,& your energy, Quite simply, you just make me smile. My post today was a response to a prompt so it's a little heavy. Sure appreciated the fun of yours.
    Here's hoping that your dog contiues to get better, Open House is a delight, no tress fall on your house and the lights are on when you return home. I don't think that's asking too much, do you? :)
    Oh, I may be too new to suggest doing a guest post. My blog has just been up and running a little over a month. But I would love to be considered at some point....maybe when I grow up!
    Following you...I want to come back with a glass of wine tonight and REALLY enjoy your blog!
    Be blessed~

  2. I would love to do a guest post. I just posted a cool painted monogrammed canvas. preppygirlonthefarm.blogspot.com

  3. Hey there, Holly! You are busy, busy, busy!

    I'm glad your pup pulled through and hope he continues to improve!!

    And I hear ya on the rain and wind....we actually had a funnel cloud & tornado touch down a few hours north of you last weekend. Today, the river is swollen & high and ya know it's not a great sign when you see large contruction equipment moving big ol' boulders up on the top of the bank! Hope your power stays on and you stay warm & dry (though if you're running out tonight, probably not so much). We have a sucker hole over us right now that's letting in a wee bit of sun. :> Hope one opens up for you soon too!

    :> Karen

  4. Thanks for the comment on my post "On this Saturday." Can't wait to dig into your blog. I enjoy cooking and I am ALWAYS looking for some great, new recipes.

  5. I'm glad your lil guy's doing better. I can relate about trees, wind, and power outages....YUK. Hope you don't lose it. Power that is...


  6. Holly so glad you read my friends post.Thanks for that. Glad to hear your dog is doing better. I hope no trees fall and that you don't lose electricity. Have a great night at open house

  7. Haha, in the end, life always wins!! Came over from the Girl Creative. Love your blog...super cute! I might have to try out your donut recipes too...they look so yummy!

  8. Sending kind thoughts your way for your pooch!

  9. So sorry to hear that your dog is sick. We lost one of our dogs in December. It is so hard.

    I love the giveaway you have going on. I hope you pick me, pick me. LOL

    It sounds like you are one very busy lady. Hoping you have some time for R&R.


  10. Hi, Hope Ranger is back on all fours { J }, than the school stuff went and your books is coming together perfectly. HAPPY WEEKEND! Malia

  11. Oh I hear you lady! Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. No worries! Have a great weekend and enjoy it!

  12. I enjoyed reading your random thoughts.

    It is raining to beat the band today.
    Tornado warnings are out, people hydroplaing, and during all this we had an enjoyable time at the movies. We saw `Tangled`. It was a pretty good movie, even hubby was laughing.

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to stop by.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I am nowhere near crafty enough to do a guest post, maybe someday! Hope the puppy is better!

  14. So glad to hear the good news about the pooch! They are so much more resilient than most people:)

  15. I'll be happy to guest post for you but I can't until next week


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