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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let me Count How Many Ways I LOVE Glitter with the DIY Club

 My daughter just had a birthday.
Nine months ago she told me she wanted an orange birthday.
{my kids like to plan their own parties...wonder where they got that from???}
Fast forward a few months...
and she decides that Thomas the Tank Engine is her new hero
and that is the kind of birthday party she wants.
On one hand I thought it was cute...
my son's 3 year old party was also Thomas themed
and I happened to have the Thomas shirt
and conductors cap he wore {hoarder!}.
On the other hand...
my dream of a girly sparkly party were dead.
Or so I thought...

So, I planned the Thomas the Tank Engine party...and the night before the party, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate some sparkle and then it hit me P.K. Glitz is a new sponsor at the DIY Club and I had already purchased some of their fabulous glitter and it was sitting right in front of me. And, since I am borderline craft hoarder I had some wood numbers on hand {someone stop me! No, not really}. I set out to make a sparkly birthday number to commemorate her birthday.
My dots aren't perfect, but that's OK!
I will not obsess! I will not obsess! I will not obsess!

Then I started thinking about what else I could do with the number. I went ahead and made a 1 and a 2 {playing catch up} in different styles. The next step is what to do with the numbers after the birthday is over...here are some ideas:
*Mount them on a stand {found some wood ones for 99 cents} and display on a shelf.
*Glue them to a wood craft frame with a photo from the child's birthday.
*Mount them directly on the wall.
*Write the birthday details on the back {date of party, location, theme} and keep as a keepsake or do this in addition to one of the above options.
*I know there are more ideas!!!!!
The stripes are "rough" on purpose!
Yes, I do realize there is glitter everywhere in this photo - 
I will not obsess!

Glittering Birthday Numbers
Click HERE for PDF
NOTE: I did not put the glittering numbers directly on any food product.

*P.K. Glitz Glitter, in your choice of colors. {see below for my color combinations}
*Decoart acrylic paint in your choice of colors {see below for my color combinations}
*Gorilla Glue - Honestly I used the wood glue because I had it easily accessible.
*Blank wood numbers (from a craft store)
*Glue Pen {I used a squeeze and roll glue pen}
*Paint brush {to smooth glue}
*Coffee Filters or Paper for catching glue
*Optional: Base for numbers

1-Prep number - sand and prime it...but being honest, I did not.
2-Paint number and let dry.
3-Determine design - I did three:
A-Polka Dots:
*DecoArt Patio Paint {I like the color} Blue Bahama; Glitter, P.K. Glitz China Red.
*I used the glue pen to make random size polka dots all over the number.

B-Allover Glitter:
*Glitter, P.K. Glitz Copper Kettle. I did not paint this one, but you could to give the back a finished look and if you are using a dark glitter to hide any spots you may miss.
*I used the Gorilla Glue (wood glue) and paint brush to paint glue all over the front and sides of the number.

*DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint in Light Mocha; P.K. Glitz Glitter in Silver.
*I lightly marked out vertical stripes and followed the lines with the glue pen, but I was not exacting - honestly, I found it easier to keep the lines loose rather than perfect.

NOTE: A friend told me that there are glitter sticker you can buy to create perfect shapes with your glitter...my polka dots are not perfect, so this would do the trick.
4-Place number on coffee filter (I learned this trick from Tammy at Not Just Paper and Glue - the filters make it so easy to slip the extra glitter back into the jar with little waste!} and sprinkle glitter all over number.
6- Carefully pick up number and tap excess glitter into coffee filter.
7- Let dry.
8-Optional attach base if desired or necessary.

NOTE: As much as I love glitter and sparkle, working with glitter is a new venture for me -{for the most part}. I am sure there are some experts out there who may have other methods, but this worked for me.
The DIY Club JULY Challenge is still on...you have until Friday to link up your creation. There is a $200 prize up for grabs! The blog hop is below!

Do you like glittery and sparkly as much as I do?
I think I will be making this a new tradition - everyone gets a number!
 DISCLOSURE: As part of the DIY Club, I have been supplied with vendor sponsored products to complete my projects See, my disclosure policy for more information .

504 Main


  1. The glitter letters are so cute! Thanks for your tip about using the coffee filter to clean up. I usually use a paper plate, but I think the coffee filter might work even better!

  2. Ok you crack me up-- love that you let you found a way to glitterize a Thomas party and I love that you admit you didn't sand. Thanks for being so fun and so real!

  3. I really like your numbers! My daughter's 7th birthday is next weekend and I am working on the decorations and details now. I may go for a big 7 to put on a table! I am making those big tissue flowers to hang from the trees in the backyard too! Love them! I will post pics if I do the number! Awesome after ideas too!

    BTW, I had bronchitis last week and didn't blog/respond much! Sorry! The fried pickles were at a restaurant called Willie's. Not sure where else they have restaurants, but they are all over TX!

  4. Darling, Holly, just darling! You are my party-planning hero. :)

  5. I'm working on my project, I hope to get it done by tomorrow! I love your glittered letters. How is the kitchen???

  6. My daughter went through about 3 years where she wanted to be either a cop or a detective...that was all she wanted for parties and gifts. I bought toy handcuffs, spy kits...ick. I wanted pink and sparkly too.

  7. Oh my dear Lord! I love, love, love how the sparkly numbers turned out.

  8. My 14 year old is coming back around to the glitter. Sadly, it's all black and purple stuff. (Yes, they have black glitter)

    Once I get settled back in a place not overflowing with cockroaches I'll join you in your craft hoarding.
    Because I have (and I'm not lying here) over 38 boxes full of craft "stuff" I now get to move.

    I fully embrace my hoarding. If I do anything, I always do it WELL.

  9. Love, love this...You have so many great ideas..Blog hopping tonight...Be sure and stop by ...I have a great giveaway this week...Have a great weekend.

  10. I am loving this is in a big, fat way. I wish that I thought of that for a cake topper for my sister's recent birthday. (Numbers would have to be smaller because we're oldies and all, but still...)

    How cute would it be to do all the digits differently and use them as part of a traditional birthday centerpiece every year, mixing and matching as the kids get older?

  11. Your numbers are adorable! I LOVE glitter and sparkles too. Once the kids go back to school I have high hopes of actually crafting again! LOL

  12. Thank you so much for visiting our blog!

    This post was absolutely precious- you are so creative! I'm going to take some time and browse around your blog- you have some great content here. Have a great week!

  13. Holly, you are really amazing. You are my hero!


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