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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY Club 4 July! Whatcha Grillng?

I {heart} summer.
To me summer means bonfires at the beach,
hanging out with friends, and
I like to grill,
but hubby always seems to take over
and then I get 20 questions...
"Where are the BBQ tools?"
"What are we having for dinner?"
- get the picture.
Well, I am nipping the 20 questions game in the bud...
I am a busy lady. Here is the solution!
A Grillicious Menu Board and Tool Holder

*Design Divas Gallery vinyl wall art #1417 - my first time using vinyl - so easy and good looking! I am impressed.
*DecoArt Patio paint in Tuscan Red, Buttercup, and Wrought Iron Black
*Gorilla Glue Wood Glue
*Gorilla Tape
*Rockler Sanding Bug
*Rockler Foam Brushes
*Rockler Bench Cookies {optional}
*DISChangers, 5 1/2" size for the weight of my project
*Chalkboard paint
*Molding {cut with mitered corners to size} OR old picture frame*
*Trim lumber/wood about 1" wide.
*Plywood {cut to size}...I used a wooden game board from the thrift store.*
*Hooks {determine the size you will need by the overall finished size of your board and grilling tools.} I used pretty sturdy hooks so they would hold the grilling tools. I actually used magnetic backed (so the were flat) hooks. I bought them at Target.

NOTE: I used a decorative game board that I found at the thrift store. This game board was flat with 1" tall rim around. I liked this because it game a rim/lip, which would leave me some room for me to store chalk. I measured and cut my molding {that I already had} to fit the game board. This project is TOTALLY DOABLE with a flat piece of wood and a picture frame. I even considered putting this together {sans the molding} on an old cutting board or tray. The tutorial is based on creating this project from scratch.

Click HERE for the pdf tutorial! 

My "decorative" game board - BEFORE

Game board - AFTER
The true highlight of this project is the vinyl art from Design Divas.

Use a DISChanger to hang the menu board and get grillin'. 

The final completed project
is part of the DIY Club July Challenge!

Want to join in too?

Click HERE for the scoop.

Do you grill...or is that the hubby's job?
What is your favorite thing to grill?

for brainstorming with me on this idea!

504 Main

DISCLOSURE: As part of the DIY Club, I have been supplied with vendor sponsored products to complete my projects See, my disclosure policy for more information .


  1. That's awesome! I love that the tools are hanging from the bottom of the menu board! I want one of these...like, yesterday. ;o)

  2. So cute, and so smart. I would seriously die without our grill. Seriously. It's hooked up to our house gas line...and we use it all year. I've grilled burgers in a blizzard before. And I kind of love it.

    But I gotta tell 'ya that darling utensil holder would look WAAAAAY better than the nasty, promotional, brittle, plastic thingy that's holding our free grilling tools from the car dealership. Yep. We're cool like that. Our grill is also seriously 30 years old. But it was free too. I just can't beat free.

    I think this is awesome! Way to go.

  3. that looks so neat!! I love that it holds up that many tools. I think it's a great idea and not just for grilling but for the kitchen as well. Great job hun!

    I have been meaning to post a million projects up in which I've used some of the products listed...geeshh im a slackerr..=(

  4. I love this idea! How unique and what a fun summer idea. :)

  5. That's a nifty idea Holly. My wife doesn't trust me with any kind of cooking, let alone on the grill. She is always reminding me to do this or that when I'm making something. And as for the grilling tools, we are always looking for them. "She" never puts them back in the place where they belong.

  6. That is fabulous! I hate the 20 questions! Sometimes its easier to just do it yourself! haha! great invention!

  7. i seriously want to make this for my husband... I love it..... You are fulll of unique ideas.. nothing I do is unique.... not really... but I do want to be unique LOL

  8. Love it, and my wheels are turning. I wish that we had a back porch near our grill. It would be so perfect there.

    Grilling here is a 4 season sport. We have grilled in the dead of winter, which in southeast Georgia feels a bit like fall anyway.

  9. This is great! My hubby would love it...we are always losing the grill brush:)

  10. Sad to say, I never ever touch the grill, that is my husband's domain!

    Love the chalkboard and the hanging tools, now that is a cute idea!

  11. What a great idea!! I never know where to keep the grilling tools. I need to make on eo these!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I LOVE THIS!!! I love all your DIY posts!!!!

    I always wanted somewhere to put my grilling stuff because my husband is the same way..."where is everything?" ay ay ay...!

    *saving to my favorites*

  13. Oh, that is so cute! You rocked that message board. Have a great day! Leticia

  14. OMG, seriously! That is so dang cute! I just love how creative you are all the time. So much fun to come by here and leave with some great ideas. Thank you for always sharing your talent!

  15. I love your board.
    Hubby does the grilling at our house.
    But I help, with shucking the corn for grilling and making a salad.

  16. Thats is gorgeous. My hubby is the same way. Ugh. I don't think he'll read my board.lol

  17. Holly, it came out fabulous! It was fun brainstorming this with you ~ thanks for giving me the opportunity **blush**, **blush** ~ I'm honored. You totally rocked it! I love the colors you chose, and the depth and aging you achieved on the frame with the DecoArt paints.

  18. OMG, I love that board! It is adorable! Maybe this is a project I can take on.

  19. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Holy heck this is the cutest project! I might have to even try to be a little crafty and make this one!!

  20. I adore this, Holly! What a fabulous and functional idea!

  21. I'm trying to learn how to get into grilling. Fire and gas and heat all scare me!

  22. I love that!! You always have the cutest craft projects! Btw, how is your kitchen going? I hope I didn't miss the before and after shots!

  23. now that you made such a cute board, can you cook me what's on it?

  24. Hi Holly,
    Oh my gosh! This is pure genius! I really, really love how you repurposed the game board. Don't you just love taking something no one seems to want & turning it into something new & fabulous?! I love chalkboards, too, and just did a post on one I am working on. Love, love your idea! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Too darn cute and clever, Ms. Holly! I love all the products you used. The final project is fun and useful!!

  26. That is sweet! I love it when people take something old and make it new!

  27. I am LOVING THIS!! I am the griller in my household, hubby only occasionally will take it over for me.

    What a fabulous project! :)

  28. LOVE the board! And if I had a creative bone in my body, I'd try to do it myself ;)

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't even know how to turn the grill on. I'm hoping to learn this summer!

  29. How cute is that?! Super cute! That how cute! My husband only takes over when it is hamburgers and hot dogs. I think all the other stuff must scare him! ;)

  30. Yes, I just said the other day it is almost more work for my husband to cook out! LOVE your board, so cute! Lezlee

  31. Anonymous1:20 AM


  32. What a great craft! I love that you can change the menu and you have all your tools in one spot! Really - that's so creative. :)

    In our house hubby usually grills but I get everything ready - it's a great partnership. :)

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. This is awesome! I want one! Both BDC and I grill. I haven't cooked dinner in the house in over a week! We love to grill. So healthy for you too.

    I LOVE Chicken on the grill, but sausages are probably my favorite thing!

    Pineapple too. Oh how I love grill pineapple!

  35. I am awfully jealous of your master DIY skillzzzzzz!

  36. If only my countertop George Foreman grill had enough accessories...lol. The board came out great. Now you have to get him to remember to put the tools back on the hook

  37. I love this Holly! And I want to have a beach bonfire with you!

  38. I love it!! What a great idea!

  39. Hi, I'm Megan. I found you via New Friend Fridays. I love what you say in your "who I am"- and I can so relate to the mochas! My son is just 4 months, but I know I will be smitten with his "I love you's" too:)

  40. Awesome idea resulting in a truly fun and functional project! I think this is definitely a OOAK. Skillfully executed too! Pam @ Sallygoodin (Already a follower, but visiting now thru the DIY Club.)

  41. Love the menu board! Too cute! And it would be perfect in my kitchen.

  42. Oh my gosh - LOVE! So unique & so organized too :)

  43. this might be my new craft-obsession. i absolutely love it and the way it turned out...

  44. LOVE this menu! It turned out absolutely fabulous! And I love that you can hang grill tools on it ~ perfect!!

  45. Love it!! That's so stylish. It would make any backyard griller just a little more proud of what they're cooking. :-)

  46. This will be on my favs list tomorrow morning.


  47. Holly,
    WOW! This would make any outside wall feel fun, and it is also utilitarian! A double hit!
    I would LOVE to make this for a wall next to our grill. We just have our utinsels stashed out in the garage.
    I am going to copy this. You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!
    xo Yvonne

  48. Holly, This turned out fabulous! I just adore the chalkboard and the hanging utensils. Fabulous job! Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  49. I love it! Thanks for sharing!


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