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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Fake" and Fab Mojitos!

Think Tank Momma
After two birthday parties and what seems like hundreds of little people smacking each other with swim noodles and jumping to exhaustion, I heard Think Tank Momma say "Shake it Up Baby!" and I was all over it.

I found this FABULOUS beverage recipe {available in adult and kid friendly versions} several years ago in a magazine advertisement...it was either for Crystal Light or Weight Watchers...not sure which. Any which way...I love a mojito...I do not love calories {evil meaningless calories!}. I have been making what I refer to as "Fake and Fab Mojitos" ever since...and, hey, I like the name, I am from L.A. - capital of Fake and Fab!

Fake and Fab Mojitos
{adapted from Weight Watchers of Crystal Light recipe - this is not quite there recipe, but their recipe was the inspiration}
1 tub Crystal Light lemonade
1 cups {flat} water*
1 cup rum**
2-3 big handfuls of mint sprigs - the mintier the better for me - you can adjust to your liking.
4 cups club soda*
6 lime slices
*NOTE: I like fizz...if yo do not, you can play with your ratio of flat to fizzy water. You can also reduce the rum to 1/2 cup...or I suppose increase it too!
**This is tasty without the rum too!
Empty tub and combine with water and rum, stir until dissolved
Add mint and crush the mint leaves to release the flavor
Refrigerate until ready to serve
Add club soda just prior to serving
Garnish with mint and if you are really fancy, sugar the rim of the glass!

These are light and delicious!
Happy Sipping!


  1. OH Yes! Light** recipes! WOO HOO for that, cause seriously, alcohol will hurt a diet quick fast and in a hurry!

    My other half loooooves rum! I am going to make these and see if I can get him off the sugary soda he likes to mix with!

    Thanks for Sharing your straw with us today!! Slurp!

  2. This sounds super yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always love learning new light drink recipes. I'm telling you the watermelon margs & sangria I love during the summer might start catching up w/ me soon. YIKES!

  4. I'm sure this will sound like I'm sheltered and missing out, but I've never had a mojito before!

  5. thank you! perfect for summer.

  6. The heat index is currently 108...I think I could drink a tub of these right now.

  7. Thank you, thank you! I had the worst excuse for a mojoito the other day, so I will happily make this yummy and less caloric version!

  8. Well, Holly, you know where I stand on the subject of glitter: LOOOOOVE IT! I love what you did with the numbers! I love the color of the glitter on the 1. I'm hoping to have a glitter project for the DIY Club before month end, but in the meantime, I'll post my Flower Fairy Cupcake Pick DIY using the DecoArt paints. Hugs, Jenn

  9. Oh YUM! This is a must try!

  10. These sound super yummy! When we go to Benihana's I always get the Mango Mojito - I wonder if you could add a bit of Mango puree to this? I think it's worth a try! :)
    Thanks for the recipe.


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