504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Spring Table Decor
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Table Decor

One of my favorite things to do it to create beautiful and whimsical tablescapes. 
My kids have the bug too. I usually let them have at our holiday tables.
At the very least, if I chose to remain in control, I do let them add touches.
I did manage to put together this Spring Tablescape by myself.
And I love it...it is perfect for our Easter brunch...
pretty, elegant, but with some fun and whimsical touches
my kids and m y guests will appreciate.
Spring Table Design

Brunch Tablescape
I had a big dilemma here...
I really wanted to go bold and funky -
really put a bright spot in my day -
but while my brain was saying that...
my accessories were saying slightly shabby chic with
a hint of vintage, and a muted {but not boring} color palette...
so I went with it.
{Bold to come next week}
For the underlay I used a simple ivory tablecloth.
It was over sized and draped on the ground {which I LOVE}.
At the thrift store, I discovered this great striped silk shantung fabric.
I cut it down and used it as an overlay.
I draped the sides and added a single flower.
At the same thrift store, just as I was on my way out...
this hand painted tray caught my eye.
I just fell in L-O-V-E over the color combination.
I also thought the beautiful turquoise blue
added a fantastic punch of color.

I just had to use this tray as part of my centerpiece.
Some moss, a gold scroll egg with a little birdie inside,
a handful of blown and coffee-dyed eggs {I made them},
and another vintage ad touting a "Spring Opening,"
made the vignette complete.
Have I told you how much I love beans when I decorate?
{Yes, I know I have!}.
I thought the little white beans looked adorable...
but you could also fill the nests with Jelly Belly's!

For each place setting, I printed out a
vintage Spring image from *The Graphics Fairy*,
then added some glass glitter to the edges.
The addition of a little nest brought a touch
of whimsy to the place setting.
A bouquet of Spring flowers watched
over my little tray of goodies.
A larger version of the vintage Spring image,
nestled amongst the decor.
The glitter frame went quite nicely with the other details
and my other FAB find..these adorable pink glass candle holders.
A little birdie perched atop the bouquet!
I fashioned a rosette out of some extra fabric
{and the frayed edges do not bother me!} 
{of course I used coffee...I am fueled by caffeine}
A view of the "complete" centerpiece.

So, that is what the birdie left on my table. 
It definitely left me in a good mood...
anxiously awaiting more blooms, sunny days,
and perhaps a cocktail on the deck.
What are you waiting for Spring to bring you?
Spring Tablescape
An over all view of the table set up.

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

Vintage images, *The Graphics Fairy*; China, Eternal by Lenox {my wedding china}; Glassware, Jamestown Gold by Mikasa; Flatware {Oops! Cannot remember...it was thirteen years ago!...and I did;t care that much...then.}; Linen underlay, thrift store {$6.00 - YEAH!}; Linen overlay, silk shantung fabric remnant; napkins, Target; everything else...thrift store!


  1. Holly, you seem to outdo yourself with each presentation. It's beautiful. And it reminds me of springtime which has YET to arrive here as another snowstorm bears down on us here on the east coast.

  2. Your backyard looks so green, I am jealous. We are getting snow again today. The white is pretty but I think it is time for flowers and leaves. The table looks beautiful, I love the tray you have the eggs setting on the turquoise accent color pops. I like the coffee stained egg idea, very cute. The part I am looking forward to most about spring is getting to play in the dirt, I love working in my flowerbeds as much as I love to paint, I can’t wait.

  3. Oh, Holly--this is SO well put together. I love how each element just WORKS. So glad you had a spot of bright weather. We're having a lot of rain here in VA but not a hint of green--just brown everywhere you look.

    Enjoy your outdoor haven!

  4. Oh My Gosh!!! So pretty and so well done. It looks just beautiful and so inviting! What time is dinner?

  5. Beautiful Holly! I love it! I too am ahead of the game when it comes to getting my Easter decorating on...however, instead of homemade... my is Easter a la Target!

  6. I LOVE shabby chic, I'm so glad that's the direction you went. What a gorgeous table! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is gorgeous!!! I love shabby chic right now...and all the little birds...too cute!!

  8. That is so beautiful! It makes me ashamed of how I just throw things out there.

  9. Beautiful table...I ♥♥♥ that gorgeous tray!

  10. Absolutely lovely!

  11. Dang girl!! You are so creative and talented. Seriously. I love the direction your blog has gone in...elegance...just like you!

  12. Love all the touches of spring ... the birds ... flowers... and bright cheery colors ... not to mention such an inviting table.


  13. Absolutely gorgeous!! Oh how it makes me long for spring days!


    Capricorn Soap Company

  14. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Lovely...feel like having tea with the Southern ladies.

  15. What a lovely presentation. I'm getting ready for spring.

  16. I love it! It looks so festive and spring-y. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can sit outside!

  17. Gorgeous! I love it! I love everything that means springtime. ;)

  18. This is just gorgeous! What a beautiful table and setting:-)

  19. That is so beautiful.

    You really inspire me. I just want my house and my yard to be finished. I think I need to start printing your ideas and putting them into my scrapbook so I can recreate them when the time comes.

  20. So wonderful and Spring-y! I'm waiting for all the rain to stop, too. Although recently I did notice the poppies and daffodils sprouting up, so hopefully it won't be long!

  21. Aloha, so fun to drop in on SPRING!!
    love the vintage decor, that is also my wedding china, I love how versatile it can be.
    great inspiration, perfect for a lovely afternoon or brunch
    sending you warm sunshine

  22. wow, gorgeous tablescape. Chabby chic done right!

  23. I love this!!! Before you even said it was for your Easter Brunch, I was thinking it is so Easter! Awesome.

  24. Gorgeous! It looks like a place I'd like to be right now, with a nice cup of tea and a good friend. Or a good book - I'm not picky.

  25. i love the easter spring table and i have some egg ideas of my own but am so behind the times I post after the fact. WHo is coming to Easter brunch-? well, I Love it

  26. oh, i love the idea of tabletop thursday or tablescape I might do thirsty thursday and put a different colorful drink or tasty one recipe every thursday what do you think????

  27. You totally did it once again.. not that I should be surprised. Love how springy and girly this one is :)

  28. Wow! Holly, you never disappoint! Everything about this table is beautiful...seriously!

  29. Hi Holly
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment - I miss Jay Leno's crazy ads and strange signs too...
    I love, love, love the tablescape! The flower at the gather on the table is a beautiful touch, and I love the fabric rosettes you did too!


  30. how much fun is all of this!

  31. This is really beautiful. I love the tray and what you did with the "tablecloth". What I wouldn't give to see a little green around here. This was eye candy for sure!


  32. Love this and you are one lucky girl to be able to set a table outside in February!

    The rosette tied to the chair I think is my favorite touch. Such a little surprise.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Seriously, have you ever been in a national decorating magazine? Because you SO should be. You are incredibly talented.

  36. Aaahhhh makes me think of Spring which I am really looking forward to after all of the snow!!

    Hey! Found you over at Friday Follow so I thought I'd stop by your blog and say hello. Feel free to follow me at any of my blogs:

    My family blog-http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com
    My FREE custom blog designs blog-http://sostylilized.blogspot.com
    My photography blog-http://www.jessicaslilmoments.com

    Happy Friday!! :)

  37. Gorgeous Birdie bling! :)

    Very appropriate for Easter and Spring too, huh?

    Folowing from FF!!

  38. Happy Friday follow to you too Holly! Seems as though I found so many blogs of interest today, more suitable in my age group, of course some much younger too...but more like minded, exactly what I have been looking for. I was glad to see you linked too! It has been great and I hope most come back:)

  39. Another lovely table setting. Where do you store these things when you aren't using them?

  40. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Your table is absolutey gorgeous! I wish I were half as talented as you are at decorating. Maybe someday.

  41. BEAUTIFUL! Can I come over for brunch? =) SO lovely. I love anything shabby chic, so I am in love with this. I adore your site.

  42. How lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

    Scraps and Scribbles

  43. I love that!! would love to know how you do the eggs!!

  44. Visiting via Lady Blogger's Society Tea Party! Love this table scape. Gorg!!!!

    Ah, spring....can't wait!

    Lovely blog!!!

  45. i LOVE the centerpiece! i love pairing up the bird in the cage with the eggs...love it. :) very creative.

  46. Wow! Your table is GORGEOUS! You are so very talented!

    I tried your paper chandelier idea. It was so fun and turned out beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial!

    I'm LOVING your blog!

  47. Gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  48. I am beyond jealous of your talents, Holly. I love how you created this tablescape. Love it! That's it! I'm coming over for Easter.

  49. Why are you not working for a decorating magazine???? This table is my favorite, well, until you post the next one, then that will be my favorite! They're all beautiful!!

  50. I absolutely ADORE what you did here!!!! It's so pretty and whimsy!!!! : ) LOVE LOVE IT!!

  51. I want to get on a chic dress with just enough frill and sit down and enjoy some tea at your gorgeous table! How inspirational, thanks!

  52. Lovely. Looks like a pic in a magazine

  53. I have to agree with Mama remote, it DOES look like a picture from a magazine! Oh why didn't I find this post in March for my Easter table!? Darn it all. It's so gorgeously elegant yet comfortably casual and inviting! Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party just rummaging through your blog (and finding some great stuff!). Holla!


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