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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a Big ONE! A Table Set For Celebrating!

This week is a B-I-G O-N-E here!
I am {partially} forbidden to talk about hubby,
but this week is his Birthday...
a milestone birthday at that!
So in honor of him...
{let's let him think that...and not that I needed
inspiration for a tablescape or the blog}, here is...
A Table Set For Celebrating.
 I chose black and white with a "little more
than a punch" of lime green for the color palette.
The linens were layered, beginning with a simple white underlay
and then a lime green and white overlay.
I wanted some interest up high, so hung some paper lanterns
from the ceiling using command adhesive strips
{pretend I finished the birthday chandelier...
it will be done...and I will show y'all that next week}.
Because the overall look was on the contemporary side,
I kept the tablescape pretty neat and clean.
The Tiffany candlesticks and some frosted
"cracked" glass votives added a nice touch.
Simple white napkins were wrapped
in black felt ribbon and then finished off
with some silver beaded napkins rings.
Glittery initials added a whimsical touch.
{I am just in LOVE with monograms and initials these days!}
Silver chargers were the base for the
hand-painted {by moi!} glass birthday plates.
Circles of lime paper under the
glass plates really makes the design "pop."
I bought these fantastic blooms at the
grocery store and just trimmed them
and arranged them in a cheap-o vase...
filled with black beans!
{I use beans a lot..I love them}
The vase finished with felt ribbon wrapped
around the neck and finished off with a silver medallion,
all set atop a matching silver charger.
Happy Celebrating and
Happy Birthday Hubby!
I may actually have to pay attention to him
for the next few days,
but I will be around visiting everyone soon!

I am joining in at Between Naps on the Porch 
Stop by and check out the great ideas!

Credits: White underlay, napkins, chargers, flatware from Target (all on clearance through the years); Overlay, Goodwill {$2.00!}; plain glass plates, craft store {hand painted by moi!}; glass ware, thrift store; votives, left over from my wedding planning days; paper lanterns, Cost Plus.


  1. I am in love with that table setting! Happy Birthday to your hubby. Let him know how lucky we think he is to have you!


  2. That is just gorgeous. You have quite a flair for tablescapes. I love the lanterns. Now what is for dinner? :)

  3. Happy birthday to your husband. The layout is fantastic.

  4. I was wondering where you keep all these things. My mom has a lot of different table settings and pieces. I love them, but I also like a clean, organized and simple house.

  5. I LOVE these colors! What a beautiful, cozy corner, and you painted the plates?! What a great job! Beautiful! Love the flowers with the black beans too. So nice:-)

  6. As always...beautiful! I love those hand painted (by you!) plates! They are precious!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  7. WOW!!! Lovely, elegant table!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!


  8. Beautiful! What a wonderful look!

  9. oh holly everything turned out beautiful!!!

  10. Okay someday when my kids are all bigger I am so going to do this!

    Beautiful once again

  11. That table is beautiful! And those hand painted plates? Totally amazing!

  12. Anonymous10:22 AM

    That is just GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE it!!

  13. Absolutely beautiful tablescape! I love the palette you chose!

  14. Holly I love the mix of green and black, looks fantastic!!~

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Husband!
    That is a fantastic looking table setting,I love that shade of green,FANTABULOUS!

  16. i love it! i have been buying a lot of limey green lately...it looks absolutely fab with your black and silver accents.

  17. What a beautiful setting ~ perfect for a celebration! I love your color combinations. Hope he has a happy one :)


  18. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Love every bit of it!

  19. You had me at 'lime green'! Love it!


  20. Lime...my favorite color, so you know how much I like this table! Happy birthday to your favorite Valentine!

  21. He better appreciate your efforts. You put a lot of thought and effort into this one. It's very appealing.

    Happy Birthday to hubby.

  22. Anonymous12:20 PM

    So gorgeous as usual! Loving the lime green with black accents! Happy 21st Birthday to your husband! Have a great weekend ; )

  23. I want to sit there and enjoy those table settings!!! Lovely!

  24. Holly this is gorgeous! Love the green and the dishes. ~Beautiful!

  25. I really like the color scheme, and the fact that it's for your husband's birthday so it's not too girly.

  26. I love this. The colors are wonderful...perfect for a guy. Tell him not to struggle with this one...there will be bigger ones to deal with:) I love how you painted the plates, on the underside? Are they washable? The lanterns are a great touch.


  27. Here is the tutorial for the plates:

    The paint is on the back so you can eat off of them...you need to seal the plate...

    The first time I made them (I have made about 10 different plates) I paint the entire plate a color (white), but have to tell ya that I do not know what happened this time...I had some beautiful plates going on and when I sprayed the sealer, the paint like seized up and cracked....so I improvised and we have a clear plate with a design...no time to do the other steps and finish the table.

  28. That is so beautiful and classy!

  29. Very pretty! I hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday and enjoys his special table setting!

  30. very cute and romantic little celebration table!

  31. I love it! Can you come and set up my table?

  32. Following from Follow me Friday ~ Love the table setting, very creative.

  33. So Creative - love it! With all this attention to your tablescape...did you have time to cook? Or - was it CPK for dinner? You're awesome, blossom! Happy Birthday, Brett!!!! Is he 30?

  34. This is so gorgeous. I love the green.

  35. Love the color scheme!

    Happy Birthday to you hubby!

  36. Lovely tablescape and such a nice one for a man's special occassion. I always need help with those! My ideas always tend toward the flowery and pink, not exactly the tablescape of my husbands dreams. Not that he dreams of tablescapes, that last sentence kinda gave me the giggles after I typed it.

  37. Really cute. Did you decoupage the paper onto the underside of the plates? I'm following both your blogs. Glad you found something on mine you liked! Just getting started with it and it's motivation to continue! You've got some really cute ideas. Thanks!
    -B from simplertimes


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