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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend: Anjolee Review

I have never said no to jewelry...
well once...and I regret it!

Recently Anjolee.com approached me to review a piece of their jewelry...
and well, you don't need to ask me twice!
I was super excited to look at www.anjolee.com 
and explore their beautiful selection.

One of the many things that is very cool about Anjolee website is that you can customize the jewelry to fit your needs, style, and even price.

First you select a design
Then you can select the type of metal,
the quality and size of the stone,
and presto you have a beautiful customized piece of jewelry.

"Anjolee is the only jewelry website that offers customers the ability to customize any jewelry designs to the customers’ exact preferences, taste and budget. Anjolee’s product line includes fine diamond and bridal jewelry. "

Wouldn't that be a cool gift to give someone or better yet receive yourself?

I checked out the Bangle Styles and was so tempted...
such pretty bracelets and of course let's not forget the diamonds!
I eventually headed over to check out the earrings.
I like big statement necklaces, but like to keep my earrings small and sparkly!
I fell in love with the Romanced by Diamonds Stud Earrings 
and that is what I chose to review.

And...oh my goodness...I LOVE them.
I have been wearing them every day since I receive them and get so many compliments.
I love the little bit of sparkle they add to my eyes and face.

I also adore that tome anyway, they have a slightly vintage and classic flair,
 kind of like my grandmother once owned them.

I actually am really attached to the jewelry I have,
especially since a few very nice pieces were lost in our of our moves
(still mourning that loss).
I am so happy to have had the opportunity with Anjolee.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
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disclosure: this is a compensated post via Anjolee. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh Holly - those are just gorgeous!!! Really classic looking - and you look so pretty in this photo! I'll have to check out their site - I like the idea that you can have so much choice in putting jewelry together!

  2. oooh, I love them, and love jewelry!

  3. Diamonds are my best friend.

  4. I agree with you Diamond are really a best friend of girls.I like your way of information.


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