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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Super-Cool Giveaway is Coming Monday!

I cannot tell you what it is...
I want to I really do
{I am awful at keeping secrets}
but I think I can manage to keep this a surprise.
Oh, you want a hint...
I have been crafting and creating!
OK, enough said.
See ya Monday!

Click HERE for Ticked Pink 


  1. Sounds super fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

  2. OK either you're in cahoots with Michele at the Scrap Shoppe or now I have TWO Monday mysteries that are going to keep me up all weekend!

  3. Oh friend, you are such a tease. I will check back.

  4. Nobody likes a tease, Holly, nobody likes a tease...

    Of course, even fewer like a bean spiller so I guess you're all right.

  5. Hi Holly! I sure get the fleece jacket thing. I have one myself, but i only wear it inside, or else I'd look like a polar bear:):) ha ha:) comfy and warm tough;) Have a great day and feel free to check our new campaign that helps promoting other fellow blogers! Happy Monday!


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