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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY! Stenciled Faux Pallet Decor

I love making my own art and decor. I had this amazing stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and I just thought it would be perfect on a wood canvas made of pallets. I was all set to do it  - I had a pallet and was ready to go...sort of. I had been wondering about the safety of a pallet project for the interior of my home...and then I read an article at Poetic Home about the possible toxic dangers of using pallets.
After reading this, I decided to make my own "wood canvas" out of pieces
I had in the garage  left over from various projects.
{and I think I may have used part of my son's bed...OOPS!}
This project, reminds me of a giant spoon and fork my grandparents had hanging in their house...but a bit more modern! My parents currently have that fork and spoon...for now!
Click HERE for a PDF
OR For a FULL TUTORIAL head over to The DIY Club!

DIY Club

    So, this is not it's permanent home..I am painting pretty much every wall in my house. For now, my utensils are hanging here and I am loving them!



    1. Seriously awesome project, Holly!! I am coveting this!

    2. I love this! I saw something similiar in a home store the other day for $69! Yours looks better than that one did!

    3. Cool Beans!!! I've seen the wooden utensils that are still being sold today, but I really like your version better! Nice job. Am visiting from Jan's party.
      ~ Sue

    4. I would not have thought of the health risks with pallets. They are fumigated repeatedly and treated with who knows what to make them last longer, so it makes sense.

      Very cute project.

    5. Hello,
      I'm following you from Tag Along Tuesday, would love a follow back.


    6. I love it!! You did an amazing job! I can;t wait to see where it's home is! Thanks for posting about the pallet thing, I had no idea! I was going to use some for a table that I was thinking about.

    7. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Holly, I applaud you two-fold:

      For NOT using a the pallet. I've read that they have all kinds of toxic sprays on them for pests, etc., if they are used for shipping purposes. But then you came up with an even BETTER pallet of your own, which turned into a wonderful piece of art. I LOVE what you did and how you did it. Great project. Thank you for sharing it at the Boardwalk Bragfest!

    8. You did an amazing job~

    9. I'm your newest follower from the Tag a Long hop. Would love a follow back - Kentucky Frugalista.


    10. Anonymous12:47 AM

      Wow! So cool!!

    11. It's great Holly! The stencil is so pretty and it looks awesome on that wood!

      By the way what exactly are you referring to when you say palette? I'd love to see that post or what you found out!

    12. This is so cool! Great project!

    13. This is so cool! Great project!

    14. These are AWESOME! You know I love it!!

    15. I love that and applaud your creativity!

    16. Very cute! We have the paint purchased to do our interior rooms but I think it will be January before we start the project. Too many other things going on!

    17. That is too cute! I just love it!!

    18. Holly this is seriously amazing!!! I have a little piece of fence that has some stencils on it but it's out of date. I know what I"m going to do with it now!! Really really cool. :)

    19. this is beautiful!!!

    20. I love it! I think that dremel is on my christmas list!

    21. Hi this is Nicole from Colies Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance. www.colieskitchen.com

    22. Holly - I wanted to let you know I featured your awesome pallet on a special Crush of the Week post. ;) Here's the link: http://www.flamingotoes.com/2010/11/crush-of-the-week-25/
      Thanks for the great tutorial!

    23. oh my goodness...this is adorable! i haven't seen palletes in the house, but i have seen some great garden projects using pallets. if you come up with something else great...i will be so excited because we have a few pallets sitting in our garden shed right now.


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