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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tickled Pink No. 20

504 Main
What does it mean to be Tickled Pink?
"The tickling pink concept is of enjoyment great enough
to make the recipient glow with pleasure ."
-The Phrase  Finder
Before we begin, I must warn you - this is a LLL-OOO-NNN-GGG post!
I am tickled pink because I survived Bloggy Bootcamp, and hubby and the kids survived without me- I knew they would! I have zero photos to show you - it all happened so fast! I am trying to collect my thoughts and share a quickie version with you. The one thing I can share quickly...apparently everyone is obsessed with Twitter.
I am not sure where I stand with it.
 You can follow my brilliant {and not so brilliant} thoughts
by clicking on this birdie over on my sidebar!
We have had 4 days of gorgeous weather and even took the kids to the beach after school. I want more - Mr. Sun do not go away yet! Of course Jules told me she did not want to play outside and just wished it would rain! Crazy child!
Heather from Gerber Days is awesome and
thanks for helping me with my hair dilemma!
Thanks again Heather!
Yeah for the Design Star winner - Emily!
LOVE this show - sad it is over - it made my Sunday nights!
I think Emily is real and quirky and love that {Antonio still is #1 though}.
Just a few days until the deadline for the book.
I am stressed and relieved!
But one thing is for sure I will be TICKLED PINK when I am done.
Now, cue the broken record...
this is the reason that visits have been sparse or non-existent,
that most emails have gone unanswered.
I hope that changes sometime next week.
Thanks for sticking with me.
Tickled Pink No. 20!
Don't be shy! 
Nominate a  product/person/idea/recipe/your own blog to be featured, simply email me!
It is cool  to nominate yourself! I am only one person and blogland is ginormous...
I would love your input...I know there are amazing finds out there that I have not seen!
NOW...Link up...a craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...
a short story...a poem...a fashion
find...a  favorite product...your favorite post...
whatever makes your blog  fabulous.
 You get the idea, right?
Guess what? You post does not have to be PINK!!
This day is about stuff we {heart}  from our own blogs or from others.
Click HERE for the "I've Been Tickled Pink" feature button.
a trip through life
I have to tell you how much I love reading The Thoughts and Travels of Rachel Cotterill.
I am beyond excited to share Rachel and her amazing writing, storytelling, and photographs with you. I cannot quite remember when Rachel and I first met, but I have been enjoying her blog for a while now. She cooks, crochets, has amazing adventures, and shares a little segment of her life through her blog. I am kind of living vicariously through her.
 Just take a peek at these photos of the midnight sun. It looks peaceful and amazing...and I am ready to jump on a plane - I could use some peaceful right about now. Seriously, the glow just makes me feel re-energized. Rachel did an amazing job capturing the warmth and mystery of the midnight sun.
If you prefer, take a look at Costwold Crazy and get introduced to the 37 year old tradition of Tetbury Woolsack Races -  men, women, and children racing through town with heavy bags of wool. I personally am a sucker and a lover of these eccentric events that make towns and countries so unique.
And, yes, I mentioned she cooks...I saw the recipe for truffles - very unique truffles -  and have not had a chance to try it yet, but it is printed out and waiting for the right occasion - I am waiting because I think I may eat them all myself...I need visitors to share them with! I am not going to say anymore go check them out to see what makes them so unique!
paper bag LOVE
How to Create a Paper Bag Floor...no I am not joking!
Look at this technique from Family Corner.
I am so excited to try it..maybe on a wall or even some furniture!
I begged for hardwood floors...my days as a blogger and, um, well, anything would come to an end if hubby cam home and saw me putting paper bags on top of the wood floors.
do I look like maude?
You remember when I said this last week, "If you write about s'mores and I see it, you pretty much guarantee that your post will tickle me pink. If only I could have s'mores and pizza all day and I would be a happy woman."
Well, my Bloggy Bootcamp and real life buddy Jenn from Rook No. 17 has done it again!
She created a fudgy s'more crinkle cookie!
Look at all that ooey-goooey goodness!
She even  created - or updated - the Golden Girls jingle for me {us!}.
{that is where the Maude - OK, Bea Arthur technically - part comes in. I grew up watching Maude with my Granny - so she is always Maude to me...and Jenn says I make that same face!}. Head over and check out the recipe!
Word Nerds!
I saw this in the newspaper yesterday - and thought it was marvelous. The article was written by Art Carey for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Anyway, the article is about two friends who formed TEAL - Typo Eradication Advancement Movement. They carry a typo correction kit of sharpies, crayons, markers, chalk, correction fluid, etc. and go around cities asking business owners if they can correct the incorrect grammar and punctuation on their signage.
I am actually appalled at the number of typos I have found on my blog recently! YIKES-O!
For more, check out their blog, The Great Typo Hunt.
Here is a link to the article.
And they have a book!

Pretty birdie pillows stole my heart this week!
First from Flamingo Toes - isn't this gorgeous!
From a new friend, Claudie at Bubblin' Over this marvelous work of art!
Don't miss your chance to win an EA Active game from Wii. I want one!
Thank you Vanessa at Adventure is Out There! Go enter HERE.
The contest is open until 9/7/2010.
The Gorilla Glue giveaway is over, but the DIY Club has a Gorilla Glue PARTY coming 9/9!
{This is in addition to the regular DIY Club monthly contest}
This project can be pretty much whatever you want...
Gorilla Glue Party
I have a hard time choosing...I am trying to give everyone their spotlight...A big huge THANK YOU for all who have participated and visited and picked up the blog hop on their blogs.
Did yo know there was a National Garage Sale Day?
Dog's Mom shares some of her finds. LOVE vintage glassware!
A prelude to Fall with Christine and Co.
What's your favorite season?
"The best thing you can do for your kids is love our spouse well."
I love this photo tradition they have created.
So Wonderful, So Marvelous shares a great idea for a wedding basket
for the happy couple. What a unique and thoughtful gift!
 Gorgeous, better-than-designer bag from La Maison Reid.
I am making one. She has a great tutorial!
An ode to fresh summer corn and a trick/tip
I have NEVER heard of before from The Thrifty Groove.
I am inspired by I Can Find the Time's drum shade.
I just scored some of the supplies at the thrift store.
A Harry Potter tea party to please boys and girls from Inside BruCru Life
Caramel Corn from Mommie Cooks - caramel corn is my Fall s'mores.
from glitter to gumdrops shares her PBandJ Cupcakes! 
Time Crafted's brother climbed Mt. Everest -
that surely should tickle you pink. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Look at this dresser transformation from Love2Create!
Love the detail on the top!
Interchangeable wreath from Scraps and Scribbles.
So cute...so clever...so Fall!
 Gorgeous crocheted flowers from The Queen of Dreamsz
 This mirror from Debbiedoos is gorgeous.
That's it...
I am done...anyone still there?
Who won the last giveaway....drum roll please.....
Think Tank Momma
I am going to have to think hard to please this mama!
{if you want to know how I pick these...I scientifically ask my son for a number between 1 and however many comments there are. So technical!}
This week's giveaway is...a surprise.
Hope it tickles you pink!
There is ONE way to enter!
*You need to be a follower of 504 Main {some of you may want to double-check if you are trying to enter} AND
*You need to leave a relevant comment about at least one feature!!!!
Contest begins on 8/26/10 and closes Thursday, 9/2/10 at 11:59 p.m. EST
The  winner will be announced on Friday 9/3/10.
Happy Friday!
I know everyone is super busy right now!
Thanks for taking the time to link up!
****By linking here you are providing permission to feature your post {along with a link to your blog/post}****
****I reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive or do not adhere to the rules, without any discussion, at my discretion.****
****These are my own opinions. No one has offered me anything, nor have I accepted anything to include them in this post. Prizes are supplied by me.****
{photos appearing here are copyrighted and property of the respective blogs featured}

504 Main
****By linking here you are providing permission to feature your post {along with a link to your blog/post}****
****I reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive or do not adhere to the rules, without any discussion, at my discretion.****
****These are my own opinions. No one has offered me anything, nor have I accepted anything to include them in this post. Prizes are supplied by me.****
{photos appearing here are copyrighted and property of the respective blogs featured}

*It does NOT have to be pink or pink-related*
*Pretty please...add the Tickled Pink button to the post*
{people need to know what the heck they are doing!} 
*It does NOT have to be a new post*
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  1. Can't wait to check out all of these cool posts! I've missed linking up, but I'm back this week with the cutest baby pics you've ever seen!

  2. Hey Holly... I've linked up my latest post which is full of how to's for new or floundering bloggers - I'm Tickled Pink that I finally got around to do one and hope it helps some struggling bloggers out there.

    I am loving the looks of the gorgeous distressed blue mirror, the dresser and thse colourful TRUFFLES!!

  3. Awesome post...love those truffles..yum..:)

  4. It was so great meeting you in person. I have not put the photo up, I will show it to you first.

    Warm wishes,


  5. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Thanks for hosting today. I enjoyed your post. Rest up from your blog workshop. I can't wait to hear your report after you've had a chance to discombobulate. I had to admit that I don't like hearing that Twitter is the thing. That's an avenue I didn't think I wanted to go, but we'll see what happens in the future. Take care!

  6. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Holly, I forgot my relevant comment (haha). The dresser from Love2Create is amazing. I can't believe she actually did it twice! Ahhhh, but how worth it! I am going to look for some of those die cut stencils she used. I'm not at all familiar with them, but look how cool!

  7. Ok, so being the typo-phobic person that I am, I am totally on board with grabbing a Sharpie and setting to work! Love it! Have you read Eats, Shoots, and Leaves? You really must. It's one of my all-time favorites!

    I have been missing you. It seems we've chosen to be in sync with our scarceness for the last little bit! So glad your big deadline is almost here!

    Take care, friend!

  8. Holly,

    Thanks a million for featuring my pendant! You rock!
    I still can't determine my feelings about twitter...I'll go with mixed for now!
    Happy Friday!


  9. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Well, if I wasn't Tickled Pink before, I am now! Thanks for the mention. I keep saying I am taking a weekend off from thrifting, but it's a lifestyle.

  10. You picked a great featured blogger today - I love Rachel! I've been following her for some time now and really enjoy her travel stories as well.

    I'm glad to hear you had a great time at Bloggy Boot Camp! I'm so excited they're coming to Atlanta next year; I can't wait to go to one myself!

    Oh, and thanks for popping up my caramel corn; that stuff is super addicting. Now you've got me wanting another batch all over again!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. So you went to Bloggy Bootcamp? I hate when I take a trip and get so caught up in the happenings and don't get to take pics. A lot of great links to view. About to start hopping over now.

  12. Holy crap! I won something? Squeeee!

    So I went over to check out those cookies. You have me just as obsessed with S'Mores these days as you are. YUM! They look pretty close to heaven on a plate!

    I made a Mississippi Mud cake yesterday that I will be sharing soon. I think it might be right up your ally! Sooooo good!

    You are the best! Happy weekend!

  13. Hi! It's Kathryn from I Can Find The Time and I just wanted to say thank you for featuring my drum shade! Good luck with your's...can't wait to see it!

  14. Hi! It's Kathryn from I Can Find The Time and I just wanted to say thank you for featuring my drum shade! Good luck with your's...can't wait to see it!

  15. Hi Holly!

    Girl, you gotta be whupped! I need to be a fly on the wall in your life and see how you manage to do it all! I could use some tips! LOL

    Twitter..hummm...to be honest, I forget to twitter. LOL Between blogging, and FB and the gazillion other things I have to do online, Twitter is just so "back burner" to me.

    I visited Rachel's blog. What an amazing young woman. She also has some great simple tips regarding online stuff. I always look for some shortcuts and she explains some very nicely!

    Thanks for the shout out regarding my corn post!

    Now here is a "virtual" Cafe Au Lait. Just for a quick little quiet "Holly Moment"!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Holly thanks so much for featuring my little pillow! I love the others - that dresser is so great and I'm going to need to go check out the crocheted flowers. So sweet!!
    I'm excited about your book - that is so wonderful!

  17. Hey Holly, I know I should know, but what kind of book are you writing? I'm very curious. I love to help new authors.
    Scrolling down, scrolling down.... SHOCK!! My little pillow, oh thank you so much, I was NOT expecting this at all. I'm humbled truly I am.
    I have visited some of the girls from last week. Lovely posts, just so talented.
    Glad you got through boot camp.... WHAT NO PICS???
    About Tweeter....I know nothing about it, only that they even know when your having a pee LOL
    Love you to pieces Holly.
    Love Claudie
    P.S. Have a great weekend, try to relax a little OK?

  18. OK there is so much to read here and on your other blogs. How do you do it all? I will have to come back and schedule some serious reading time. glad to have found you too!

  19. i love that you are on twitter now! i'm totally following you! and i think i recently got a twitter request from rachel cotterill, actually.

  20. Oh, I am so glad I came across your blog! It is wonderful!
    I just signed up to follow!

  21. Thanks, thanks, thanks for featuring me!! Woo hoo! And I loved looking at all the other featured blogs too. I'm going to go check out some of them right now!

  22. Thanks for hosting the party! Can't wait to check out all the great posts.


  23. Hi, Holly!
    I am coming a little late to the party but I am here! I just love all the wonderful blogs and creative projects and idea you bring to us each week.
    Tickled Pink is getting to be a BIG event! WOW! I wouldn't think anything less with your being involved!
    So fun to vist you!
    xo Yvonne

  24. Holleeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.....It's hoooooooooooot! :( Is that whiny enough? :D Scary to say, but it's not as bad as yesterday. It's 94 now. Yesterday at this time it was 108. So yeah it's a little better.

  25. I'm lovin' this blog and I'm your newest follower from New Friend Friday!

  26. AWESOME! It's been a crazy week for you! Good job and meeting your book deadline...a huge sigh of relief will be heard when it's done, eh? On to the featured blogs... great list I love Rachael's blog, the top of the dresser is fabulous and I just did that to mirror a few weeks ago, even the same colors, creative minds think alike. :) Have a great Saturday!

  27. Your Tickled Pink posts just get better and better...they really do. And I'm going to tweet about this one even if you're not sure you like Twitter! I still want to hear about bloggy boot camp, too!

    You are superwoman, Holly. Oh, and I want that bag. And those cookies. And some birdie pillows. Le sigh.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend so far!

  28. Maude, Bea, Holly...your talent for "treasure hunting" even extends to the wonderful "finds" you showcase in Tickled Pink! I'm so excited to visit all the links, and am coveting those British Wool bags (not to jump around in, however). The shot of the truffles makes me happy simply because of the irrepressible power of SPRINKLES! The typo people sound like a fun bunch, and I know there's a lot of inspiration in store from all the other people/projects you showcased.

    "Thank you for being a friend..."
    Estelle, Sophia, Rook No. 17, Jenn

  29. You posted some great ideas!!
    I love the bird pillows.

  30. Thanks Holly for the feature. Sounds like your Bloggy bootcamp you learned a lot. I am anxious to learn more. Twitter huh..I an not that much of a twit...well yes I am:) No pun intended here. Have a great Sunday!

  31. I can't get into Twitter. I don't know why. I was a Facebook holdout for a long time too though, so I won't say never.

    I hope you'll do a post about bloggy bootcamp, I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

  32. Hi! Thanks for following and your very sweet comment on my blog! I'm following you back!

  33. I am not big on Twitter for me (even though I did recently register), but I see its usefulness for others.

    Maybe it will grow on me.

  34. Hi Holly! Whoops! Friday slipped right by me and we're already almost done with Monday...how did that happen?!?! Thanks for the Spotlight link up!! I so enjoyed sharing my brother's Mt. Everest trek! See ya again soon! :>:>

  35. You went to a blogging conference!! I am so jealous!

  36. Yeah! These are fantastic! What wonderful inspiration and connecting! Yeee Haw!


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