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Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY Club Project! Lock 'Em Up - I'm a Big Kid Now

This project was one of my "life" priorities in the last couple of weeks. My little boy is growing up and he wants a big kid room {he has been asking for 2 years now}...and finally mom has opened her eyes and realized he is right...he needs a room re-do! These photos are not the final redo, just a piece of the much bigger puzzle. We'll be painting the walls, and furniture, and getting crazy soon...but for now....

A few weeks ago, I was at one of my favorite thrifty-junking hot spots - the dump - or more precisely The Last Chance Mercantile {this amazing store at our dump with the best prices and even better finds!}. My son always goes, but is usually not happy about it. As we pulled up I saw a locker and so did he...and I saw his face light up. He was actually begging me to get it...and I did.

The locker was in good condition, but the color was a hideous pukey-beige color. I figured it would be easy to spray paint it...NOT! It just was not working - I was not getting that shiny pretty - I mean manly - color. I was getting a blotchy mess that showed every imperfection - apparently pukey-beige is good at hiding imperfections.

About this time I realized I needed to take action. It needed a better finish, and as luck would have it as I was going through my Tickled Pink posts that week, I saw what Freckled Laundry had done to her nightstand - she faux-zinced it. I loved the finish and had most of the DecoArt supplies, so I figured might as well try it. So, I must give Freckled Laundry credit for the inspiration for this redo. This just shows how versatile this effect is - looks great on wood and, personally I like it for my metal too. I have a wood project in mind as well!
The yellow on the walls is not staying.
We have a little Percy Jackson obsession here
and the room is going all blue.

Lock 'Em Up - I'm a Big Kid Now
Click HERE for pdf instructions
DecoArt Americana Paint in Primary Blue, 8 oz.
DecoArt Americana Paint in Titanium White, 8 oz.
DecoArt Americana Paint in Black, 8 oz.
DecoArt Elegant Finishes in Metallic Silver, 1 jar
DecoArt Americana Glazing Medium, 8 oz.
Rockler, Norton Sanding Bug
Rockler, Foam Brushes
Rockler, Bag of Rags
Chip Brush
Spray Polyurethane
Wipe on Polyurethane
Drop cloth/newspaper/etc. for covering work area
Gloves (optional)
Locker or piece of furniture
Diy It!
1- If necessary, lightly sand and clean/wipe down your piece.
2 - Prime piece {or in my case give your project a bad spray paint job!}
3- Mix three colors of metallic paint {I used Primary Blue or your desired color}: a dark, medium, and light. MIX blue paint, Shimmering Silver, and Titanium White in three varying shades. MIX WELL!
4 - Use a rag to apply and blend the different shades. I began with the darkest {because I wanted it darker rather than lighter...usually I would begin with the lightest...does that make sense?}. There is no right or wrong here - my piece was big, so I used long vertical strokes and this paint dries pretty quickly - work in sections.
This is the locker and paint pre-glaze.
I could have stopped here and been happy,
but I wanted more texture and depth.

5 - Mix a glaze for the lighter patina. Use a 1:1 ratio of water and glazing medium. Add Titanium White and Shimmering Silver.
6 - Mix a glaze for the darker patina. Use a 1:1 ratio of water and glazing medium. Add black and Shimmering Silver.
7 - Rub on the lighter patina. Make it heavier in some areas. I used a combination of the rag and the foam/chip brushes.
8 - Rub on the darker patina. Make it heavier in some areas - like in the vents and handle area. I used a combination of the rag and the foam/chip brushes.
 Close ups of the finish...
after glazing with the lighter and darker glazes.

9 - Step back as you do this to see where you need a swipe or rub of the patina...trust your eye - then rub, swab, rag, or brush away!
10 - Depending on your desired look, you can alternate between the light and dark glazes.
11 - After your piece is completely dry, apply a clear coat of spray polyurethane to keep the paint from rubbing off - it is acrylic. Then finish it with a wipe on poly after the spray {that is a Miss Mustard Seed tip via Freckled Laundry!}.
 Thanks again Freckled Laundry 
for the inspiration!

Click HERE for pdf instructions
So what do you think?
My hubby is not sure.
I love it,
but more importantly my son thinks
it is the best thing ever -
that does not plug into a wall or play Pokemon games!
It seems like a lot of steps, but honestly it goes quickly.
I cannot wait to faux some more furniture!
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  1. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I adore them! Whatever you have in mind for the room is going to be gorgeous, ahem, manly.

  2. Its wonderful.You have done a great job!!!very well,Your boy is happy now!!!he must be enjoying you effort

  3. It's awesome Holly, what little boy would not love this? Can't wait to see the end result. Debbie

  4. Love it !! they looks great! you did a really good job on them!

  5. Very cool! Can't wait to see the whole room once it's put together!

  6. I love them! Growing up, I always wanted my very own locker in my room, but never got one. Lucky kid!

  7. such a cute idea, the locker..you are creative girlie!

  8. I love how it turned out!! What a great find, the lockers!!!

  9. I love it! I always wanted lockers too and last year I got a cubbyhole one at a garage sale for 2 bucks! This reminds me it is still in the back of the garage and once it cools down around here I'm gonna refinish it!

  10. That is just so awesome! What a fun thing to have in your son's room. Glad he likes it.

  11. I love it! Jami is one of my favorites. She has great ideas for crafts and repurposing!

  12. A great makeover, Does your son like wresling? They remind me of the Toy lockers my son had :-)
    and at that time he would have loved to have the real thing in his room. I hope you will be sharing the final room with us.

  13. I LOVE IT! Beautiful. can't wait to see the end results.

  14. I think it looks awesome!

  15. Fabulous finish! I love it! I've been on a project kick lately so I may just try that technique on something. Not sure what, I may have to go shopping....

  16. Those boys grow up fast, my oldest is 32, today! Love the lockers. You did a great job on them. I have some in my youngest son's bathroom, upstairs. They came from his school. They are on a trend of doing away with lockers. Can't wait to see the whole reveal. Lezlee

  17. I LOVE lockers... and the glaze effect looks awesome! I would bet the lockers will be pieces that will be keepers forever. I would love for you to link it up my Favorite Things Friday blog party!



  18. What a neat thing to have in your bedroom! It looks fantastic - great job!!

  19. Holly, I always wanted a locker in my room when I was a kid. Seeing you transform this one brought a vicarious joy to my inner child ;P

    It came out fabulous! I love the zinc glazing and can't wait to see how the whole room turns out!

  20. I LOVE IT HOLLY. I have been wanting to do lockers in G1s room (baseball theme)
    Those look so awesome.


  21. Holly, Why would you be scared to link this up?!? The finish is so cool and very appropriate for a locker. I love how it almost has the look of jeans. Great job! :)

  22. Fun! What a great project! It takes me back a bit, in a good way. :)

    Thanks for your comments on my tree branch wall art! I am so happy with how it turned out, I feel a bit lucky that it was like I had pictured it in my mind, a rare thing!!

    Your spoon and fork stencil will be adorable on the pallet wood!! I love pallet wood, worn in such a nice way. Can't wait to see the finished project!!

  23. So cool! I love that faux zinc tutorial from Freckled Laundry too - reminds me of when I wanted faux mercury glass everything last year! lol I'll also be giving this technique a shot but now I wish I had cool lockers! :)

  24. Ooh, the lockers turned out great, Holly! I'm loving the color added. It gives it a weathered, rustic, all boy finish. So very cool. A pdf tutorial is a fantastic tool. Thanks for the shout out...you are very welcome!


  25. What a fun piece! I bet all of his friends will be jealous =)

  26. Great idea for a boy's room. As for the color...I sort of liked the brighter blue (but I'm a girl) but the main thing is what does your son like. If you made him happy...you will be happier and it looks great!

  27. These are AWESOME!! I must go find some old lockers now! Stunning, really stunning. Thanks so much for the inspiration!



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