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Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Interrupt Tickled Pink for LIFE!

Hey All!
Just a little note
{yeah, right - do you think I can do a little note!}
to let you all know Tickled Pink this week is postponed.
The links from Tickled Pink No. 17
will be spotlighted next week (8/13)
as part of Tickled Pink No. 18.

Why, you ask?
{if you didn't, click off now}
I really did not want to do this, but, well,
OK, here is the long part....

Part 1
I truly love doing Tickled Pink,
I truly love my blog,
but I also love my life,
and this week LIFE called and it wanted
it's mommy/wife/daughter/friend back.

Part 2
Because of Part 1, I have not had a chance to look at most of the link ups.
I do not want to put up another link without giving everyone a look.

Part 3
I usually do not like to post until I catch up to past
commenters/linkers/etc. and I am about 3-4 posts behind right now. I hate it. I enjoy visiting my bloggy pals and posting and being part of the community. I despise being behind and not visiting back right away.

Part 4
I am trying to keep things in perspective
{as I write this at 1 am sitting on the floor of the guest room
at my parents house, hoping the kids do not wake up.}
and part of that means having to say -
or rather being able to say "enough is enough."
 So, Yes, I am not superwoman.
I cannot do it all
{OK, sometimes I can, but not this week!}.
Taking the kids mini golfing or
to see grandma and grandpa
or having a final summer hurrah -
yeah that thing called real life wins this week!

Thanks everyone for reading!
I'll have a DIY Club project post soon - it is so fabulous!


  1. Good for you Holly. As much as we all love blogging and connecting with other people here, real life comes first. Been there, do that a lot lately. The family is the priority. Take a much needed break.

  2. Holly, you are my blogging hero! I have been working Part-time this school term and my poor old blog is being neglected as I am so tired!

    I had actually been planning and drafting a Christmas blog for a couple of months and finally published my first post this week but I will definitely be taking a leaf out of your book and blogging when and if I can!

    Enjoy this precious time with your family...we'll be here when you get back!

    Best wishes always,

  3. Enjoy your LIFE and those that are lucky enough to be a part of it with you ~ that's all that really matters!


  4. Don't worry we will be here when you get back. Enjoy yourself.

  5. Anonymous6:56 AM

    We all understand - and those who don't are not your friends.
    Summer is hectic and in person family life should trump all else.
    Try to get in some enjoyment as well.

  6. Amen! Nicely put...and I think we all can agree with you :)

  7. Good grief, Holly, take a week off! Relax, tickle the kids til they scream, and enjoy your summer. We'll still stalk you, we promise.

  8. Enjoy it! You deserve a break Holly.

  9. Good for you!!! We all have lives and we certainly understand. Have tons of fun!!! :)

  10. This is exactly WHY I think you're a great party host. You actually do try to see all the links. I truly appreciate that and think that taking the time to LIVE your life and not heaping yet more things on yourself with a party this week is a good thing.

    Go enjoy life. It's quite worth living.

  11. good for you!!! that was my hardest lesson in all my creative pursuits... when I started sneaking away to make something or write an article while not making dinner, I had gone too far and it was time to reign myself in... or my mom would come and knock on the studio door and shout through the locked glass doors that I had not showered in three days and my kids had burned the house down trying to survive on toast. Yep I know all about enough ;)

  12. You know what, Holly? I have to get smart and do what you're doing before I become background music in this house..

    smart woman...

  13. I agree! I love my blog too... but sometimes LIFE is more important and needs to be held high on the list of priorities... I too, have taken the weekend off to spend it with my husband over our anniversary and I don't feel an ounce (not even a portion of one) guilty! I will be back to blogging as soon as I take care of LIFE too... You have a fun time with your family enjoying your last fun times of the summer together! And on another note, it'll be great to see your new post! I love love love your blog! Thanks again!


  14. Aw, Holly I so understand! Your an amazing SUPERWOMAN! I am glad your going to have some fun, and don't worry about a thing we will all still love ya!
    How exciting for me , I will be a double feature, he he!
    Big Smoochies
    gi gi

  15. Holly we all need breaks!! Enjoy yours! Maybe you could do Tickled Pink Bi-Weekly instead of every week. Just a thought. Create themes for upcoming holidays? Have fun!

  16. I totally feel ya!!! I think there are just times when you have to take a mini break for a sec! It's part of life, right?! Hope you have fun golfing!

  17. Holly, life comes before blogging. Well done, babycakes. I'm trying to take most of August off and come back full time after Labor Day. Take your time, everyone will be waiting. xx's Marsha

  18. Glad to see that you are letting life take over. We love to hear from you but sure understand. I hope that you have a wonderful time with your family and maybe get some much needed rest.



  19. Yay for real life! Good choice and enjoy every minute of the golf and family time! We'll look forward to seeing your favs next week!

  20. I am glad you are trying to keep things in perspective. Your blog will be here when you get back and so will your blog friends :) Don't sweat the small stuff...

  21. I hear ya! I hate to miss out on life because I am blogging about it! Go and Live! :)

    It is good to take a break... just come back, ok! : )

  22. Enjoy your break Holly !!! Everyone needs one now and then.
    Can't wait to see your upcoming DIY

    Have a great weekend.

  23. Real life should always come first. There will be a time when you don't have those little ones to entertain at home, you really have to enjoy it while you can. Have fun!

  24. Holly, knowing your limits and putting your self, kids, and family first DO make you a Superwoman! Good for you for making a smart choice and taking some time! Jenn

  25. Holly, knowing your limits and putting your self, kids, and family first DO make you a Superwoman! Good for you for making a smart choice and taking some time! Jenn

  26. I totally get it Holly! Enjoy your vacation! If I ever paid attention to anything my husband says, I bet I would hear him asking me to do the same! ;)


  27. Holly, can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

    We all need a break, and soon school will pull our children back into their lives away from us.

    We have to have our family time. I put Mia Monday on hold too. My daughter was getting up on Sunday and wanting to "talk" just have mommy and daughter time. How could I say no to her while I blog? I can't...Mia Monday can wait.

    Have a great time we all just love what you do here!


  28. You'll always be superwoman to me!

  29. Enjoy these last fading moments of summer, Holly! I have no idea how you keep up with things the way you do,, anyway :)

  30. Thanks for being to real-- totally understandable. I do love that utensil crock-- really cute work.
    Hope you are having a good week my friend. BIG Hug-- Malia

  31. We all need a "time-out" once in a while to catch up. Our families need us... don't worry, we'll all be here waiting for you to return! :) Love your blog and I appreciate your link parties, thank you! :)


  32. I'm your newest follower. I'd love it if you could visit/follow me back at:


  33. I am totally with you Holly! You do what you can. Have a great time with your family and enjoy the weekend!

  34. Holly, I've been doing the same! Never worry if you don't get back to me. I will understand and be glad you are being superwoman, to the ones that love you the most! Lezlee

  35. Good for you! Life got the better of me this simmer, as well.

    In all your business, stop by my place if you get a chance. I just love your blog and I passed an award on to you. 'Til then, enjoy that non-virtual life!



  36. I couldn't have said it better myself! I am in the same predicument, but finally able to get back on & make my rounds :) Life is more important!! Have a wonderful break!

  37. I hope everything is going alright! No worries. I'm sure everyone understands :)

  38. Real life so often gets interupted by blogging, it is nice to see you gave real life top billing! Good for you, my friend.
    xo Yvonne

  39. Real life taking priority around here too... enjoy what's left of the summer!


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