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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tickled Pink No. 16

504 Main
What does it mean to be Tickled Pink?
"...it's the figurative sense of the word that means 'to give pleasure or gratify'.
The tickling pink concept is of enjoyment great enough
to make the recipient glow with pleasure ."
I am tickled pink because...well, just because!
Oh yeah baby, Happy Holly is showing up today!
Summer vacation is almost over for us and I am trying really hard to enjoy these last couple of weeks with the kiddos...and that may include a trip to L.A. -
which tickles me pink beyond belief!
Have you met Beverly from Flamingo Toes?
If you have not you should. She is a creative genius with fabulous projects, and I was completely honored to be her Crush of the Week! You should check out her Crush of the Week feature - you are bound to find a great blog or two! Thanks Beverly!

Now, it is time for Tickled Pink No. 16!
{sorry these posts are so long...I get carried away!}
Don't be shy! 
Nominate a  product/person/idea/recipe/your own blog to be featured, 
click HERE or simply email me! 
It is cool  to nominate yourself! I am only one person and blogland is ginormous... 
I would love your input...I know there are amazing finds out there that I have not seen!
NOW...Link up...
a craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short  story...a poem...a fashion find...
a  favorite product...your favorite post...whatever makes your blog  fabulous.
You get the idea, right? 
Guess what? You post does not have to be PINK!!

This day is about stuff we {heart}  from our own blogs or from others. 
Click HERE for the "I've Been Tickled Pink" featured button.
off on a tangent
keep reading
green is the new pink!
orange goodness
do you judge?

Jenny Matlock...is off on a tangent
Jenny Matlock

You all know Jenny right? Oh you don't! Then you do not know what you are missing. Jenny never fails to entertain me, make me think, and put a smile on my face. She is one witty lady who writes and shares and cracks me up!
So, how do you feel about your followers? I have ended up with a few XXXX-rated ones {my blog is so racy ya know!}, but Jenny talks about one really interesting body part that followed a friend of hers...it is kind of creepy until Jenny writes about it and then it is just funny {there are no offending body parts in the post!}
I Heard the Song of a Train This Morning touches me...transports me to a place where all is good and wonderful. I place I want to be and want to live in. This post sticks with me.

You can also read all about her telepathic powers...oh yeah she has them {sort of}. Or about her {cough, cough} love of football and the stress is causes!
 One of the most touching, grabs-at-my-heart, and inspiring posts I have ever is all about a different kind of Independence Day. I shall say no more...just go read it.
Jenny is also the originator - the genius - behind
So visit - have a laugh and enjoy the tangent.
keep on reading at Blue Heron Cottage! 
When I was younger I read all of the time. It transported me to new worlds and taught me so much. Unfortunately bewteen kids, work, blogging, and the like I do not read as much as I once did, but I do recognize its importance and am so happy...

thrilled both of my kids read and love their books.
I met Kim from Blue Heron Cottage recently - turns out she grew up where I currently live. She has a beautiful post about the magic of reading, the importance of libraries, and a celebration of one of my favorite books To Kill a Mockingbird.
 This post simply spoke to me and so I am sharing it with you.
green is the new pink

Erin at The Mother Load has a passion and that passion is going green. I hear Erin's voice in my ear when I go to the grocery store "Just go back and get your bags...don't be lazy." 
Last week she had a great green post about simple ways we can be green and this week another great green inspiration. She plays along with Tickled Pink almost every week - THANKS! - and I simply think being green or going green is important to all of all the time.
{P.S. Erin also write some amazing stories - she is a wonderful writer!}
orange goodness
My buddy Jenn introduced me to a fabulous blog yesterday...
How About Orange.
{orange happens to be one of other fave colors!}
You will LOVE EVERYTHING on this blog!!!!
I think this idea is brilliant...and green!
Gift bags made from newspaper! 
Easy and unique and FAB! 
Do you judge?
Nicolasa had a short post about this yesterday which struck me because I had just watched "If You Really Knew Me" on MTV {yes, I do watch MTV still...on occasion...when I can figure out what they heck they are talking about - I gave up on The Real World!} It was really though provoking and touching. If you can, catch an episode of MTV's show...it will be hard not to be moved. I was a Big Sister for many years in L.A. and it was one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences...to watch not just my Little Sister but all of the Little Sisters grow.
I have a hard time choosing...I am trying to give everyone their spotlight...but man here is so much good stuff on this linky...certain things just catch my eye at certain times!
A big huge-a-licious THANK YOU for all who have participated and visited and picked up the blog hop on their blogs. I  am so enjoying visiting your links and seeing what Tickles You Pink! Who will be in the SPOTLIGHT next week?  
Pure L-O-V-E. Enough said! No I must say more. I am loving the treatment Freckled Laundry gave this nightstand using Decoart finishes...I am so excited I am adapting this for one of my own projects....guess what there is a great tutorial too!
Fabulous idea to save and share a special memory
from Craftify It! Brilliant idea!
Classy and FAB vinyl family name frame from Night Owl Crafting. I love them!
A chocolate chip cookie with a surprise...from Random Thoughts of a Super Mom. 
Go visit to find out what the surprise is!
Giving an old bird feeder new life at The Wonders of Doing! 
I am all about making the old "new" again! Beautiful!
Sweet little birdies in their home from Craftopotamus!

Easy easy s'mores from LambAround!
Anything with s'mores gets me!
Who won last week's giveaway....drum roll please.....
Lourie from CA Girl

{if you want to know how I pick these...I scientifically ask my son for a number between 1 and however many comments there are. So technical!}

This week's giveaway is {again}:
There is ONE way to enter! 
--Entry No. 1 {required}: 
*You need to be a follower of 504 Main {some of you may want to double-check if you are tyring to enter} AND
*You need to leave a relevant comment about at least one feature!!!!

Contest begins on 7/29/10 and closes Thursday, 8/5/10 at 11:59 p.m. EST 
The  winner will be announced on Friday 8/6/10.
Happy Friday!
Crazy days here...what's new!
I am visiting your links, but due to extenuating circumstance,
my commenting is lagging...sorry!
 I know everyone is super busy right now!
Thanks for taking the time to link up!
****I reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive or do not adhere to the rules, without any discussion, at my discretion.****
****These are my own opinions. No one has offered me anything, nor have I accepted anything to include them in this post. Prizes are supplied by me.**** 
{photos appearing here are copyrighted and property of the respective blogs featured}

504 Main

Show Me What you Got!
*It does NOT have to be pink or pink-related* 
*Pretty please...add the Tickled Pink button to the post* 

{people need to know what the heck they are doing!}  
*It does NOT have to be a new post*
*Visit some peeps on the hop*

*It would be great if you were a follower or subscriber {*wink*}


  1. I'll have to go check out those newspaper gift bags!
    Thanks for hosting Holly!


  2. Holly you about made me cry. (Yes, I'm over emotional.) Thanks so much for your kind words.
    And on another note - I must try the smores. LOVE!

  3. HEy Holly, I just linked up... a post I wrote two days ago; the whole thing just tickles me PINK! (I am so pleased with myself for being brave)

    Loved that paint effect on the night stand! Gorgeous :)

    PS I'll be having a DIY post sometime next week... my daughter's bedroom makeover complete with magnetised mural.

  4. I read Nicolasa's post about judgement and I can't help but wonder why it's so often our first thought about things. Why must a critical statement pop in our heads right off the bat? I hate that about human nature.

  5. I enjoy reading Jenny's blog as well--she is very talented.

    Have a great weekend Holly.

  6. Those newspaper gift bags are so cute AND eco-friendly!

    And I would love some smores with my coffee right about now.

  7. Holly,

    I just love you. You are so sweet to spread the bloggy love every day/week the way you do. I appreciate your kind words more than you will ever know. Thanks for letting me play along (again)!


  8. Love, love, LOVE Jenny and her blog! She literally has me laughing out loud most mornings, and I have to explain to my coworkers what is so funny. LOVE her sense of humor! :)

  9. Holly, you tickle me pink. You feature so many creative people. I'm on my way over to see where you're featured

  10. I can't wait to come back to your blog and check all these people out. Of course my favorite will be Beverly from Flamingo Toes. I was a swap partner with her and we have become good friends.

  11. Hi Holly!
    That smores dish is making me want to make smores... and it's 6:15 am here! Thanks for the party...

  12. I could truly understand Jenny's a different kind of Independence Day.

    I understand about not having the time to read between kids, blogging and work. It seems I have let my blogging slip for a time as I enjoy reading. It sure is hard to fit everything in. Sometimes I wonder how a person can do it all. Alas I realize they aren't doing it all either.

    Thank you for continuing to read my blog.

  13. Those newspaper gift bags are sheer genius!!

    Thanks so much for hosting, Holly. Have a terrific weekend! I am so glad to know I'm not the only one meeting myself coming and going of late!

  14. The newspaper bags are absolutely fab. I am so tickled pink for you sharing them with us.

    Love Jenny and her witty blog. I don't have enough time to go over every day, but I make sure I stop by at least couple of times.

    Thanks for hosting again, it's been awhile since I linked up, but I hope I am back for good.

  15. That was quite a post by Jenny about her independence day. Thanks for pointing it out. And every time I throw something into the recycle bin, I think of Erin.

  16. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Thank you for hosting. Looks like some more great projects are linked. Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. OMG, I'm so flattered! Thanks for featuring my birdhouse! Love all the other spotlights too - especially those newspaper bags. Awesome.

  18. You know I've given up for the most part on MTV...I do admit hubs and I still occasionally watch The Real World if nothing else is on but what I really can't wait for is the "new" real world BACHELOR style w/ the Bachelor Pad....I think it's gonna be pretty funny/crazy/sexy. Do you watch the Bachelorette, Holly? If so, who do you thinks taking it all?

  19. Hi Holly!

    Thank you for being such a lovely hostesss each week! Wow, lots of fun things to check out today in your spotlight!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  20. Oh Jenny is TOO funny! Love her writing!

    And those Smores looks yummy. I'm actually making smore bars today. Mmm

  21. What great finds! Thanks so much for always sharing cool blogs!

  22. Awww.....awwwww.... what fun! I am all excited about this, Holly.

    I tried to do tribute to this honor in my post today...I did. I tried really, really hard.

    I might have failed.

    But, on the other hand, I did do a knock knock joke with your name which redeems it somewhat!

    I have to feed a chicken and later today I'll visit your other featured links!

    Thank you again!

    You are mighty sweet!

  23. Thanks for featuring one of my absolutely favorite bloggers, Jenny. She challenges us to be better writers, encourages us, keeps in touch, and makes us laugh. I'm glad I found this blog. I'll definitely be back! I really like your sunny style.

  24. This is my first time on Tickled Pink. I am so excited to go check out Pink Flamingo Toes. Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  25. Wow! I know almost everyone you spotlighted today! And I remembered to link up today! Woot.

  26. Anonymous11:33 AM

    HOW fun-Hope you guys get to LA!

  27. Thanks so much for featuring my cookies! And oh my those smores look so yummy and easy to make! We will have to try them soon! I am really tickled pink today because I actually has something pink to link up this week:)

  28. I wrote my post early, and then forgot to put in the links. UGH!

    Anyway, I am here!

  29. The gift bags from newspaper totally rocks!!
    Thanks for all these great links and ideas Holly!

  30. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Thanks so much for hosting each week!

  31. I love to read too! Thanks for sharing that post on reading!
    105olivia at gmail dot com

  32. Another wonderful week of inspiring links and great ideas! I love the chocolate covered raisin cookies, and, of course the newspaper bags from How About Orange. Orange always makes me think of Erin Shoe, and then that reminds me of that certain picture on the birthday mobile ;)

  33. Holly.. thank you so much for the nice comment about the Spoonful Blog. It was soooo nice of June to feature me as one of her Tickled Pink topics. WOW!! I'm still so surprised and greatful.
    Thank you for the follow.. so nice to meet you!

  34. I have no idea how you manage to find so many awesome things every week - but you've done it again! Thanks, Holly :)

  35. I love coming over here and learning what tickles you pink. It introduces me to great new bloggers, celebrates some of my favorites (Yay, Erin!) and shares wonderful ideas and products.

    Thanks for sharing the love!

  36. I love freckled laundry! I saw that post earlier and was blown away by her work! Absolutely beautiful!

  37. I've been on a s'mores kick this summer - Can't get enough! (And I keep burning my lips from the hot marshmellows! Ouch!!!) I just added a linky to an awesome grapes snack that you've got to try - it's only 3 ingredients - SO YUMMY, you'll think your eating taffy apples - for REAL!!! Have a great day, Holly!!!

  38. Hi...always fun to see who you are talking about next. I love Jenny...she not only entertains with her blog, she is a very supportive friend behind the scenes. I feel lucky to "know" her.

    I'm still watching The Real World. Funny how when I started watching it, I was not much older than the kids on there...now they are younger than my kids and oh, so disgusting!

  39. I love your tickled pink posts!

  40. Wow, this post is loaded with goodies!

  41. I have to say that I love how your blog has progressed. I am so impressed with you and your digs.

  42. Those animal ones kill me!!! I love bird feeders so much!!!! Especially homemade ones. Again- I am just bombarded with cute ideas from your blog. Also, I know blogging time as passed me by as well- it's hard in the summer I swear! I spend a lot less time sitting at home bored.

  43. Aw. Thank you so much for featuring my nightstand, Holly! The things you said were so sweet. I'm about a week behind in blogging (as you can clearly tell) and just trying to catch up with some of my favorites! Have a great day.

    Thanks so much,


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