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Thursday, May 6, 2010

DIY Club! Perfect on the Porch

I have been DIYing a porch makeover for a couple of weeks now. I started this project with my Dad {and yes, we are still talking}. This is my first time tiling {it is not quite done} and I have a few more things to do before I can call my porch makeover done…and if the weather would cooperate…it would be that much sooner!
{the table before...all dirty and everything!}
While I am waiting for adhesive to dry and final tile selections to be made, I am working on the accessories. I have had this little table on my porch since we moved into the house. I have had every intention of giving it a face lift long ago, but kind-of, sort-of never got around to it…until now! You cannot put an ugly old table on a new FAB porch, can you?
{Yes, I know my bottles and jars are messy...I am a messy crafter}

This table started off with Crazy Aunt M…then moved on to my sister in law and now it is mine…and it is staying that way! I added some spunk and flair with a coat of DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint {Light Avocado} and then textured the top with DecoArt Texture Terra Cotta {Black}. I need some more love, so I also used the DecoArt Texture Stencil {Royal Tiles} for some detail...And you all remember how much I LOVE hardware store finds…so with inspiration from the screen wreath, I used Gorilla Glue to add a little screen skirt to the table.

The DIY will be specific to my style of table, but I think you get the picture…it is easily adaptable to any table….and I have to tell you I love my newest creation!
Perfect 4 the Porch Table
{Click HERE for a pdf document}

*DecoArt, Texture Terra Cotta, Black (1 jar)
*Americana Acrylic Paint, Light Avocado {or color of choice} (2-3 bottles…depends on the size of the table)
*DecoArt Texture Stencil, Royal Tile
*Stiff brush or palette knife (for texture application)
*Foam brush, roller, or good paintbrush (for paint)
*Gorilla Glue
*Brite Kote aluminum screen
*Gloves {optional…the screen can hurt}

DIY it!
*Clean and sand the table
*Brush off/Clean to remove residue or dust.
*Paint the base and legs with the Americana acrylic paint.
*Let Dry.
*Coat top of table with DecoArt Texture TerraCota…cover top and sides of table top completely.
*Once dry, I cut my Texture Stencil apart and placed a particular portion of the motif in each corner.
*Use the Texture Terra Cotta to fill in the stencil.
*Let dry.
*Add screen skirt (optional, see below)

Screen “Skirt”
*Cut lengths of screen 5 “ wide and 1.5 times {or more if you prefer} the perimeter of the table.
NOTE on WIDTH: This is the width I used because I glued my screen to the back of the apron of the table…your width may be adjusted to suit your design and styling preferences (it can be a smaller skirt or a longer skirt}.
NOTE: You can use the end {selvage} of the screen for the “hem” or cut an extra 1 inch and fold over twice to make a clean – "non-pokey" hem.
*Prepare the skirt by accordion folding the screen {approximately 1” folds}.
*Using Gorilla Glue, spread a line or two along the edge you will be gluing. Place screen in position. I then put a few drops in the creases of the skirt and pushed it down onto the table for extra hold.
*The way my table was configured, I had to place some weighted object on the glued edge of the screen while the glue set.
*Repeat on all sides.
*Let dry.

Oh yeah...since the paint was out, I whipped up a vase to match...
I have big plans for finishing the porch...
and I dream of a wrap around porch {maybe one day}.
Until then, I will enjoy my hard work and
the little piece of serenity I have created.
{Of course, I think I will have a mojito to help with the serenity.}

What's your favorite thing about your porch?

I personally love the little sign in my window...
Can you read it? It says "Warning: Strange Dog"
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504 Main

Disclosure: As part of the DIY CLub and this vendor sponsored event, I received products to complete my DIY from DiscChangers, Gorilla Glue, and DecoArt.


  1. Wow - I love it! Another fabulous project! It looks great on your porch!


  2. Wow! So beautiful. What an amazing porch... ours well it has nothing :)

  3. Holly that is absolutely gorgeous! My porch is scary! And it's super tiny and hidden.

  4. I feel like your house is one that neighbors stop at when they walk by, or people slow down as they drive past. I bet it's just gorgeous!

  5. I love it--it came out perfectly Holly. The screen skirt is cute.

    This is so fun.


  6. After admiring yet another project of yours, I said to Erik, "Look at that Holly, I just don't know how she finds the time."
    He said, "She lives in Monterey."
    "Yeah, so?" said I.
    "Time goes by much more slowly up there."
    Does it, Holly?

  7. Wow Holly, the table turned out great and I especially love the screen skirt - how fun and whimsical! You are so creative!

  8. Love your poarch!!

  9. Your table and porch are definitely worthy of a mojito. I love your dog sign. I thought it was an alarm sticker, but that's so much better!

  10. Great job. I love the touch of the skirt screen. The unexpected.

  11. Anonymous6:39 PM

    You've created a wonderful look for a porch. So many times the "outdoor" looks don't seem like they would withstand the weather, etc. The look you and your father have created is stunning, yet practical. I really admire this project! Well done! It is motivating me to do more with my front porch!

  12. Anonymous9:27 PM

    You are one creative gal! I love the porch table, and the porch! :)
    I'm now a follower. Be sure to stop by for coffee(I see you like that)!


    BTW...I'm TICKLED PINK (wish I could make this font pink in a comment)I found BCBG pumps to wear with my dress to my sister's wedding for $23!


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