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Thursday, May 6, 2010

DIY Club! You Crackle Me Up!

I am just in L-O-V-E with the look of plates on the wall!
I tend to have more wall space than floor space these days
{and, BONUS...the kids cannot reach that high!}.
I have seen so many FAB collections lately, but have not quite been able to find the right plates for my own walls. The styles and designs I found in catalogs and stores were never quite right. I prefer old, vintage, kind of beat up looking decor {I actually rarely look at a Pottery Barn catalog  - gasp! Please keep reading, I am not that weird!}. I also have an interesting color palette in my home {purple living room walls, for example}, and I was only interested in shopping at thrift stores, Goodwill, etc. {it is more fun and I am cheap!}. So, my solution...make my own little vignette of customized plates. Perfection for my imperfectly charming home!
Textured Medallion Plate Art
{click HERE for a pdf document}
This design is rough and cracked and imperfect just the way I like it! The most challenging aspect of this project was the size of plates I chose...and the fact that they are curved {I was not stenciling on a flat surface}. I had to hold the stencil carefully due to the curvature of the plates. By using larger plates or doing this on a tray, for example, the process would be much simpler, but like most things I like to make it a challenge!

There are many options for this project. You can use any colors, any size plates, any stencils or embellishments. The following supplies and directions are for the art I have created for my home. 

DecoArt Texture Stencil, Royal Tile
DecoArt Satin Enamel Paint, black
DISChangers, in corresponding sizes
Large stiff paintbrush  (or palette knife)
1 - 2 Smaller stiff paintbrush (one with fine tip, one with 1/4 ╥ wide bristles)
1 - 12" plate
3 - 8" plates
1 - 6" plate
NOTE: I looked for plates with interesting edges and details on the rim...I think it made the perfect built-in frame for my collection.
Note: Sizes may vary
DIY it!
*Paint all plates with the DecoArt Enamel in black and let dry completely. This may take 2 coats {I recommend it}. Most of the plates I found had a white backgrounds and "interesting" patterns. I knew I did not want the pattern/background showing through my crackle, so a coat or two of paint was in order.
*On the 12" plate, and one of the 8" plates, apply a coat of primer/sealer and let dry 24 hours, as per directions.
*Apply DecoArt Texture crackle to the 12" and 8" plate, as per directions. I used a wide stiff fan brush rather than a palette knife because my plates were curved.
*Let dry.
*See below, assembly.

Black Enamel Plates
*Apply a coat of primer/sealer to the remaining 3 - 8" black} plates, and let dry 24 hours, as per directions.
*Decide on and position stencils on the center of the black plates.
NOTE: to accommodate the size of the plates I selected, I had to cut the stencils into smaller pieces.
*Position stencil and using a smaller, stiff brush, apply texture crackle medium to the stencil, while holding the stencil carefully. Apply medium generously, so you will get a good crackle!
NOTE: If you are working on a larger flat surface, you may tape down or use stencil adhesive.
*Carefully remove stencil and let the plate dry completely. NOTE: Between each plate I washed and dried the stencil so as to not get smears or excess paint on the following plates.
{good crackle!}
Assemble It!
*Once everything is dry...
*Position one of the 8" {black} plates and adhere it to the large-12" {yellow} plate using Gorilla Glue. Put a line of Gorilla Glue around the bottom ring of the smaller plate.
*Repeat for the  process for the 8" yellow plate and the 6" black plate {measurements may vary}.
*Let dry.
*Layout the plates on a flat surface {table of floor} to determine layout of plates.

Hang It!
*To make hanging easier, cut circles the approximate size of your plates and place them on wall using masking tape to get your positioning the way you want it. {I hung the large plate first and then positioned the others according to my liking}
*Mark nail position
*Using the supplied directions, apply DiscChangers to back of plates. I used 4 in varying sizes to accommodate the weight and size of my plates. Can I tell you how much I L-O-V-E DISChangers - that was the easiest time I have ever had hanging anything and it looks great!

What is your favorite piece of wall art?

Linky for the Blog Hop OPENS at 6PST/9EST on 5/7/2010 

Visit my other DIY Club Creation HERE.
Disclosure: As part of the DIY CLub and this vendor sponsored event, I  received products to complete my DIY from DiscChangers, Gorilla Glue,  and DecoArt. We all want to send a special thank you, to all of our sponsor who sent us these awesome products to work with. Also a special thank you to Brent from Linky Tools for all of his hard work in making this event come together so smoothly.  We highly recommend that you post your next party through him--he is a  great guy to work with. Visit his new site http://linkytools.com"> Linky Tools. 



  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Wow! That is so cool. How do you have the time to be so crafy?

  2. Holly -- so cute!!!! I love that crackly finish. I got that stencil too - I really like it!


  3. Hi Holly! I am stopping by to let you know that I gave you the trendy blog award over at my blog.

  4. The plates really seem to go with your purple walls.
    I especially like the one on the bottom right.
    You did a wonderful job.

  5. That looks great!! Love the color combination. For some reason I don't think my husband would go for plates on the wall, but I might have to try. My walls are so bare!

  6. holly, those look amazing! i have always liked the look of plates on the wall as well, and have a few decorative ones i might need to put up. but these look so much better than the ones i have....i might need to try it! :)

  7. Loved this idea.Want to try it now.Unfortunately we don't get this kind of coloured crackle medium in my neck of woods so may have to paint twice.But,never mind.Thanks for the idea.

  8. Love your club idea!
    I have a gift for you on my blog:



  9. I love those plates and your beautiful walls! What a fun and vibrant color.

  10. I love the crackle finish too! And I have got to get some of those disc changers!

  11. I am crazy for crackle and these are gorgeous. I have a housewarming gift to come up with and these will be my inspiration!

  12. I love this crackle product--I think it could be a top seller. Your plates came out perfectly.

    I love the DISChangers too--if everyone knew about them--wow--they are so easy and super cool, not those old plate hangers.


  13. Oooo love this! Years ago I crackled an old window (frame) and used it as frame for pictures. I don't even know where that is anymore, lol but I remembered the whole process was really very fun.

  14. Cool - love the crackled finish. I have GOT to get those DISCchangers - I have a bit of a plate obsession. Great job as usual Holly! Where on Earth do you find the time?

  15. Oooooh Holly those are awesome!

  16. I've said it before and I'll say it again! You are so talented!

  17. Purple walls and not looking at the Pottery barn catalog?
    I think I like you already!!
    I love color, too.
    Am not shy to paint things- now I love me an all white room- it's pretty to look at, but so not me.
    Your plates are simply brilliant!!
    I just bout a fleur de lis stencil and wondered what in the world I was gonna do with it.
    Now I know!
    Thank you for being my new friend, I think we will get along just fine!
    Blessing to you as you make your home!

  18. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I absolutely love these plates. How clever you are. Thank you for making such a great tutorial. I'm going to follow you blog and I sure invite you to do the same!

  19. I see I'm not the only one with a thing for vintage plates.

    This is THE coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

    I am SO DIY-ing this.


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