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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blatant Self Promotion and Bloggy Shopping


I won't even pretend to be shy about this one...
the first part of this post is all about blatant self promotion.
My latest book, 
comes out Friday. I am SUPER excited!

I will be having a giveaway over at
so if you know someone who is getting married
send them over that way and
tell them to buy the book!


The Bloggers Are Back Under My Tree!
My shopping was not quite done
(still isn't completely done),
so where shall I turn but to the bloggyworld
for some cool and unique finds
to fill the void under the Christmas tree.
I did wait a little too long...
some of the etsy shops were "closed" until January.

Anywho...Here's what I found!
I believe every girl should have at least one tutu -
no worries - I do not wear mine in public -
sorry for that visual...try to erase it from your memory.
BUT little girls in tutu's...
they go together like peanut butter and jelly.
So, Jules will be getting this
cute tutu in Blue Raspberry from tutu bug.

Purple Pizazz is next on the list.

Check out tutu bug's blog for more photos and colors!
(photos are from tutu bug's site)

Next up...
some fun tassels from Bees and Fleur de lis.
I figured they would add a little pizzaz
to some special gifts, accents a great bottle of wine or champagne,
or simply to give on their own..I have not quite decided,
but I just had to have some!
Check them out they are beautiful and elegant!
Be sure to stop by Jo's blog too!

(photos from Bees and Fleur di lis site)
(These are not the ones I purchased)

Seeing as how we are running out of time...
it is my job to pick out a gift for the lady
who has everything...my Mother in Law.
My mother in law has great taste
(just in case she is reading this...no really, she does),
and I almost always defer to hubby for her shopping...
and he is always right, but, this year, it is my turn.
I was scared...but then I found Muse Silk Paintings.
At her etsy store, she has AMAZING hand painted silk scarves.

(this is not the scarf I bought my MIL)
(photo from Muse Silk Paintings)

Just to recap from There Are Bloggers Under My Tree...
You can get some wonderful, personalized, scensational soap from Lah Dee Dah Soaps,

(these are not my soaps...
someone else bought these...
cute, eh?)

a totally cute apron from Lima Bean Designs,

and some gorgeous jewelry from Arco Iris

Also, from my There Are Bloggers Under My Tree post,
I had a couple of great suggestions for more handmade goods.
Well, I waited a little too long too check these shops out...
These shops are not shipping until January,
but do go check them out.
Besides, by January, I (we) will have recovered
from  Christmas shopping and will be raring to go!
So go check out...
downstairs Designs and their tres chic clutches and other goodies too.

Sophie and Lili (handmade with love)...has super cute dolls!
Her etsy shop is restocking but you can find her HERE!

And before you go...
Jenn has a seriously adorable selection of cupcake cuties!


  1. Etsy! I didn't even think of that! Looks like you got some really cute things! Love the tutus! And the scarf! And the soaps! I'm clearly going to have to spend more time checking out the shops. And last, but most definitely not least, congratulations on your newest book!!!

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new book, Holly!!!! How very exciting for you. I'd be honored to put the Amazon widget in my sidebar. Just say the word. Too bad I'm not getting married again, but I will keep and eye and ear out for anyone who is and will suggest your book and blog for sure.

  3. That scarf is the best!

  4. I did so much shopping on Etsy this year! I LOVE IT! I'm all about unique, creative one of a kind gifts! It was SOOOO difficult to stick to the budget and not just buy a bunch of stuff for me. I've made diligent notes for my birthday though ;o)

  5. Holly, congratulations on your book! I am so excited that the day is almost here! I'll be sure to recommend it and hope that it sells like hotcakes! I really admire the way you put "bloggers under your tree" this year. What a wonderful way to support fellow bloggers, artists and hand-crafters. That scarf is gorgeous. It was so kind of you to add my cupcake cuties, too. Thank you! Do you think I can talk Max into one of those tutus ;)

  6. Looking forward to your book. My sister just announced her engagement a week ago. Perfect for her as she plans her wedding!
    Those tutu's are darling! And I agree with you: every girl needs to have one.

  7. Congratulations on the book! I know two women who just got engaged. I will send them over right away!

    That scarf rocks!

  8. You did find some really great finds even if some of the shops were closed already!

  9. that is super exciting!! Congratulations!! ;)

  10. Oh my! Holly, where were you when I got married??? I had some interesting situations. *sigh* Love the little tut's they are soooo cute. My girls are "too old" for that. *sigh*

  11. Hey! I think you have a picture of my soaps under your tree...Hum? I think I need to talk to Lee about this. I thought mine were specially designed for my mom's guest bathroom.

  12. P.S. Congrats on the book coming out! How very exciting for you!

  13. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring my "Naiive Windflowers" scarf! Hope your MIL just loves your gift :)

    Wonderful blog, and congrats on your new book - amazing!
    Muse Silk Paintings



  15. Holly dear, you deserve to toot your own horn!!!! How exciting that your NEW book is coming out, just in time for all those holiday engagements!
    What a great idea using Etsy and blogger friends to buy Christmas from.

  16. The tutus are spectacular and a great selection.
    The handpainted silk scarf and also the dolls in the last photo are wonderful.

  17. Ha, I forgot to give you a shout out for your new book.
    I wrote a book too and am not shy about posting about it on my blog, and no one has yelled at me yet for doing that. Smiling, Terra

  18. Congrats on the book!! Love the tutu ...your little one is going to love wearing it!!

  19. Holly-

    That's awesome about your book! So happy for you :). Also, a HUGE thank you for posting about my tutu's on your site! Next year, I'm going to have about 5 new and super cute offerings! Be sure to let me know when you receive your Blue Raspberry tutu. Hopefully you got it today!


  20. Congrats! That is awesome! What great finds, the tutu's are gorgeous :)

  21. Very exciting about the book! I hope it is a best seller! I love what I ordered from etsy...and I plan to do more in the future.


  22. CONGRATULATIONS on the book!!!! It kind of makes me want to jump up and down and squeal like a teenage girl with you...but you probably already went through that, huh? LOL!

    The tutus are ADORABLE!!!

  23. I love those cupcake cuties! Congratultions on the book, wow I love that series! The pregnancy one was a big help. I don't know anyone getting married but if I find out anyone is I'll be sure to say real casual like, "Oh you should get this book, my friend wrote it"☺

  24. Congrats on finishing the book! So exciting! I honestly don't know how you did it all. Amazing. I'm so proud of you my friend. Holly

  25. Congrats on the book. Is this your second wedding book? I bought an "Everything" book before my husband and I were married. That was about 13 years ago.

    I like the scarf the best. I also like the little dolls at the end. They might be great for stocking stuffers.

  26. Congrats on your new book! How exciting:) I wish you great success!

  27. These are fabulous. Especially the dolls, OMG... so flippin cute and unique. GREAT Keri

  28. I am such a sucker when it comes to tutus and my little girl. Thanks for all of the recommendations!

  29. Congrats on the book, we could've used it this summer when my brother Adam got married; oh well, I still have one single brother!

    And the gifts are beautiful, I think it's great that you are supporting bloggers/artists.

  30. Huge congrats on the book coming out, that is awesome!

  31. Congrats on the book! I hope you sell a bajillion of them!


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