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DIY Day! Just Hangin' Around

After preparing my projects for the DIY Club last week,
I got all caught up in crackle and plates!
In fact, I may have went a little crazy.
{hope my hubby likes crackle}
 After I finished making the You Crackle Me Up plate decor for
{if you are a DIYer, crafty person and have no idea
what I am talking about click on that link...
there is still time to join in.}
I had a few extra plates left that were already painted...
Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw yet another
soon-to-be tackled item {from the Goodwill} sitting there.
AH-HA! Light bulb!
It was a framed L with a love poem
{I bought if for the L and the frame}.
With the frame, my plates, some Decoart texture and glazes,
and Gorilla Glue, I went to work.
DecoArt Texture Stencil, Royal Tile
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint, black
DecoArt Elegant Finishes, Medieval Gold
Gorilla Glue
*Large frame - the size depends on the size of plates you use. I happened to use larger plates, but you could easily do this project with smaller plates and frames.
* 1 yard {+/-} Ribbon or DISChangers {in corresponding sizes} I only used ribbon because I had already used all of the Dischangers I had on hand.
*Large stiff paintbrush  (or palette knife)
*1 or 2 Smaller stiff paintbrush (one with fine tip, one with 1/4" wide bristles)
*1 - 12" plate
*1- 8" or 6" plate
NOTE: I looked for plates with interesting edges and details on the rim...I think it made the perfect built-in frame for my collection.
Note: Sizes may vary

DIY it!
CLICK HERE for PDF version and full tutorial.
Check out the DIY Club HERE!
You can enter projects until Thursday at midnight.
You MUST use 1 of the 3 vendor sponsored products.

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  1. This is very cute! I may have to try out the DIY Club! :)

  2. Very cute! I love the frame around the plate!

  3. Cute, if I get my crafty vibe on I'll participate. So far just obsessed with writing, which isn't kinda/sorta too crafty!

  4. You are so inspiring Holly! I love it, I love how you layered the plates too! Nice job!~

  5. So sorry I did not have a project for the first DIY Club. Hoping I will come up with something next time. Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. I love it! Holly, how do you find the time???

  7. I really love your craftiness!!!

  8. really nice... I like the layers and colors. Great job!!

  9. love your blog! Following from TAT please follow back.


  10. I am following you on Tag-Along Tuesday.
    Please come visit me @ www.happyfamilyhappykids.blogspot.com

  11. This would be a great idea for a single sentimental plate too, like a childs baby dish or a piece of Grandmas china. Thanks for sharing at Modern Craftswoman Monday. Hope you'll join next week, too! Rory

  12. What a great use of a frame!

  13. What a beautiful wall plate. Love the depth that you got with this project

  14. This is so adorable! I have so many decorative plates and I'dlove to do something so different to them.

  15. All your projects for the DIY Club are stunning. I love the crackle look! I'm excited to see all the inspiration and creativity that happens as a result of the DIY club every month! Great idea!

  16. Holly, I love this. The plates look fabulous in the frame - how clever! Simply stunning! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  17. This is super fun and I just love the addition of the frames! What a fabulous way to highlight and "frame" such a lovely piece. Thanks for linking up last week to Be Inspired!



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