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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Puffy Heart Necklace Tutorial

Who doesn't love puffy hearts? I made these puffy heart necklaces a few years ago and never blogged about them. Then I was at the craft store and I saw a cute little box of puffy hearts. First I made a puffy heart wreath and now I made another puffy heart necklace for my daughter - because puffy hearts are always a  good thing and you have hearts left over after you make the wreath!

Use craft store felt hearts and a simple necklace for  a Valentines Day accessory

This is so EASY and quick - you can make everyone a puffy heart necklace. Seriously it takes less than 5 minutes per necklace!

Valentines Day accessory for kids


  • Felt puffy hearts. I got mine from Michaels, but you can easily make your own
  • Necklace - your choosing, like a ball necklace or long chain...heck you can even use a ribbon!
  • Needle and matching thread

Felt puffy hearts

Make It

  • NOTE: If you need to make a puffy heart: draw a heart on some felt; cut 2 hearts; fill with a small amount of stuffing; stitch or glue together (Use embroidery floss to give that hand stitched look mine has).
    • OR
  • Use your puffy heart from Michaels

Valentines Necklace DIY

  • Find the center of the necklace.
  • Use a simple stitch to sew the corner of the heart onto the necklace (thread the needle; tie a knot in the thread; start on the back; come up through the top, loop over the top of the heart; go over the chain' go back through the heart from the back and repeat). Do about 20 loops and tie off on the back...and you are done!

Anyone can sew this simple necklace

Happy Valentines Day!

Adorable Puffy Heart Valentines Day necklace

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