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Friday, February 10, 2017

Puffy Heart Wreath: 15 Minute Wreaths

When it comes to me and holidays...any holiday, my motto is "It ain't over til its over." And while I realize Valentines Day is right around the corner, I just couldn't resist making this adorable Valentines Day Wreath. I puffy heart love this puffy heart wreath so much! And guess what....? It took my less than 15 minutes to make...and if you make it my way, all of the supplies are reusable.

Puffy Heart Valentines Wreath

Since we are almost out of time, grab your coupon and head to Michaels and pick up this package of puffy hearts TODAY! I will use the hearts in a craft tomorrow too!
A wreath full of puffy hearts and ribbon


  • Celebrate It Valentines Day Felt hearts
  • 14" Straw wreath (do not remove the plastic cover)
  • Floral pins and/or greening pins
  • Ribbon
  • I used Celebrate It white wired ribbon, 2.5" wide. I used almost the entire role. Because the color is so light, I overlapped my ribbon more than usual and therefore it required almost the entire role of ribbon.
  • Scissors

The parts of this wreath are reusable

Make It
The process is similar to my Halloween wreath and Tinsel Wreath.

Begin with your wreath and length of ribbon. Use the greening pin (place it in the center) or 2-3 pearl floral pins (place on on each side and one in the center) to secure the end of the ribbon to the wreath.

Greening pins secure the ribbon to the wreath

Begin wrapping the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping about half of the ribbon on each wrap (again, because the color is so light, I overlapped my ribbon more than usual).

Making this wreath is as simple as "keep wrapping."

When you get to the end, cut the ribbon, leaving a bit of room to fold over about 1" for a clean edge (and make sure it is on the same side as the side you began on), secure the ending ribbon with the floral pins or greening pin as you did when you began.

Wrapped white ribbon on a wreath form

Place your hearts. You can place them on the right or left, top or bottom. I tend to like a more asymmetrical look, and placed them accordingly. I began with the larger "Be Mine" heart and then added hearts as I liked. 

Puffy hearts make this wreath lovable!

NOTE: At first I was going to hot glue these hearts on, but decided to try it with the pearl floral pin...and LOVED it! And better yet, you can remove the hearts and reuse them if you want! I used 2 large hearts (1 white and 1 red) and 5 small hearts (2 pink, 2 red, and 1 white).

This wreath is adorable in its simplicity.

And look at that you are done and it is so cute! I used a wreath hanger but if you want secure another length of ribbon to the wreath and hang it from there.

The wreath is simple to make and adorable for your Valentines celebration.

Now, go on, grab a coupon and head to the craft store! 
And come back tomorrow...another craft using these cute hearts!
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