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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Easy Way to Send Smiles with Hallmark

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As I continue to unpack from last years move (yep, I have a lot of stuff) I am discovering the many greeting cards I have saved over the years. I have cards from my grandparents, my parents, my kids and my husband, not to mention my friends. I also save my children's birthday cards. And you know what I realized, I was once a very good card giver - I enjoyed it - but I have really dropped the ball. So, I got to thinking, if the cards I receive mean so much to me that I save them, then they probably mean that much to others too. I am ready to get back on track and send smiles all year long to my friends and family with Hallmark cards starting at 47 cents.

A collection of adorable graphics  make these cards super cute.

Now, I do have some inspiration - my MOM! She rocks this card sending thing.  You should see the excitement on my kids faces when they see a card from Grandma in the mail. And she is so good - she sends them for holidays, the beginning of school, the end of school, and other special days for each kid. The cards are sweet and she usually includes a simple gift - a balloon, stickers, gift card for ice cream. 

The Hallmark logo

During a shopping trip to Walmart, I stopped in the card aisle to check out the super cute Hallmark Cards starting at 47 centsI stocked up on birthday cards and thank you cards and congratulatory cards, and wedding cards and baby cards...but mostly birthday cards (lots and lots of birthday cards!), because we always need birthday cards!

A big collection of cards srating at 47 cents.

I was able to create a card library for every occasion. I know cards can get really expensive, but Walmart and only Walmart has a solution for this with the Hallmark cards starting at 47 cents!

There is a card for every taste.

Now, I have a tendency to go all out when I start something. So, naturally, I went a little crazy. I think I purchased about 40 cards!

There are a variety of designs.

I also picked up a few other wrapping supplies from Hallmark - I am positively in LOVE with the POP IT UP Gift Box and Lid. I also saw quite a few awesome gift card holders. I purchased tissue paper in a rainbow of colors and curling ribbon - I love that curling ribbon! With these supplies, and my fabulous collection of cards, I am ready to #sendsmiles!

Tissue paper, box, and giftcard holders are just a few of the supplies for wrapping.

After I purchased the cards, I got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun to include some small gifts that coordinate with the cards?! I purchased a little stash of these small gifts for any last minute invitations and occasions! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite easy and inexpensive ideas for gift giving....But first...

Here is my favorite tip for dressing up the inside of a gift box!
My best wrapping trick!

I think that the right card, with a meaningful sentiment, is almost a gift in itself but a little something extra is always appreciated. I used the Hallmark cards as inspiration - either their colors, graphics, or occasion. Check out some of the simple birthday ideas I came up with. Use your creativity, most can of these ideas can be adapted for just about any occasion!

#1: I Love You More Than Cupcakes
Birthdays and cupcakes go hand-in-hand. There is no sweeter way to celebrate a birthday than with these mini cupcakes - with a candle of course - from the Bakery department. If you choose a bigger cupcake, it would look fabulous packaged in the Pop It Up gift box too. I think the card reflects the sweet sentiment and coordinates well with the frosting color. I know this would put a smile on my face!

Grab some cupcakes from the bakery to pair with your card.

#2: Socks Are Cool (but keep you warm)
My 8 year old little girl saw this adorable birthday cake card and squealed with delight. It makes me want to smile too, and the colors so lively. Then we found these adorable animal/ice cream themed socks and knew that one pair of socks or the whole grouping is a simple and fun gift for the right little girl...and we have plenty of little girls to give these too! I think I will need more of these cards...my daughter wants to hang it on her wall!

Socks are a fun gitf

#3-A: Can't Go Wrong with a Gift Card
I also have a teenage boy. There is a fine balance when it comes to selecting cards that are not too kid-like, but not grown up either. I felt like the Hallmark cards for 47 cents had a good range of cards to select from. To top it off, my teen pretty much nothing he loves more than a gift card. I also kind of love gift cards because you can easily mail them in a cool Hallmark card.

A great card paired with a giftcard.

#3-B Option: Money, Money, Money
I have come to the point in life where my kids are thrilled with money. My younger one loves getting dollar bills. In fact I remember thinking that all cards came with money, as my relatives would always send cash in the card! After selecting an appropriate card, I picked up a gift card holder and some crisp one dollar bills to complete the gift.

It is not about the amount of the gift, but the thought.

#4: Happy Birthday Sunshine!
Everyone can use a chalkboard sign. I added "hello" using vinyl from my craft cutter (but you can also use scrapbook letters too) to a simple chalkboard found hanging in the craft aisle. The look of the chalkboard paired so nicely with the Happy Birthday card.

Create a personalized gift to go with your card.

#5: C'mon Get Crafty
I know many kiddos and lets face it adults that could have fun - hours and hours of fun - with modeling clay. The clay is a steal at 99 cents each. Pick up a few packages to accompany your Hallmark Birthday card, and you have a FUN gift for under $5!

Just add clay to the card.

After putting together this collection of gifts and cards, I still had many many cards to organize for upcoming occasions. I need to organize them ASAP or I would fall back into my old, bad habits of not sending cards. I decided the best system for me was a SIMPLE 3-ring binder, Standard Sheet Protectors, and Write On Big Tab Dividers. Easy-peasy organization! I plan to add to this collection and get even more organized by creating a master birthday list to put in the front.

Organizing your cards is easy!

I feel so good and so prepared...I am ready for all those birthdays and other special occasions!

These pretty colors make me smile.

Be sure to keep up to date on the latest from Hallmark by following along on their social channels! 
Now, tell me...who do you like to send cards to? Who do you like to receive cards from?
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  1. I love sending and getting humorous cards!

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I'm always struggling for a gift idea - I love how foolproof these ideas are! #client


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