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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Homemade: Book Review

I love fashion. And so does my daughter.
I used to sew all the time, and have been enjoying it again recently.
My daughter wants to sew too (we are slowly working on it).
She has recently started to ask me to make her clothes.
I look forward to getting settled in our new home so I can get a jump start on this.
For now we are both enjoying the Happy Homemade book by Yoshiko Tsukiori,
and my little girlie is quite busy selecting which pieces I "must" make her. 
Happy Homemade book review

I received three books, 2 of which focus on children...but of course, the ladies (mainly me) cannot be left out! Sew Chic: 20 Simple Everyday Designs by Yoshiko Tsukiori is a collection of 20 patterns for easy to make fashionable pieces. There is an easy relaxed elegance to all of these pieces. I can see the tops, pants, and dresses working into any stylish ladies wardrobe.
Happy Homemade book review

In the back of the book is an envelope with the patterns. Although I have not used the patterns yet, I do have a background in patternmaking and the patterns in the book seem simple to use and straightforward.

These books are so easy to follow along, and are comprehensive in their information. But, I love the eye candy too -  each book begins with a series of beautifully style photographs showcasing the garments. So chic!

Happy Homemade book review

Happy Homemade book review

The book focuses on some Basic Techniques, including basic tools, sewing tips, and how to make a paper pattern and place it. 

Happy Homemade book review

Each garment has a very detailed and comprehensive diagram for sewing the garment together.
Happy Homemade book review

With the tools and tips provided in this book, making a few of these garments should be a snap...even for a beginner!

As I mentioned I also received a couple of other books.
I love that this book includes not only girls clothing but boys styles too.
Happy Homemade book review

How darn cute is this pullover Parka? Or the Boy's shirt?
Happy Homemade book review

My daughter was smitten with Girls Style Book
Dresses, blouses, pants - all of them are so cute. I bet we make them all!
Happy Homemade book review
Happy Homemade book review

We are also getting ready to move from a fairly cool coastal climate to Texas and I think many of these items will be perfect for those warm (HOT!) summer days as well as transition into the other seasons!

Happy Homemade book review
 Do you sew?
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disclosure: Copies of these titles were provided to me for review. Other compensation may be involved. All opinions are mine own.


  1. What beautiful projects! I wish I could sew. :( Alas I will rely on my mother and mother-in-law forever. :) Hope your move went well.

  2. I bet you are excited about your daughter's request. The Mrs. has always wanted to do that and still has a brand new sewing machine waiting for her, when she finds some time to start learning.


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