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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY! Welcome Anyone and Anything Sign

I had this vinyl "Welcome" sign forever...
and I loved it...
but it had me wracking my brain?
I had too many places I wanted to use it -
I loved the font!
Then a simple (but sweet) idea for a sign!

So, yes I made a sign, but I was inspired to change it up a bit. We were getting ready to "Welcome" a lot of different people and things to our house during the holidays and so this idea was born....

I decided to add a chalkboard "label" to my sign to personalize it with the guest or season we are welcoming.

  • Vinyl "Welcome" from ten23 Designs, Olive
  • DecoArt chalkboard paint, black
  • Foam brush, Rockler
  • Sanding bug, Rockler
  • Board, 10 " x 24" (I used what I had on hand)
  • Paint - I used a quart of white paint I had on hand. You could use acrylic paint, spray paint, or something you already have.
  • I am not hanging mine...at the moment, but am adding a DISChanger just in case!
  • Old store or credit card (to affix the vinyl)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

So this was a super easy and fun project anyone can do!
I ended up not using the knobs pictured here
DIY IT! 1. Clean board (mine had been sitting outside for a long while).
2. Sand rough patches if necessary. Rough patches can just add character, but if you don’t want that much character, sand away!
3. With the foam brush, paint the sign in long even strokes vertically and even on the sides (I hit my sides with paint but not heavy). Apply about 2 coats, let dry between coats.

4. After thoroughly drying, “dry position” (lay it on there w/o removing the back) “Welcome” vinyl on the board so you can see how it all fits. Make some small marks to show where you can paint your chalkboard label.


5. Paint label. I did not tape mine off or measure I just used the marks to show how wide and long I wanted it. The point was to make it look like I just swiped some chalkboard paint on it…which is what I did. Let dry for 48 hours.
6. Use the Sanding Bug and sand a over the board. Hit the edges and corners harder. I even sanded the edges of the chalkboard label. 

7. Once dry, apply the vinyl - confirm the position you desire, remove the backing, line up and press down. Use a store card or a credit card to smooth the vinyl down. Once you have completely gone over the vinyl and it is adhered, remove the film covering the front…and you are almost done!

confirm placement

peel off backing

smooth out and apply to board
8. Apply the DISChanger to the back. 9. After the chalkboard paint is cured, rub chalk all over and then then sign is ready to display.

"Welcome Grandma and Grandpa"

"Welcome Santa"

"Welcome 2012"

My hubby wants it to say
"Welcome...now go home."

What are you ready to welcome!?

  This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre 

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  1. I love this sign. Thanks for sharing the idea. (I'm with your husband, today. My week long guests just left this morning. Love to see them come...love to see them go!)

  2. Great idea Holly! I love this one! And your husband is very funny. Have a great week.

  3. FUN sign holly!!!! That's a great idea. :)
    Hubby's idea is tooo funny. hahahaha

    have a great week!

  4. HA! I think your husband and mine would get along just fine. :) That's an adorable sign Holly. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you better this year. A happy new year to you and your family!

  5. Fantastic idea and I get where your husband is coming from. We closed "the inn" yesterday and now it's two weeks of just our little family dynamic before son goes back to college. Great to have guests. Great to send them home lol.

  6. Love this sign! It's so cute and versatile

  7. What an awesome idea! I love it!

  8. Cute! I love being able to change the sign.

  9. I'm with your husband! I'm ready for some down time. Adorable sign.

  10. I love this sign, Holly! I think its fantastic that you can change it up and personalize it for guests. Just keep your hubs away from the chalk. ;)

  11. That's so cute Holly!! I love the way you can change it up! You are so clever!

  12. Such a great idea! I LOVE it! After spending so much time putting away our Christmas decorations I am all for things that are multi-seasonal!!
    Jenn :)

  13. Fantastic idea! I love that you can write whatever you want! I'm thinking "Welcome Spring!" ;)


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