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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Pennant Ornaments

I have been hosting crafty gatherings at my house for a few weeks now.
They are so much fun and we are all learning new things
and getting to play with each others "toys".

I had finished making up my treat tower (tutorial coming in a day or two) and started doing something really simple...and in the end loved how it came out!

These cute pennant ornaments were actually inspired by the pom pom ribbon (my mind works in mysterious ways!) - I ell in love with the pom poms
and had to figure out a way to use it.

These are SUPER EASY to do, can be done with THINGS YOU ALREADY HAVE, and take ONLY MINUTES - YEAH! This are CUTE on the tree or on a present!

  • Scrapbook/Decorative Paper - any kinds..I used Canvas Corp holiday paper
  • Glue stick, I used Elmer's Extra Strength Glue Stick
  • Decorative edge scissors, from X-ACTO
  • Ribbon or pom pom yarn
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Alphabet stickers, cutouts, or personalized with an electronic craft cutter

  • Fold paper - you only need about 3" on each side of the fold (that might even be more than you need - just being safe).
  • I folded the paper with the wrong side out so I could just draw on it directly.
  • Mark every 2" along the fold. This is the top width of your pennant.
  • At the 1" (mid point between the 2" marks, measure down 3" and make a point.
  • Connect the 2 marks at the 2" marks to the one point of the 3" mark. You have a triangle.

  • Use your decorative scissors and cut out the sides. LEAVE THE FOLD.

  • Fold over to show the right side of the paper.
  • Use the glue stick and go all over the inside of the pennant.
  • Place your ribbon or pom pom yarn in the crease/fold and them press the two sides together firmly.

  • Apply the typography stickers.

  • I left about 3-4" on each side of my word and then attached a pretty hanger. I have JOY and CHEERS on my tree...and more to come!

Cute, eh?
They look adorable on the tree...in fact no garland this year,
just little pennants everywhere!
(These are really on my tree but I cannot get a good photo)

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A Crafty Soiree
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  1. OMG'sh I LOVE this Holly!!! Pennant banner on your tree = genius! Love the way yours turned out :)

  2. How cute! Thank you for the idea!

  3. This is really cute...I would love for you to share it at my "10 Days til Christmas" Linky party...



  4. Too cute, Holly! Such a fun idea!

  5. These are so cute. The possibilities are endless with all the cute papers out there. So fun!!
    I want to have a craft party.

  6. This is so darn cute. I am thinking I am making one and putting it in my daughter's room as part of the permanent decor. Can't wait to show here, this is ADORABLE. Thanks for sharing. -K

  7. Holly, this is adorable! I love it!


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