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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY (Not So) Extreme Playhouse Makeover, Part 2

Remember my Extreme Playhouse makeover post?
Well, it has been months since I started this transformation...
I am getting impatient (with myself)  and the little kiddo is too!
Finished product!


Compare! That gorgeous yellow brightens up the playhouse for sure!
It just takes paint to make a HUGE difference
So I have moved on to the door.
I have always wanted a red door on my home...
hubby doesn't.
BUT I thought I would test it on the playhouse...
guess what I love it and the front door on the
"big"house is getting ready to get its own makeover now!

I still need to get moving on the rest of this playhouse makeover!
The exterior trim, interior walls, and floor to be done!
I have the proper Dutch Boy paints ready and
waiting for the weather (and kiddos) to cooperate.

I was debating on the color of red,
so I headed to my hardware store to get a quart -
my store does not carry exterior paint in quart sizes,
so just realize that I may be using an interior paint right now...
BUT you should use the proper EXTERIOR Paint for your projects.
I LOVE this color and when I head back to purchase the gallon of
Dutch Boy Trim and Door Paint for my front door,
I will also repaint this door (if it needs it). 

Don't judge...I a a messy DIYER!

  • Dutch Boy Trim and Door Paint (see the paragraph above for explanation)
  • Purdy Paintbrush
  • Krylon Fusion indoor/outdoor spray paint, Black (I used the  Fusion because I had some handy. You can also use the Indoor/Outdoor product).
  • Painters Tape
  • Rockler Sanding Bug
  • 2, 2" DISChangers
  • Old picture frame or shutter
  • Screws, screw driver

NOTE: Some of the ways I have gone about fixing my playhouse is for convenience. This playhouse is older and has not been well tended to, long before we inherited it. I did not want to open a "can of worms" by removing doors and hardware. I painted around and made other adjustments to keep the playhouse in tact and on the economical side.

Go check out the rest of the DIY at The DIY Club!

Just a reminder...  BEFORE

SO EASY and I love the way it looks....and I love that color...
so I am headed back to get a Gallon of the Trim and Door Paint!

What color is your front door????
disclosure: this post is affiliated with The DIY Club, some products have been furnished by sponsors.

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