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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too Cute! Lifestyle Crafts Just for You Release

I just about squealed when I saw Lifestyle Crafts new Just For You release!
The selection of dies in this grouping is amazingly cute! Too stinkin' cute!

Last week I had a few ladies over to craft (and one if them is uber paper crafting lady!) and I pulled the dies out and my Epic 6 and we all got to play.

Let me tell ya, the hit of the party was the Bakery Boxes! We were all just brainstorming about the many, many ways to use these boxes, from spools of thread for a quilting get together to the perfect packaging for some homemade truffles or fudge to a new twist on our family's (anti)traditional Christmas Scavenger hunt!
I was just thinking that it is getting a little over the top and costly to continue to buy 10 extra gifts for each kid for this hunt (you can read all about this extravaganza here), but that I love the tradition so much and the kids would be crushed is Santa did not leave them a treasure map...so I saw the bakery boxes and thought....a few coins, or a dollar bill or a simple gift certificate for an ice cream would not break the bank.

So, yep, I am making a few and leaving them out for Santa to fill? Diamond earrings would also fit nicely in there...maybe I will make one or two for myself?
Then, there are the rosettes. I am still swooning over these guys. I pretty much love rosettes and if I could I would probably have a rosette wall in my house (hmmm....now there's an idea!).

Here's a "Santa Stop Here" piece using the Rosettes and the High Rise alphabet.

These dies make it EASY to make a rosette - a perfect cut and perfect perforations for folding. I am in heaven! So, since I am ornament obsessed, I had to make an ornament! I made some ornaments a while back using the Epic 6...
so yes for real, a tutorial is coming on them!
And I have a BIG idea in mind as well...working on it (For real! I always say I am working on it and I am...there just is not enough time in the day!). Just think about how these cuties will look on a new version of the Birthday Chandelier!
My sweet girl on a personalized ornament using a rosette (there is a super cute scalloped edge rosette too!) and the Oh Happy Day alphabet!
Now don't forget, Lifestyle Crafts dies work in ALL manual die cutters!
This week head on over to the Lifestyle Crafts Facebook Page, like them, and then head back to THE LIFESTYLE CRAFTS BLOG and tell you did and I sent ya...and you are entered to win an iPad2! Nice, eh!

As always use the code "504main" to get 20% off your purchase! Woo-whoo!
Have you started crafting for Christmas yet?
Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Lifestyle Crafts. Some products have been provided to me for use in these projects and there may be affiliate links in this post. View my full disclosure by clicking "disclosure" in the top navigation bar.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, Holly! xo

  2. Holly, I'm absolutely in love with that little box. It took a lot of self control not to swipe one from your house the other day ;-)

  3. That is adorable! Great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Christmas Traditions. I will be posting all of the traditions that were submitted on Monday. Feel free to come back and check them out. Thank you so much! Have a great day!

  4. This is adorable. I do not have a cutting machine. I love all the things they can do but it's not in the budget.
    Love the rosettes, too.


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