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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fab Finds! Gift Gloss - Wrap In a Snap!

Did you all have a fun Halloween?
For us, surviving Halloween was a breeze...now comes the hard part!
However, I am taking a new approach to the holidays this year,
(at least that is the plan!)
and trying to plan and prep so I can really enjoy the days ahead.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite ideas for holiday-related "Fab Finds" (sorry - that is the best phrase I can come up with in my candy induced coma - I should have never bit into that 100,000 Grand bar!).

I am trying not to get ahead of myself with theholidays,
but for me this is something that covers a lot - gifts, goodies, and ideas -
whatever I LOVE and can help us through the holidays!
All of these items I have tried, used, or created.
A few have been provided to me,
but I do not blog about what I do not love and use.

I won't even lie to you and tell you there will be a schedule -
that is setting myself up for failure.
(especially since I am computer challenged at the moment)

This first fab product is GiftGloss.
Awhile back the creators of GiftGloss sent me their product.
They must have known I was wrapping challenged.
I gave this product a try and have used the GiftGloss Kit
for wrapping gifts and goodies.
(be kind...remember I am wrapping challenged)

I wrapped a bottle of wine,
accented with my enamel tags for a birthday gift. 
I also threw together a baby shower gift.

Additionally, at many bake sales and other functions, our baked goodies
must be wrapped individually - GiftGloss is food safe - perfection!

So, there ya have it...a little bit about how I have used today's Fab Find!
Now go on and read more about GiftGloss!!
Everyone LOVES a pretty present, right?
Creating that perfect presentation (for me) can sometimes be daunting....until NOW!
Can't we all use a way to simplify our wrapping, especially with the holidays coming up? 
GiftGloss has the solution!
GiftGloss is a "slide n' tie" sleeve that was developed by the FoofQueens.
No need to mess with rolls of unruly paper or cellophane.
 GiftGloss is the answer.

GiftGloss is a unique gift wrapping product that allows you to create beautiful presentations in a snap!

Oh, and think of the possibilities for shop owners and small (or BIG) business - a beautiful and fun...and EASY way to package your product.

GiftGloss is also food safe...oh yeah...
"Hello holiday baked goodies...meet your new friend!"

You want to know else something else that is really cool...GiftGloss is compact enough to fit in a drawer - no need to worry about storing bulky rolls or anything else...put the GiftGloss in your drawer and you are ready at a moments notice!
If you want to try this system out,
you can get 20% the GiftGloss Kit using

So, are you wrapping challenged?
If not, do you have any tips to share?


A GiftGloss Kit was provided to me for trial purposes. See my full disclosure policy by clicking "Disclosure" in the top navigation bar.


  1. Looks like a really cool product!

  2. I lucked out this year with Halloween and had to take the older boy to a gym class in a neighboring town--so the Mrs. had to do all the work with the little ones.

    Looking forward to seeing your holiday settings Holly, you always do so well with creating.

  3. Oh thanks for the tip. I usually do cookie plates for friends @ Christmas and this would be great!


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