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Sunday, May 8, 2011

All I Need Is Outdoor Light

I grew up in Los Angeles.
There was plenty of light to go around...streetlights,
lights on signs, you name it.
Even when it was dark outside, it was still light.
When we moved to our current home,
my son (who was 4) looked at the sky and said,
"Mommy, they have stars here."

So, yes, I went from the land of lights to having one street light on our entire block. It gets very dark here. Dark is OK, but when we entertain, as we often do, that is a wee bit of a problem at night.

When we moved in to this house there was some sort of light fixture on a termite infested wood post - it was ugly and it did not work, except when it was in the mood. We got rid of that beauty and 6 years later have done nothing about any outdoor lighting.

But I am feeling in the mood to start sprucing up the outside again (we have had sunshine and that makes me want to BBQ and hang out on the deck.) In the front yard, my main concern is safety, but I want it to look pretty of course!

I definitely see a need for some lighting down the path and near the front fence where the guest park. These post lanterns would be the perfect touch!

And no porch would be complete without an outdoor chandelier. This has been on my must have list for ages. Maybe if I finish grouting the tile (from last year) I can talk hubby into it!

We actually have some lighting in the backyard, so for deck area, it is more about "pretty." These clamp torch candle holders make me want to have a party NOW! I can imagine how gorgeous they would be all lit up at night, as we sit by the firepit, roasting marshmallows, drinking mochas, and listening to the ocean. DIVINE!

Once all the necessities are done, I think I want to add a couple of these outdoor table lamps to my wish list. Aren't they gorgeous! They don't match my regular decor, but I think that is what I really like about them! Quirky and fun and unexpected!

Better outdoor lighting is the first step to creating my dream outdoor room!
Anyone have any lighting tips?
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  1. Ooh, Holly, you're a girl after my own heart. I've just been looking at outdoor lighting for our garden. I love darkness at night but sometime I need to see to take down the washing!!! Oh, the glamour!!

    We've just bought some lovely ship-style lights from Jim Lawrence, an Englsih ompnay. They make their own lights at their anvil, and they're awesome...but that's not a very useful tip for you over there, is it?!! Sorry!


  2. All of the examples you posted are so pretty! I'd be happy with any of them.

    In our yard, we use lots of different candle holders for lighting since it's so much more convenient than wiring electrical lighting (and because I have an enormous collection of candle holders, candle lanterns, etc. I buy them everywhere I go). On our porch, I use a pretty wrought iron table lamp (a flea market find) because we have an outlet close by. The lamp isn't made for outdoor use, but our porch is covered so it's protected from rain.

    One thing to consider when you're choosing outdoor lighting, the brighter the light, the more moths and flying bugs it will attract. The 60 watt bulb in the table lamp draws more moths than the candles and oil lamps do.

  3. What a nice selection Holly, i need to put lights on my deck and you've given me a good start...!

  4. I love your lighting choices. We live not far from an airport and it doesn't get very dark here but I still enjoy adding outdoor lighting. Love the solar ones so you do not need to run wiring underground.



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