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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DIY! Vintage-Inspired Hot Rod Garage Sign

I cannot resist an old door or window. You could possibly even say I am a collector...and oh yeah hubby loves it {insert sarcastic font}! Well, it is time to whittle down the collection...{so I can hunt for more1}. And it just happened to be my Dad's birthday {a few months ago - I was late} and my Mom's birthday {I was actually early!} and I thought I would create something for each of them.

First up {since I am playing catch up} is a gift for my Dad. He LOVES cars, especially VW's and hot rods. I wanted something a little slick, but I wanted to overall vibe to be more like "it was slick at one time." I also wanted the sign to be different than the sign I was making for my Mom - I wanted each one unique.

I found a cabinet door in my stash and got to work.
{Wanna see my mom's chippy white restaurant sign? It's right HERE!}

Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint in Semi-Flat Black
Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint
DecoArt Gloss Enamels: Indian Turquoise, Citron Green, True Red, Black, White
Rockler Bench Cookies (for elevating the door)
Rockler Sanding Bug
Paint brushes
Computer print out of font/words for signage
Painters tape
Masking tape
Drop cloth or newspaper for protecting surfaces
I originally was going to leave the glass plain  - that is why the Looking Glass is not in the above photo, but it was just missing something when I finished and Krylon's Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint made all the difference!
HERE'S a PDF Tutorial

Go Visit The DIY Club for the FULL TUTORIAL and all the details!
{below is just a snippet!}

DIY Club

Clean it up and Paint it!
Clean glass it up and determine the look you are going for; print it out of the computer and paint it on!

Spray outside or in a well-ventilated area!
Get spraying!

And you are done!
Don't forget to check out my Mom's sign!


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  1. What a super fun idea! I love the mirrored paint, it turned out great.


  2. Stopping by to say `Hi`

    You did a great job!

  3. Love this! Perfect for a man cave. :)

  4. Holly, it came out great! I love the fonts you used. Your dad must have loved it!!!

  5. What a fun daughter you are Holly! Way to get creative...this looks great! :)


  6. Finally had a moment to visit your blogs... am a new follower! These signs are so clever, simple, and professional-looking. Can't wait to try making one for our garage!



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