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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY! Vintage-Inspired Valentine Coin Card

Sit down...I actually have a Valentine's Craft!
 You may have read about my relationship with this holiday in my Valentines Schmalentines post, but I do like to do a little something for the kids.
I was feeling a little "out of ideas" when I remembered this:
One of my favorite types of cards to receive as a kid were these cards that had slots for dimes all over them. I just did a search and found a few on ebay even!
I so wish I had one of my old cards...surprisingly I do not! I can hardly believe it!

My parents would give us these cards and I thought they were the best. I have actually had these on my mind for quite some time. I just think they are the perfect little "present." Of course I am prepared for my son to just look at me and ask "What I am supposed to do with it?" My daughter will be thrilled - she thinks coins are better than paper money!

So here's the thing...you can make these cards with just about anything...crayons, markers, paint, scrap book paper! I am going to list the specific supplies under each card, but here are the

(I have includes some more specific supplies under
the photo for each type of card  below)
*Cards (I used watercolor cards, about $8 for 10). You can get card stock cards for much less, about $6 for 25 or $8 for 50. You can also simply fold some paper in half (the good old-fashioned way!)
*Rubber cement or glue stick (I used rubber cement)
*Exacto/Craft Utility Knife
*Cutting mat
*Coins (dimes and quarters)
See Below for specific supplies

(I have includes some more specific DIY under each type of card)
1. Determine design (Lay it out - you may want to sketch some ideas out)
2. Transfer to card - cut out design or paint it on.
3. Determine placement of coins: use light pencil marks to mark each side of the coin.

Can you see my pencil points on the heart?

4. Use the Exacto/Craft knife to cut a slit from point to point.
5. Cut a piece of scrap book paper or cardstock that is the same size/slightly smaller than the front of your card (this is the backing). Just lay the card on a piece of paper and trace around it and cut.
6. Flip card over/open card and use rubber cement or glue stick. Apply glue to edges of the front of the card and throughout the middle. I made "U" shaped swipes around the slits on the back (see photo - I drew in the area to where I did not apply glue).
7. Take your scrap book paper/cardstock from step #5 and apply it to the back of the front cover (this is to cover the slits and money when you open the card. Press to adhere it.
While you are at it you can decorate the inside of the card - or not! I used my Cricut to cut a few heart shapes and just glued them down. With the scrapbook paper you may be able to see the outline of the coins when you open the card...card stock would make this less noticeable.
 (I just realized this is the inside of the pocket heart card, so there is no backing on the front, as the hearts were applied to the front of the card to act as a pocket.)
8. Let dry.
9. Place coins into the slits - you may need to use a knife or skewer to loosen up the slit. I did not - they all slid in fine...but I also used rubber cement which has a little give to it.

Supplies for Birdies in a Tree
Water colors and a brush
(and water)
Supplies for Heart Tree
Water colors and a brush
(and water)
Supplies for Painted Heart Pockets
DecoArt Glamour Dust in Celebration Pink
DecoArt Thickening Medium
Paint brush
(Mix Glamour Dust and Thickening Medium together at a 1:1 ratio and paint on to card. You do not need to use the thickening medium, but I choose to because it gave some heft and depth to the Glamour Dust)
Supplies for Scrapped Heart Pockets
Scrap book or decorative paper, adhesive.
Use a punch, cut by hand or use your Cricut to cut heart shapes. Be sure to make sure whatever type of coin you use fits the pocket.
Glue the bottom of each heart and up the sides (you want the top portion to remain open like a pocket.
Let dry and insert coins!
Supplies for Lightning Bolt
 This one is for my son - much more manly, eh? I actually made this a post card by just gluing the back or the card to the front!
I wish I know how to make a printable!
Here is the tree outline if anyone wants to cut it out or print it out and trace it off.
I'd be happy to email it to you too.

Anyway, I think they are pretty cute and am looking forward to making more..for birthdays and other holidays! I will also I am sure have the title of cheapest mom on the block.
(of course you can make more slits to hold more money!) 

What do you remember from your childhood holidays and celebrations?


  1. what an adorable idea! i remember those cards...i loved them too :) your blog is looking fabulous, by the way..love the colors and design.

  2. You are very clever Holly. I think I could even manage something like this!

    I love the new blog design! I noticed that your button had changed on my sidebar and had to pop over to check it all out! It's gorgeous!

    Best wishes always,

  3. These are super fun to give. I remember " savings" cards where you put quarters in the slots until they were filled and then you took them to the bank to invest into your savings account. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Happy February Hearts to you...

  4. I do remember those cards! What great surprise to get one too. You did such wonderful job designing these. My kids are older now and would want big bills instead of coins :(

  5. They seem a little familar, but I'm not sure.
    Your cards turned out so cute! :)

  6. Super cute cards! Maybe I'll make a DIY card for my Valentine this year. :)

    I love what you've done with the place! ;) It's beautiful!!!


  7. What a fun project. It brings back wonderful memories. My Grandma Mae always sent us cards with dime slots. I thought I was so rich with my "silver" money!

    Your blog is looking beautiful!

  8. Your new blog look totally rocks and I think those Valentine's are just too stinkin cute! They are awesome! Did I see some glitter too?

  9. These are too cute and fun!! Super creative, girl. I love them!

  10. This is such a sweet idea! I'd forgotten all about these until this post - then hubby and I got all nostalgic and remembered getting them as kids. We always knew when these were coming because the envelopes were heavy. :)
    What a great idea!

  11. Holly, like Bev, I had misplaced my memories of those cards, and your post brought them all back! Thank you! Your recreations are so sweet, creative and wonderful!!! I'm thinkin' the girls may need a St. Patrick's version with gold dollars and shamrocks!

  12. Cuuuuute! What a neat idea, I don't think I've ever seen that before.

    GREAT banner up top! The whole blog looks great, in fact!

  13. its so niceeeeeeeeee...really cute...
    i love your new banner...but i will miss the dark PINK...hmmm
    super nice..

  14. Love your new blog look. Really crisp, yet warm and welcoming!
    I forgot all about those cards ~ dang, I adored those. (Of course, money was involved, therefore the love.) The coins hiding in the hearts are sweet.

  15. These cards are cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

    I love the new look of your blog. It's great. Did you do it yourself? I really need to redo mine.


  16. Those are amazing! I remember getting those when I was younger and I thought I was RICH:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate with all the comments you must receive:)

  17. How funny - my children are exactly the same with money. They love the coins - even the 1p and 2p coins are better to them than notes!!

    They'd go crazy over these cards. What a lovely idea.


  18. Love it !!. Especially the Bird in tree version.

  19. Those are so cute! I remember getting these, not as pretty as yours, when I was little and I just LOVED them! What a great idea! Love the birds in the tree. :)

  20. these cards are precious and darling! i love all things home-made from the heart ALWAYS!!!!

  21. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I remember those. So cute! I love the tree.

  22. I love them Holly! So much fun :)

  23. Holly- I love the new look of your blog! So beautiful!

    I love this valentine too! You are so clever! :)


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