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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Say It Ain't So...Back to School Already

Yes, it is true...my son goes back to school in 2 weeks.
Pure craziness if you ask me!
Growing up we did not go back to school until
after Labor Day. Early August seems much to soon...
and we have only had like 3 days of sun.
{do I complain about no sun too much..yes, but so would you!}

I seem to think I have no traditions...
maybe if I think that then I will put no pressure on
myself to continue and it all remains fun!
There are two things we do every year to commemorate
the start of school:
A beach bonfire to bid adieu to summer.
{Fingers crossed}
A photo in front of the school sign.
An ice cream cone after school.
Simple as that.

I know many of you have great traditions and
ideas for celebrating and coping and preparing.
Me, mainly I wing it. 
Have you shared an idea for preparing?
Written a great back to school post?
Have wisdom to share? 
Linkup and join the fun.
See you Friday for Tickled Pink!
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