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Monday, August 3, 2015

Get Your Kids to Drink Green Smoothies

I love the energy green smoothies give me. I also love being able to get all those vitamin and minerals in me with a great tasting smoothie. And, guess what? My kids drink them too...without complaint! In fact, they love them. They ask for them. When I talk to people about the green smoothie craze, they often tell me that their kids wont drink them...and sometimes they wont either! But I have a few tricks that helped me get my kids started b green smoothies, and have helped a few adults conquer their "fear" of the green smoothie!

Drink Your green smoothies!

It is said "You eat with your eyes," and lets face it, most things we drink are not green. It seems weird. Even worse (in my opinion) are the green smoothies mixed with berries, which take on a brownish hue. I don't want to look at anything I will be drinking that's brown unless it is chocolate!

Use an opaque cup or one that conceals the color of the smoothie. The first time I gave my son a green smoothie, I gave it to him in a blue tinted cup (he could not tell what color the contents were!). It totally camouflaged the color and he drink it without hesitation. 

I use these stainless steel cups right now (affiliate link).


Number #2 tip: 
Start with the fruit flavors they like. My kids LOVE berries, so I started with berries. At first the green smoothie was "heavy on the fruit," less on the green...but there was green! As they got more and more accustomed to drinking the smoothies, I slowly adjusted the ratio of fruit to greens.

As I mentioned these tips work well for resistant adults too! 

So, go on try a tasty green smoothie and feel the benefits!

Here are links to two of our favorite green smoothies:
Pineapple Cucumber and Strawberry basil
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  1. My daughter (20 mos) loves green smoothies. And orange smoothies and red smoothies! I think another key is to drink them early in life too. Also, she got to pick her princess cups to put it in, we sit at the table and cheers like its a proper drink! She loves them! Great tips!
    Stephanie @ Raising Seraphim

  2. Originally, I became interested in Green energy drinks as an alternative to my numerous multi-vitamin and mineral supplements that I used to consume daily. I get protein, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other essential nutrients from them.


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