504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Outdoor Buffet Tablescape with Boxwood Topiaries
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Outdoor Buffet Tablescape with Boxwood Topiaries

I adore topiaries and was very excited to work with Balsam Hill on creating beautiful Spring decor with their Boxwood Topiaries.

Growing up my family spent most of our time outdoors. We did not have people over for dinner parties - we had them over for barbecues! For my own personal style, I am somewhere in the middle. I love a casual gathering with friends, good food, and fabulous decor...and I especially love when it is outdoors. When the weather is good, I make every effort to be outdoors, and am so excited to share this (gorgeous) rustic chic outdoor buffet - perfect for Spring or Summer..or in this case Mother's Day!
fresh air, rustic elegance, and beautiful box wood topiaries create the perfect setting for brunch.

Now when deciding on my Spring decor, I had many items to consider from the Balsam Hill collection (they are not just for Christmas trees!) - wreaths, faux flowers, and of course the topiaries (and they come is spirals and double ball configurations too). I instantly fell in love with the Boxwood Ball Topiaries. Yes, once I saw the topiaries - the vision for my Mother's Day outdoor buffet instantly came to life.

Sadly I do not get to spend Mother's Day with my own mother...but heck I am a mom and my kids appreciate good design...so we are going to have brunch on the pool deck. All of my (the family's) favorite things - waffles, berries, mimosas, doughnut holes, pistachio muffins. We will definitely enjoy our morning, and we will definitely be calling all the moms in our lives!

Pair the topiaries on a long rustic table.

The first thing I did was decide how to display the topiaries. I think topiaries have a reputation for more formal looks and affairs...but who says you have to listen to that! Take a peek at the video to see how I created and what inspired by topiary decor.

So, see topiaries CAN be anything you want them to be - be creative! It was very simple to put this look together - plain terra cotta pots and paint, galvanized tubs, and some moss. I also used boards stained with apple cider vinegar, and layers of linens - a crisp white base, topped with a more rugged drop cloth "runner." On each end I used one of my very favorite decor items - my burlap, canvas, organza table streamers.

Look to your own design style - don't let what is "supposed to be" dictate your look. I happen to think these topiaries look amazing in this combination of containers.

A distressed terra cotta pot and galvanized bucket work so well with the topiary.

Now lets take a peek at how this outdoor buffet table came together. While this is for Mother's Day, the tablescape lends itself to just about any outdoor entertaining!

Poolside casual elegance isperfect for our party.
 Layers of linens, burlap streamers, and a wood plank top perfectly accent the sophistication of the topiary.

Streamers of burlap and ribbon are unexpected and soften the tablescape.
 Love this combination of burlap, canvas, and organza ribbon.
It lends a nice accent to the corners of the table.

Greens, tin, and chalky finishes make a beautiful centerpiece.
 These Boxwood Ball Topiaries are just so pretty. I love how they look in this outdoor setting.

Sweet and thoughtful details add a special touch.
The subtle details, like the leaves popping up from the soil is just the right touch.

A selection of beverages, with something for everyone and all ages.
Simple beverages - some bubbly, locally made juice, and homemade limoncello are just perfect for a brunch.

You can never go wrong with white napkins.
 Crisp white napkins go with any theme...and don't they look so pretty all rolled up like that!

A collection of pastries and berries await.
Berries and more berries, along with vanilla syrup, and some favorite pastries are a great treat.
Who's ready for brunch. Come on out to the pool and join us.
The table looked so pretty poolside. We will be able to enjoy a fabulous morning looking out over the neighborhood and trees.

Aren't these topiaries just gorgeous. I love, truly love the way they make the table so special.

So what will I do with the topiaries after the brunch...
Bring them indoors into my foyer and enjoy their beauty and twinkling LED lights.
decor that does double duty is best - bring those topiearies in and enjoy them

Catch up with Balsam Hill on the Balsam Hill blog or social media channels!

What are you doing for Mother's Day?
Whatever it is ENJOY!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
disclosure: All ideas, design and decor is my creation. Product and/or compensation was provided by Balsam Hill for this post.

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