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Friday, January 23, 2015

I Vow to Sew More (Book Review)

My background is in fashion. I went to school for it and I worked in the business for over 10 years. I am always looking at fashion magazines and books (yes...real live things with flippable pages), because I find so much inspiration. I recently received 2 beautiful books from Tuttle Publishing to review and am so excited to share a bit about them with you.

I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

The first book is Basic Black: 26 Edgy Essentials for the Modern Wardrobe by Sato Watanabe. I immediately fell in love because, well I mostly wear black and love unique styling and ideas that can make black even better!

I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

Filled with gorgeous photos, this book will make you want to make one of everything! From Lace shirred blouses to Asymmetric Jumpers to  Raglan Coats, there are styles for everyone's taste and lifestyle...all in black!

I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

What is really helpful (and simply awesome)is that after the "beauty" shots, the author includes necessary information to make these garments, including Tips, sizing, and step by step sewing instructions. In the pack of the book is a pocket with the patterns.

I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

The book Stylish Skirts: 23 Easy-to-Sew Skirts to Flatter Every Figure by Sato Watanabe is a great resource for those ladies (like me) who love a fabulous skirt! Whether irregular hems are your style or box pleats suit you better or an ever versatile wrap skirt is on your must have list, Stylish Skirts has something for you!

I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

The book is designed very similar to Basic Black: gorgeous full color photos in the beginning, then tips and tricks, how to sew it, and patterns tucked in an envelope in the back.
I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

If you are looking to update your wardrobe with some chic and style items both of these books have gorgeous patterns and designs that will really add some wow to your wardrobe.\
I Vow to Sew More (Book Review) by Holly Lefevre

I am finally getting my studio space in order and am looking forward to dusting off the sewing machine to create some of these beauties for myself.

Head over to Tuttle Publishing to find our where you can purchase these beautiful books!
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  1. I'm always looking for ways to update my wardrobe. Fab tips!

  2. still looks so confusing to me! but bless 'em for trying :)


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