504 Main by Holly Lefevre: DIY Football Field Tray!
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Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Football Field Tray!

My husband loves his football, and this year I was given the opportunity from coupons.com to create a DIY tabletop perfect for that "Big Game" coming up. I am sure he would be happy with a couple bowls of chips...but {gasp!} what do that when you can easily create a fun football themed tabletop complete with a
DIY Football Field Tray!
(keep on going..there is a tutorial for the tray PLUS an AWESOME giveaway for you!)
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

This fun tray is a part of my SUPER FUN Football serving table!
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

I have such a great giveaway for you today! I have teamed up with Coupons.com and 12 other super creative bloggers to give one lucky ready a $200 e-gift card! And the best part? You have a huge selection of option to choose from for your winnings!
We were asked how we would decorate for a fun Big Game party. I can’t wait for you to see what all we came up with! Coupons.com has so many Super Bowl sales going on right now that you can easily get prepped for your own Super celebration.

I immediately knew I needed a focal point of my table! I thought about turning the whole table into a football field...but then I decided to go for something more manageable...
so I made this EASY and versatile
(this is a decorative serving tray...do not serve food directly on it!)
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

(this is a decorative serving tray...do not serve food directly on it!)
  • Krylon Chalkboard Paint
  • 2 Drawers Pulls/Handles (your choice of color/design)*
  • 1 Basswood plaque, rectangular (about 10" x 14"), unfinished*
  • Sandpaper
  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Drill
  • (You may need longer screws depending on how thick your plaque is and the length of screws that came with your pulls/handles) 
  • *NOTE: An unfinished wood tray or thrifted wood tray also works! 
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

  • Give the wood plaque a light sanding
  • Cover your work surface
  • Paint the plaque. I did about 4 coats on the top and sides, letting each coat dry between sprays.

Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

  • Once dry, flip the tray over and center your handles. Mark your screw holes for your handles on the BOTTOM of the tray.
  • Double check your measurements and drill from the bottom.
  • Insert your screws from the BOTTOM.
  • Attach the handles on top, finish screwing to tighten.
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre
  • Prime the chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over; wipe off.
  • I used chalk to draw lines about ever 2 inches. I began in the center of the plaque with the 50 yard line and went over 2" on each side until I hit the and.*

Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

  • My husband insisted I add the hash marks as well...just divide your tray into thirds and make small, straight marks. 
  • I just added a 50 in the center...but you can add the other numbers too!
  • *NOTE: You can also use a paint pen or chalk pen for a more permanent design.
  • NOTE: This surface is for serving food in bowls, plates, etc. 
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

To finish off my tabletop...
I knew I had to use My DIY Service Station that I created last summer.
By switching out the mason jars for metal buckets  - painted brown and accented with some football laces - the service station is perfect for The BIG Game!
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

I made an EASY felt pennant. Of course you can make it in your teams colors!
I just made mine bright and festive.
I also made a rustic cardboard football banner (tutorial coming this week)
and layered it with the felt pennant.
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

To a simple white table cloth, I used some football designs with an adhesive back. I cut them out using my Silhouette, peeled the backing off and stuck them right on the tablecloth!
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

Finally, I grabbed a few buckets at the hardware store and painted them brown (just like the buckets in the service station) and added laces. Fill it up with sodas, beers, or your beverage of choice! This buckets sweats a little, so you may want to protect your table top!
Football Field Tray by 504Main/Holly Lefevre

Now that you have some inspiration, you can customize the pennants and decor to match "your teams colors!" and create a great table. All of this was easy to do and took very few supplies and very little time! 

Learn how to build the service station to complete your party table!

DIY service station

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Be sure to get inspired for the Big Game by checking out the other bloggers creations too!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
I was compensated by coupons.com for this post. These projects and my original creations.


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