504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Having Fun with A Coconut
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Having Fun with A Coconut

Does it seem weird to you that we decided to spend an afternoon with a coconut?
I kind of thought so too (we have done weirder),
but I love introducing my kids to new foods, foods in their natural forms,
and we love to experiment...so this was perfect fun.

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

A few months ago we were having a bonfire at the beach.
The kids were out exploring the shores and came back with a coconut
and some yams (don't ask - we do not understand how that happened).
This group of kids, ranging in age from 5 to 12 were intrigued...
almost obsessed with this coconut.
We cracked it open and toasted some of it (but did not eat it).

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

The next day my kids were still talking about a coconut....
so, I headed to the store to grab a coconut.
I figured it was a cheap activity ($2.00 for the coconut) and
would introduce the kids to the wonders of the coconut.

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

I decided I was going to tackle cracking this coconut with just myself and the kids...
but I did cal in my hubby to help us.
He claimed to have experience cracking coconuts
(in his earlier Survivor days, perhaps?).
Anyway...this is what we did.

First I had the kids shake the coconut.
Next it was time to drain the coconut water out.
  • I used a corkscrew and "drilled" holes into the eyes of the coconut. You can also hammer a long nail into the eyes or use a drill. I made holes in all three "eyes," and drained the water into a bowl (to use later for smoothies, etc.) 
  • We had to "carve" out a bit more room in our holes to get the water to come out quicker.
  • I had them taste the coconut water...they were not impressed. (I agree)
Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

Drain the water.

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

Then it was time to crack this coconut open - A job for adults!
  • I called hubby in for this...due to his experience (or so he says).
  • We used the non-cutting side of a knife and while I would like to say tapped around the center to crack it..it really took a few whacks.
  • You can also wrap the coconut in a towel and smack it with a hammer.
Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main


Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

Once the coconut was opened, I had the kids examine it, and taste just a teeny bit. 

They goofed around a bit...it looked just like a crazy head with a big mouth.

Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

We took the coconut inside and baked it to remove the meat from the shell.
  • Preheat oven to 325F.
  • Place the cracked coconut in an oven safe dish and bake for 20-30 minutes.
  • I could see the meat start to separate from the shell...so just watch it!
  • Remove from the oven, let cool.
  • Once cool it is super easy to scoop the meat out of the shell after this.

Once you have the meat ready, you can grate it and toast it and enjoy the delicious coconut.
Have Fun with a Coconut 504 Main

What crazy things do you do to entertain your kids?
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


  1. Holly, it sounds like the kids got a lot out of the activity with the coconut! I can see this being a good hands-on science activity at school too!


  2. This is so fun Holly! I didn't know you should bake it to get the meat out - that's cool!


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