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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Easy Fix for Damaged Wood (How To)

I recently found out I am moving...
so I have been CRAZY cleaning, tossing, sorting, and fixing...
everything that we have not fixed in the last eight years
Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!

Image credit: iloveotto / 123RF Stock Photo
I also have the uncanny ability to buy houses with really big master bathrooms...
but they are usually DUDS!
We spruced this one up a bit for the sale...
but we have never done anything about this door.

(Oh yeah...here is a "warning"...
from here on down these pictures are not pretty...I tried.)

OK, first let's be honest...my door is ugly.
It is never going to be pretty...but it can be prettier.

I did this 10+ years ago in my other house.
The vanity was ginormous and had water damage from the moisture in the bathroom. Streaky, icky water damage.
I cannot remember where I learned this trick...
but it works...and it simple and cheap!

This works on doors, cabinets, and furniture (at least it has for me)

What You Need:
1-2 Rags (old T-shirt, etc.)
Petroleum Jelly
easy door fix

What You Do:
  • easy door fixClean the door/surface if necessary.
  • Use the rag and dip it is the petroleum jelly and rub the jelly into the wood where the damage is. 
  • I apply mine pretty liberally (if you have animals...barricade them from the area or you will have jellied animals and hairy doors).
  • Let it stand for an hour or so. It pretty much works right away...but leaving it for a bit does not hurt.
  • Wipe excess of with another rag.
  • Some petroleum jelly residue will remain.
  • You can come back later and wipe it again to get all of the petroleum jelly off.
That is it! Damage gone!
Door (even if it is ugly like mine) looks better!

easy door fix

Bye...Bye...Ugly Wood!

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  1. Great tip, Holly! Good luck with your move. :)

  2. What a good tip! thanks for sharing it Holly.

  3. Great tip, Holly! We are going to be moving next spring. Best of luck on your move!


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