504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Thanksgiving Tabletop Turkey (the non-edible kind)
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Tabletop Turkey (the non-edible kind)

I hardly ever decorate for Thanksgiving.
In fact last year we went to Disneyland for the holiday.
But this year we are staying home and we need a few little things for our table.
When I received my Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch, I immediately thought the pretty edge of the circle would make pretty turkey feathers.

I was trying to create a modern version of a fold out honeycomb party decorations.
(does that make sense to you??? It did to me anyway!) 
I happen to love they way they turned out!
So, we will behaving visitors this year -
the two legged, gobbling, non-edible kind for Thanksgiving!

SUPPLIES (for one turkey)
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch (since this only goes on sale 11/13 and you may want to make turkeys before then, you can easily cut circles and use them for the turkeys and then embellish the edges or other punches or decorative edge scissors)
  • Turkey Template DOWNLOAD HERE (if you have trouble let me know - I am not "skilled" as templates. I tired to get this the right size and to be downloadable...sorry tech challenged here!)
  • Elmer's Rubber Cement (my glue of choice)
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Black Sharpie
  • Scissors

  • I used a fluted sheet of cardstock from Canvas Corp. You can also use paper bags, cereal boxes, chip board - let your imagination run wild!
  • Tim Holtz Kraft Kore paper pad with "sophisticated" turkey colors.

  • Optional: Distress In, Frayed Burlap

1. Print out the template (click here to download)
2. Cut out 2 turkey bodies in the fluted cardboard (NOTE: you can use any paper - I have even used the back of cereal boxes). BE SURE TO FLIP THE TURKEY BODY OVER SO THAT YOU HAVE ONE OF EACH SIDE.

3. Cute out 2 waddles (I used the same red for all of the turkeys - it only takes a bit of paper).

4. Determine your color combinations for the turkey feathers (my paper pad only had 24 sheets, so I mixed and matched).

5. Cut 3 circles total: 1 - 6" circle, 1 - 7" circle, 1 - 8" circle

6. Fold the circles in half; cut the circles in half; fold the halves in half.

7. Glue the turkey bodies together using the rubber cement (or you glue of choice). Brush rubber cement on both sides of the body and stick together for the best hold.

8. Use the Distress Ink to ink the edges of the turkey body

9. Right where the curve of the turkey neck becomes the "body" run a line of hot glue and attach the one half of the 6" circle along that line  - Try to place it so that the hot glue is not visible from the front of the turkey. Hold in place until glue hardens.

10. Run a line of hot glue just behind the folded 6" circle. Take the half of the 7" circle and place it right up next to the fold of the 6" circle.

11. Run a line of hot glue just behind the folded 7" circle. Take the half of the 8" circle and place it right up next to the fold of the 7" circle.

12. Fan out the folds. My paper was a cardstock and folded and kept its shape pretty well. You can add more glue to keep the feathers in the order/arrangement you desire.  

13. Glue the waddles on the turkeys.

There you go...cute little non-edible turkeys - one for each pace setting...or better yet how about making one big one as a centerpiece - off to make one now! 

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving table decoration?

Don't forget, you can tune into HSN or visit HSN.com on 11/13/12 to get the Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch (it's only available on HSN and HSN.com)

Martha Stewart Crafts is offering a 20% discount online through 12/31/12 when you
enter the Coupon Code BLOG20 at checkout.

(it cannot be used on the Circle Edge Punch which can only be purchased on HSN)
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: I was supplied a Circle Edge punch for a previously published review


  1. I love this turkey!! I am sure it will make a great addition to your thanksgiving decor.

  2. Super Cute Holly! XO, Aimee

  3. Great Turkey, what a fun punch!

  4. These are so cute Holly!! What a creative way to use the punch!

  5. Oh my gosh -- I love these little guys! So cute!! We always go to my dad's for Thanksgiving so I never usually decorate either. These would be a fun craft for the kids to make though, or bring along. Thanks for sharing Holly! Happy early Thanksgiving! :)

  6. These are so adorable! Great idea! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  7. This is so cute and clever! Thanks for showing us how you did it!! Hope to make some this weekend.

  8. Hi, Holly. These are too cute! What a fun way to decorate a table... am pinning this now!

  9. This is SO cute, Holly!! I think the turkeys are just adorable! Great use of the punch. :)

  10. Those turkeys are so stinkin' cute!! What a great way to use that punch ... you're so creative!


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