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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seeking the Secret to Beautiful Hair! Clairol Professional Review and Giveaway

I am perpetually hair challenged.
I made peace with the curly waves I possess a long time ago
(as a young girl I DREAMED of shiny straight hair).
In fact I grew to love them, but just as I did, the need
(OK, and want)
for color and highlights came along and
then there may be a few gray hairs to cover up...
and then there is all that pregnancy does to your hair
and just growing older in general.

I have tried almost everything...almost...
and yes I have paid up to $50 for a bottle of shampoo
(and let's not forget the conditioner to go with it).
I am not proud of that moment...
but am willing to face my ridiculousness.

I have a great hair stylist and to compliment that really need a great hair care line to use at home. I like to be able to wash my hair and let it dry naturally, so the curl and waves come out all on their own.  Easy-peasy for my busy schedule.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the Clairol Professional line. I received the full line of Care and Styling Collection to try for a few weeks. Clairol Professional debuted this Care & Styling collection to provide color safe professional products at an affordable price. It features PRO4PLEX: Pro Technology, Pro Grade, Pro Results, and Pro Heritage.
Clairol Professional has three Care collections: Repair, Smooth and Curl, and two Styling products: Volume Mousse and Shaping Gel and is customized Radialux™ technology targets areas where extra care is needed for luminous shine from roots to ends.

I was especially interested in the Care products. Here is a bit about how it breaks down:
• REPAIR: Ideal for dry, damaged hair. Helps smooth to repair and condition dry, damaged hair and replenishes moisture to leave hair strong and conditioned with incredible shine.
• SMOOTH: Ideal for frizzy hair. Fights frizz and sleeks hair even after one application and leaves it shiny and smooth.
• CURL: Ideal for naturally curly hair. Gives curls amazing shine and definition.

There are also styling products to compliment the care line:
• VOLUME MOUSSE: Provides extra strong hold, giving fullness and body for all day volume.
• SHAPING GEL: Holds, defines and accentuates any style, while washing out easily.

I tried all of the products, but found for my hair and personal styling preferences, the Curl products were my absolute favorite. This chart made it super easy to see what might work best on my hair and for your too.

Clairol has a fabulous duo of CELEBRITY STYLIST BRAND AMBASSADORS:
Torsten Witte, Hair Stylist: Torsten’s work spans celebrity hair styling, editorial shoots, concert stages, movie sets and advertising campaigns. He has earned a long list of A-list clientele and his work frequently appears in top-tier publications.

Kiyah Wright, Colorist: Kiyah works with artists in the film, TV and music industry such as Ciara, Jennifer Hudson and Gabrielle Union. Kiyah’s work can be seen in top fashion magazines and is frequently featured on-camera on hit television shows. When not on-set, Kiyah works with a loyal client base at the Warren-Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles.

Since I cannot have an individual consultation with these amazing stylists...I have a few questions for them:
  • How do you keep hair healthy when using blow dryers, straighten irons and curling irons? 
  • Any ideas for taming this random grey hairs on my head? I find the greys to be thick and wiry and very distracting (and at least for me...not flattering), as they tend to not take the color well or hold it for very long?
  • What is he best way to keep your color/highlights fresh or even maintain them between visits to the salon?
  • What is the number one worst thing ladies do to our hair that damages it and how can we prevent it?

I truly loved the way the Clairol Professional line made my hair feel and "behave."
Be sure to visit the Clairol Pro on Facebook 
for more tips, tricks and product information.

Now, how about the opportunity to win a full set of the
Clairol Professional Care & Styling Line:
I use rafflecopter for my giveaways...you can easily enter without a facebook account by using your email address. Only the first entry in mandatory - leave a comment!
Open to Continental US 

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

I participated in this sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. so could use this!

  2. My issue is my curly hair, grays coming in, and over coloring my hair.. becoming a bit limpy lately

  3. Renee A9:04 AM

    My hair is getting curly as i get older :(


  4. It gets frizzy from blow drying and gets oily fast.

  5. I have thin, fine hair that has always been difficult to style and lays flat against my head if the product is too heavy.

  6. I have dry, thick, course, gray covered by color, with many many cow licks... Top That!! HELP!!!

  7. I deal with dry hair.

  8. I have a combination of straight and wavy hair that drives me crazy at times!

  9. What isn't my hair issue, would be more the case. Graying, thinning frizz is what is on my head.

  10. I have really fine thin hair..hard to hold a curl!

  11. I'm growing my hair out and have straight and now becoming whiter each year as I age. Always had straight hair and always blonde.. and now, I have black eyebrow hairs coming in! WHAT? Thank you Jesus for such a lovely blessing, now I don't have to dye them.. (heehee) ok ok.. so when are the markets going to create something for women over a 'certain' age?

    warm hugs with love,

    Cotton Peony.. ps.. you are more than welcome to cheesecake any day here.

  12. i have thick frizzy hair


    gfc- stephanie jones

  13. my hair is color damaged


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