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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spray Painted Botanical Prints

I have so many projects that I want to try...
using so many different mediums and supplies.
Oh to find the time!

Well, I finally did find the time to try this project
that was on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.
(that is a link to their tutorial)
source, better homes and gardens

I had just received some Valspar Spray Paint in Island Orange,
had a canvas, and plenty of foliage in the garden...
so I gave it a shot...
and perhaps a certain 4 year old (again)
also really wanted one or two of these canvases for her room.
(we will be making more in other colors)

I was really impressed with the Valspar and the gloss finish was gorgeous (you cannot see the gloss as much on the canvas but you can on the "nest" project I am previewing at the bottom of this post)
Can I tell you how much I LOVE the Easy Spray Technology - a larger finger pad making it easier to spray...and the caps just twists to use - seriously...heaven!!
It also helped that the weather finally cooperated
with me so I could head out side to paint away!

  • 1 Can of Valspar, Gloss Finish, Island Orange
  • 16 x 20 canvas, Aaron Brothers
  • Rubber Cement, CraftBond from Elmers
  • Leaf/Foliage

1 - Use rubber cement to create a frame around the canvas. Just brush it on around the edge of the entire canvas. It won't be perfect and that is OK. I suppose if you want perfect you could tape it off instead. Let dry.

NOTE 1: BHG also used cold press board...canvas worked just fine...I like the look a lot better! And no need to frame it - it is done and finished looking.

NOTE 2: BHG says to use Frisket (and never used it). I did not have any but I always have rubber cement. For me - it worked just fine!

2 - Find a good leaf (BHG suggests silk flowers). I selected some (real) ferns from the garden (FREE!). Plants with texture and open areas works best. I tried a couple of call lily leaves...guess what...they look like big blotches.

3 - Protect work area (drop cloth, cardboard, plastic) and surrounding areas (we are talking about spray paint) and wear proper protective gear (gloves, eye protection).

4 - Place foliage on canvas in desired position.

5 - Prep paint by shaking...twist Valspar's AWESOME cap (yep twist!) and paint. BE CAREFUL - the first "blast of paint" can cause your foliage to move -  I sometimes had to gently hold my fern in place (with one finger).

6 - Spray all over canvas.

7 -  Remove fern/foliage. Let dry.

8 - After dry, rub the edges of the canvas (where you applied the rubber cement) to "remove" paint and create the natural/uneven border. I just used my finger...you can use an eraser. The rubber cement just balls up (with the paint) and rubs off. It will make a bit of a mess in the form of rubber "balls."
close up of the canvas corner and finish

I adore this look - so happy with my rubber cement and paint and canvas!

you can make the border as fat of thin as you want

9 - Hang and enjoy!
Bright vibrant orange and "tropical" foliage - I am ready for warm weather!

Some areas are more defined and some less defined, but that is part of the charm.

I was lucky enough to also receive a can of Roasted Coffee in gloss too.

I used one of my beloved bundt pans and sprayed it in the beautiful Glossy Roasted Coffee, filled it with some moss and little eggs - instant Easter decor!
I will have a full tutorial on this piece in a day or so...but here's a sneak peek!

NOW...here's the
Win 2 cans of Valspar spray paint

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Open to US residents
Runs from 3/6/2012 through 3/13/2012 at midnight PST

1 - Leave me a comment telling me what you want to spray paint

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Pink, purple, and green art pieces are in the works!

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You don't want to miss her project!)

                               GIVEAWAY CLOSED

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disclosure: Valspar spray paint was provided for me to use. Valspar is also providing 2 cans for the winner
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  1. Awesome! I didn't even know Valspar made paint spray even though I have used their paint on several projects.

  2. They turned out great Holly It looks great with a set of four canvases with different colour sprays thanks a lot for sharing,I am going to pin it on my board ...
    Enjoy some good ceramic mugs and other crockery at....
    http://craftaworld.blogspot.com/2012/03/kitchens-love.htmlWith love

  3. Anonymous6:06 AM

    i love love this project.. and the bunny one sounds cool... too...... I would make some fern.... prints with the spary paint.. HOPE i win... love it.
    lisarenee ciancio-fogarty

  4. Anonymous6:07 AM

    i liked vaspar!!! on facebook.
    LisaRenee ciancio-Fogarty

  5. I would spray paint the old picture frame that I just bought at a thrift store.

  6. This is so pretty! I absolutely love the look of this with the bright colors and the crisp white!

    I'm working on a new project for the hallway and wanted to spray paint some frames. :)

  7. Love the fern prints! And the orange is a cool choice! I have some frames in need of paint! They would be cool in orange too!

  8. Great project! I would love to win some spray paint. I have a box of knick knack ready to be given new life with some spray paint!

  9. I follow you!
    Thanks! xxoo

  10. I would love to win some spray paint and try my hand at the botanicals project. So pretty! z

  11. I'm also a GFC follower.

  12. These canvases are so cute Holly!! I love how your version turned out - it's so perfect for spring!
    I've been wanting to add a few more little knick knacks around - some thrift store transformations I think. I'd love to paint them some bright fun colors!

  13. It's a great one, Holly. Love the color too. I'm fresh out of botanical ferns though....although it is supposed to be an unprecedented 52 degrees today.

    I'm getting ready to move, and I have discovered 4 large boxes of spray paint. I'm going to start with an old crib spring and paint it turquoise.

  14. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I have several projects one being an old floor lamp.

  15. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I am a happy follower of yours via GFC

  16. wow so cool and so easy!!!! not to mention readily available supplies.

  17. I need to spray paint a stack of neglected picture frames that I have sitting in my garage :)


  18. That looks very good and very fun to do! I haven't used the new cans....looks much easier! Thank you!

  19. I need to spray paint some ugly bookcases that have been on my to-do list for just about ever.

  20. I have an army green file cabinet I bought from Craigslist that really needs a splash of color for my office.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  21. Following you with GFC (shel)

  22. Tweeted:

    shel704 at aol dot com

  23. Shared on Facebook (Michelle Hudak)

    shel704 at aol dot com

  24. I would love a chance to win. I would love to make these but I also want to spray paint everything. I have a few figurines I want to spray paint, a rocking chair and a frame.

  25. I have some wooden shelves I built that could use some bright spray paint!

  26. Following 504 via email :)


  27. Love Love this technique! Makes me wish I had any type of foliage in my yard...

    Nothing is green yet here in Wyoming:(

    Maybe I should spray paint me some grass!

  28. Hi, I found your site thru the DIY Show Off site, and I have entered the give away thru them, but boy I do LOVE your spray painted BUNDT PAN! Such a unique idea! I've overlooked so many of them at thirft stores, but now I'll be on the look out! thanks for sharing the idea! And, although it's a bit of copy-catting, this is what I'd like to paint - a bundt pan - if I can find one :D

  29. I have a lamp that I want to paint
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  30. https://twitter.com/#!/rjs682/status/177915977818849280

    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  31. follow gfc
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  32. Looks awesome..! I saw it on my magazine too, and thought how easy and fun it would be to do that in my girls room.


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