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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY! My Fave Egg Project

I am back from Creative Estates and hit the ground running...
my baby girl had minor surgery on her mouth Monday am. She is fine but that takes a lot out of a mom - I was all good until they wheeled her away! Now I am exhausted from information and emotions. I just want to sleep...and will, so my fancy "new" posts will come later. I have a couple of additional letterpress projects that I love!
(You have entered the Letterpress giveaway, right?)
I also just want to say thank you to Fancy Little Things they shared my Easter Treasure Hunt! Have you been over there?... If not go visit...great projects, and advice and info in all categories.
The winners of the vintage blackboard and bareminerals Firming Eye Treatment can be found on this post.
Now for my blast from the past Easter post

{pretend that one egg is right side up}

I have always wanted to blow out an egg {...is there a better term?} and decorate the shells...but I was a chicken {Ha, Ha!}. I figured I would break them...it would be messy...too much work. Well, a few weeks ago for my tablescape I tried it...and boy oh boy I was so very wrong. This was easy-peasy {and I am even a messy crafter}.
Part I...Blow Them Out
I am sure you can find more intricate details and instructions out there on the Internet...somewhere, but I am all about easy. Here are my steps...and since I am all about using what I got...I used a very clean nail {sterilized it} and blew my eggs out over a bowl...and then made quiche for dinner.

-Poked a whole with a (clean) nail in each end of the egg.
-One side had a larger hole, the other a smaller
-Put a skewer in one end and sort of mashed up the yolk...then blow from the side with the smaller hole {over the sink or a bowl}.
-It was not hard to blow them at all...just make sure their are holes in each side and the holes are big enough - start small and make them bigger if necessary.
-I have also heard you can use those suctioners you get for little kiddos to suck their noses out. Or you can actually buy a egg blowing tool.

{see the holes on top...the bottom ones are slightly bigger}

Part II...To Dye For
I put two scoops of instant coffee in a large bowl and boiled about 4 cups of water. I made my coffee dye and then put my eggs in...since their is nothing in them, they float so you have to turn them...I tried putting a medium size bowl on top to weigh them down...it sort of worked. I kept mine in for a few hours.

{The plain coffee-dyed eggs}

Part III...Since I am Not a Chicken Anymore...Labeled Eggs
Well, I loved my pretty little caffeine infused beauties, but it was time for a makeover. Off to visit The Graphics Fairy for some tres {pretend there is an accent over the "e"} chic vintage labels. And the craft store because I just had to try Sparkle Mod Podge!

-Blown and dyed {and dry!} eggs
-Mod Podge Matte Finish {or your preference}
-Mod Podge Sparkle
-Paint brush
-Scissors or Exacto knife
-Labels from The Graphics Fairy {or clip art, letter, etc.}
-I also used skewers and a round Styrofoam disc to hold them while I was painting them and they were drying
-Patience {I always have to remind myself of this}
-Ribbons, buttons, bead - optional for adornment {I didn't do this...but I want to!}

-Cut out labels
-Apply a layer of Mod Podge all over the egg {This makes the eggs more durable too}
-Let dry slightly
-Apply Mod Podge to back of label
-Affix label to egg, while smoothing paper down onto egg
-Coat with a lyer of Mod Podge, let dry for 20 minutes or so.
{I applied another layer of Mod Podge, specifically over the label area - don't tell, I use my finger so I could really smooth out the paper...did I mention I am a messy crafter?}
-Let dry
-I wanted a little sparkle...but not too much...so I used Mod Podge Sparkle
{I am in L-O-V-E}...just a hint of glimmer and sparkle..perfection!

Have you ever tried to blow out an egg? Had any success?

Have you had help from a 2 year old...see below!
(You have entered the Letterpress giveaway, right?)

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  1. The eggs look awesome, never would have thought of adding labels!

    So pleased your little girl is doing well, it does take a lot out of mums and dads when our little ones go in to surgery, hugs.

  2. I hope that your little girl is feeling better soon! I am like you. always wanted to try this, but figured I would just make a huge mess and waste a dozen eggs. Now I have to try this out! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Those look great! Duh! Coffee! Why didn't I think of that! I have a whole stash of egg shells . . . haven't decided what I am going to do yet.

  4. those are beautiful!!!! and i know all about little kids and their big monstrous hands! :)

  5. I'm glad your little one is doing OK. There is nothing worse for a mom seeing their child go through any medical procedure. Your eggs are amazing. I know...overused word but so there. I 'ahem' suck at blowing out eggs! I have tried to live up to my inner Martha and FAILED!

  6. Those are so cute!! I think I will give blowing out an egg a try again this year. For some reason I just can't do it. :)

    I hope your little one is feeling better and that you can all get some rest. Take care my friend. :)

  7. Great tutorial. (And yeah, let me know when you come up with a better way to say that you blew an egg...)
    I hope your daughter is better. :(

  8. So glad to hear that your daughter is doing well (and that you are, too)!

    The egg projects is too cute! I love it! I haven't blown out eggs in a really long time, but it sounds like you had an easier time than I did. This project is so adorable I think I'll have to try it again.

  9. LOVE the eggs! Im dumb about blowing eggs and tend to not make the whole big enough and then get a good respitory exercise in... I've never heard of sticking a skewer in. It would help, I'm sure. Your eggs came out beautiful!

  10. Glad to hear your baby girl is ok. Wishing her a speedy recovery and some sleep for you. Those eggs are cute.

  11. how FUN is this? i wish we talked more at CE!!

  12. Wow! I have totally been to chicken to try blowing eggs too! Maybe I'll give it a whirl. Love the coffee dye! Such a great natural color! Fantastical.

  13. Awww...hope your baby girl heals up quickly! I remember how just fine I was when my boy had to have surgery at 18months...until they wheeled his little body away. You're right, it's tough on Mamas!

    Great blown egg project! And I can only imagine the success I would have with a two year old (not), so kudos to you!! :>

    Looking forward to your CE posts...too cool, Holly!

  14. LOVE these Holly! You are amazing!!

  15. Wow, that is amazing. I remember doing this with my mom in Girl Scouts and thinking "how cool is that" I need to do this with my kids at least to blow the yoke out of the egg shell....they eat the eggs and I make it beautiful. I love it and you are so talented!

    Thank you for linking up to my Strictly Homemade Tuesday Party. I hope you will join me every Tuesday! I am now a follower!!

  16. I'm loving the coffee color, and the labels are the perfect touch. Cute and unique!

  17. I love these, they are amazing, especially the labels

  18. I love the coffee dyed eggs. So glad I stumbled on your blog! I am now a follower!

  19. This is such a cute idea!!! I love it! And I love that you used coffee to dye them! :)

  20. These are so pretty Holly!! They are so vintage looking - I love them!

  21. holly--so cool! NO I have nevered tried to blow out an egg... I bet I don't have the patience for it!

    great tute!

  22. super cool... how did i miss this earlier? xo


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